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I honestly can't believe I not only watched a trailer for Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, but I'm uploading and posting it here. I mean, it's Fruit Ninja Kinect 2...a game where you wave your hands around in the air like an idiot to slice up fruit. Instead of watching people wave their hands in the air like idiots in a traditional trailer for a Kinect game, Halfbrick Studios went a strange route and produced a live action trailer. It's a live action trailer based upon Fruit Ninjas. It's both humorous and alarming.

Heaven help us all if a live action Fruit Ninja movie is announced.

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 will release exclusively for Xbox One on March 18, 2015.

"That is brilliant! - Marku5K"1

From Software released a few beautiful screenshots of a boss battle in their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne. Take a gander below; the Darkbeast is quite stunning.

"Not that I'm really interested in Bloodborne but, seriously, what the fuck are these retard... - CJ_Parker"2

Past Assassin's Creed games, particularly through Assassin's Creed III, all had a deep emphasis on the goings-on of the battle between Abstergo and assassins. Assassin's Creed Unity deviated from that formula and focused more upon Arno's story with some fleeting reminders that yes, this is about Abstergo. Several fans were disappointed by this, and Ubisoft wants to assure them that this will not be the case going forward.

"We always plan to have more modern day but we have to be really smart about how we do it. There was a plan for a little more modern day in Unity..." lead writer Darby McDevitt explained in a Twitch community livestream

"The thing with Unity was that it was a completely fresh game on a completely fresh generation. So creating any kind of modern day is a pretty huge ask," he added. "To create a city, for instance, or even part of a city, would require six months of work by many, many artists, designers, modelers. And then you'd need gameplay systems that didn't feel like you were just fencing."

The plan going forward is to "smartly reuse" some of their past assets of modern day so they don't have to recreate a new city or gameplay systems each time. 

I personally liked the fact that Unity didn't have much of modern day, and I hated what they shoe-horned in. Apparently I'm in the minority with that sentiment, but I'm used to it by now.

"Is that Agent 47 down in the crowd there? - herbertfilby"2

Batman: Arkham Knight was originally supposed to release last fall, but it was delayed to "some time in 2015" and now finally has an official release date of June 2, 2015. So what caused this 8-month delay? Was the game not polished enough or were there fundamental flaws in the gameplay?

Game director Sefton Hill explained to EDGE magazine that those weren't the reasons at all. It was the game's scope that was at stake; if they attempted to make their original, planned release date, they would have had to cut down on the size of the game, something they were not willing to do.

The vision for the game just meant we weren’t going to get it finished to the standard we wanted in time. It’s as simple as that. We had to decide: is it a case of reducing the scope to try to get something out? Or do we delay the release in order to make sure we can achieve the vision? That’s the discussion we had with [Warner’s] senior management. Fortunately, after a lot of groveling, we got the time, because those guys believed in the vision too.

The question was never whether it was good enough. It was whether we were going to get it done. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but we were very confident in that direction. We just didn’t have time to finish what we wanted to do. It’s fair to say that’s my fault: the reason we didn’t ship in 2014 is because of the game I wanted to make. It couldn’t be done in the time we had.

I think most people can agree that we'll take a delay to ensure the game isn't cut down and is well polished.

"I'm glad some developers are willing to delay the game, and polish it. - Terminator"1

Turtle Rock Studios has released patch 1.1 for Evolve today that should fix an issue with lost saves and squash the bug that created five-player teams (poor monster in those matches). The patch is rolling out across all platforms, although the developer has noted that most of the fixes are for the Xbox One version.

Full patch notes are below:

  • Fixes issue on Xbox One with progress and save game data lost
  • Fixes issue with shadows/flashlight on Xbox One
  • Incremental improvements to matchmaking, invites, and rejoining on Xbox One
  • Various progression balance changes
  • Fixes issue where more than one class spawns, creating 5-man team

Evolve released last week, February 20, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out Vince's review of it here.


" - "1

Mortal Kombat has always been about the fatalities and horrific, gory fighting moves, but it's also always had a rather interesting story underneath.

