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Keri, this one's for you. 

AT COMIC: Geralt's Real-Time Beardness

"LMAO!!!!!!!!! :D - Doomsday."8

This is quite possibly going to be the weekend I finally get to jump into Bloodborne. Sorry, I'm late with that guys, but I've had some regional PS4 issues I'd rather not get into. Suffice it to say, I live in a shithole of a country that doesn't get much loving from Sony or MS or Nintendo or indeed anybody. So, I'm hoping to resolve this soon and have a review of Bloodborne ready sometime next week.

Now, let's all kick back, enjoy our Saturdaysies and wait for the comic artist to finish this week's comic, which happily enough, was inspired by The Witcher 3.

"I was reading "This is quite possibly going to be the weekend I finally get to jump into" and... - kreep69"5

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Nintendo sent out a cryptic email this evening with a the subject listed as "An Update on The Legend of Zelda Wii U" and within were links to a video of game producer Eiji Aonuma and tweet from Nintendo of America's twitter account. The tweet simply explained that Nintendo has decided to not show the game at E3 2015. Yeah, that's not a good sign.

Click on the video link, and you learn that not only will the game not appear at E3, but it won't even release this year. I suppose this means I won't be touching my Wii U at all this year after all.

The video is below, and it explains that the team has high expectations and lofty goals for this particular Zelda game. Additionally, since they want to get it absolutely perfect and right to make it the "ultimate Zelda game," they will no longer make a 2015 release a priority. Aonuma did not say when they expect it to release in 2016, if 2016 is even in their sights.

It is very understandable as to why Nintendo would want to postpone it, but it's not good for Nintendo in the meantime. They must really be putting their eggs in the Splatoon, Mario Maker, and mobile baskets to feel comfortable with this decision.


Disney retconned all of the Star Wars extended universe not long after taking the helm of the series, thus wiping the Star Wars slate rather clean outside of George Lucas' films and the films Disney is working on.

As EA's Star Wars Battlefront game is one of the blessed games, Disney has found the good graces to place it in their sanctioned timeline. The game will fall in between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, but it will be sharing the in-between slot with another of Disney's productions.

We hope to see more of Star Wars Battlefront at E3 this year, and we also hope that it is better than Battlefield 4.

"EA - WILL - FIND - A - WAY - TO - FUCK - IT - UP ! ! ! - nickfx2"6

Sony and From Software both are aware of a bug in Bloodborne that will effectively kill your game. To avoid potential spoilers, we'll only say that you shouldn't initiate a multiplayer session in the Forbidden Woods with a Small Resonant Bell or a Sinister Resonant Bell. If you want to know why, find out aftr the break.

A hotfix is currently underway to be released next week. However, please note that it will not address the game's load times. That will be improved in a separate patch down the road.


Looking for a good deal on the PlayStation Network? If you use the following code, you will get 10% off of your TOTAL purchase of PS3 and/or PS4 games.

There are a few caveats to this code, so pay attention.

  • Good for PS3 and PS4 games only. Not Vita, not PSP, and not PlayStation TV.
  • Good for the US, Canada