Mortal Kombat X takes place 25 years after the last Mortal Kombat entry, where Outworld has become an even bigger threat. This new generation of fighters has banded together to fight against the clone Mileena and her Outworld rebel army. Check out who will be joining her and fighting against her in the story trailer below, including Cassie Cage, Jacqueline Briggs (Jax's daughter), Takashi Takeda (Kenshi's son) and Kung Jin, a descendant of Kung Lao.

Mortal Kombat X will release on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on April 14, 2015.



The cold finally got the better of me. Didn't go into the office today. Took a day off (can't even remember the last time I did that). The site is going to be updated regularly, of course. In addition, I now humbly refer you to this amazing thing, which I saw on CraveOnline yesterday.  

"I am having so much fun with Homeworld Remastered that I might not play anything else in March.... - Terminator"10

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It's official. The free and open Internet gets some protection (I do stress the word 'some'). The Federal Communications Commission has approved the new rules on how the Internet should be governed. Simply put, these new rules forbid paid prioritization (i.e. practice that allows cable companies to create Internet 'fast lanes' so to speak), as well as throttling. Nope, it has nothing to do with Need for Speed. No throttling means broadband providers do not degrade or get in the way of lawful Internet traffic in terms of content, applications, services or non-harmful devices.

In addition, these new rules will not allow Internet service providers to block websites. The FCC are now basically given the authority to step in and regulate the Internet as a public utility - like telephones. Hold it. And this is good? Oh the government's stepping in and everything's free? Freeedom? Hmmmm...

This means the government are being camouflaged assholes. What a surprise. 

I just have another important question: why does everyone keep writing open Internet spelled with a small 'i'? Every bloody source for this news spelled the Internet with as "internet." It was always spelled with a capital 'I'. I'm getting rusty it seems.

Vince (US citizen and our editor) on this matter - via his mobile phone: ...raises at least one question that needs to be asked. i would also throw in that its a bit of a pig in a poke as no one was allowed to read the thing until it passed. Expect Google. they got to review it Yeah ok niiiiiiiiiiice chronic capaltism...

"The moral of the story is that I hate Comcast with a passion, and so a part of me will always feel... - Cheddar"17

The console versions of Resident Evil Revelations 2, Capcom's episodic RE game, all have local co-op options, and the same was advertised for the PC version on Steam. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and several people have cried foul over the matter as it was advertised on Steam to support offline, local co-op.

At first, Capcom balked over the issue, claiming that they never once promised local co-op, that it would always be online co-op play. After looking into it, they quickly realized they were in the wrong and issued the following statement:

We apologise to our Resident Evil Revelations 2 PC players who purchased the game and expected to have local co-op as a feature. The feature wasn't intended for this version and that caveat was mistakenly omitted from the product description on the Steam page earlier, and then included as soon as we were made aware. This was an unintentional error and again, we apologise for the confusion this may have caused.

We are currently looking into the matter and potential solutions and we hope to have new information to share very soon, so please stay tuned. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Since then, they have confirmed with PC Gamer that they will be offering refunds for PC owners seeking them.


The next DLC for Far Cry 4, Valley of the Yetis, will release on March 10th. 

This story-driven DLC stars Ajay once again as he tries to survive a helicopter crash in the Himalayas. And of course, they happen to crash in a valley with hostile natives and yetis. As it was in the main game, players can play alone or co-op.

Valley of the Yetis is part of the Season Pass, but it can also be purchased separately.

"That dude needs to shave. - CJ_Parker"3

Square Enix has promised that the gameplay in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD provides a completely different Final Fantasy experience. As long as it's not like Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Returns, I'll be happy.

The following new trailer shows this new gameplay, including summoning Eidolons (which has been part of the FF franchise since who knows when, so hopefully that's not what makes it so unique).

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release on March 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Overkill is about to re-release Payday 2 for the new generation of consoles, and they have admitted that if they can make the game perform better on the PS4 than the Xbox One, they definitely will.

"They [PS4 and Xbox One] are both going to be... I don't know if I'm able to say 'identical', but basically we're going to cram in as much as we can," game producer Almir Listo told "It would be unfair of me to say that they're going to be identical, because if hypothetically speaking we can make the PS4 make better stuff than the Xbox One does, then why wouldn't we do that? If we can take it up a notch, improve the frame rate a bit or whatever, why wouldn't we do that?"

"Obviously we're aiming for parity between the platforms, but then again each platform has its own challenges and improvements from the last-generation," he continued.

If this is indeed the case when the Payday 2: Crimewave Edition releases this June for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I wonder how many other developers will follow suit and stop paring down the game to make them equal on the consoles.


Nintendo is making the grand tour with the PAXes this year, first showing off the New 3DS XL at PAX South, and now they will bring the handheld to PAX East next month as well. However, since the handheld is already out in stores, Nintendo has something else in store for PAX attendees.

The company will also bring Splatoon, their take on a team MOBA for the Wii U. Thus far, the game has only been presented to E3 press and industry folks, marking this the first time the public will be able to try it. 

When Nintendo announced the game at E3 last year, it was met with lots of skepticism, but those who played it were won over. The biggest problem, most likely, will be that the game is a Wii U exclusive.

"Awe yeah I'm ready - Banjo-Kazooie"1

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft have officially confirmed that the upcoming action RPG Fable Legneds will be free-to-play. First check out the trailer below:

Okay, so, here's how this is gonna work. Unlike most previous free-to-play models, Fable Legends will not offer limit to game time or resources that need to recharge over time. As opposed to that, there will be 4 heroes to play with, and those are going to rotate every two weeks. If you end up liking one character that was rotated out, you may wait for it to come back into rotation with all of your experience points and equipment saved or, here's the bite in the ass, you can pay to unlock them forever.

The game features two types of payments: in-game currency, which you earn while playing or you can pay with real-world cash. According to MS, you won't be required to pay for gameplay-related content.

Fable 1 was great. This feels wrong on so many levels.

"My gripe is that it sounds like they're gonna arbitrarily require Windows 10 to play on the PC.... - Cheddar"6

Over 4 million people worldwide currently subscribe to Square Enix's online Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This number only includes paid subscribers, not those playing with the free trial of the game.

To celebrate the occasion, Square Enix will host a free login campaign starting this Friday, February 27th and will run until Monday, March 9, 2015. During this free time, all adventurers, no matter the subscriber, can venture outside of Eorzea and play with all A Realm Reborn has to offer. This session also includes allowing free members to experience Patch 2.5.1, which features the Manderville Gold Saucer content.

I'm a Final Fantasy fan, but I still haven't popped my MMO cherry to experience Final Fantasy online. Anyone here playing it and liking it?

"This is actually my every day game :).. I am so glad they are doing good ! .. P.s. the grouping... - kera33"3

Bursting onto the scene like a flaming meteor, an asymmetrical multiplayer-oriented FPS - Evolve. From the creators of Left 4 Dead and with all the hype surrounding this title, one would expect a true gem. Vince takes a closer look at the multipayer game.

When playing as the Monster players have to balance staying ahead of the Hunters, feeding on the wildlife to get their power up points and trying to use the environment in a favorable way. The maps are a mixture of jungle, rivers and bodies of water with the occasional rock outcropping and industrial complexes all mixed into one. Thrown into this mix are flocks of birds that get startled and take to the air by the approach of Monster or Hunters alike and dangerous wildlife that can attack you. The birds flying will alert the other side of the location and if your roe is savvy enough, give away your movement as the enemy. While the local fauna is needed by the Monster to power its evolution, some of the animals are hostile and can either impair your team’s efforts. They can also be used against the other team if you plan ahead and keep your wits about you.

Read our review of Evolve (PC).

"There is a difference, though. CS is a mix of 30 or so weapons with 10 people and incredible amount... - GrgoljBlaster"5

It was only about a month ago that a started to ponder a brand new PC. "Time for a sexy upgrade," says I. Then yesterday's news item happened. Man, I wasn't even aware that people are having such lousy experiences with Radeon cards. Could the situation really be that bad? I've hearing and reading a lot of shit, but mainly lousy driver support (which was more or less always the case with Catalyst drivers).

And as Cheddar pointed out yesterday, both Sony and MS have been using ATi hardware for their consoles, so once devs start porting that shite to PC, you're most likely to encounter issues if you have a rig with a GeForce card. Still, if this story is true, then the future may be brighter than we realize.

Upgrade? Maybe not just yet...

"R9 280x (3GB) never had a problem with ATI. - shaneh39199"28

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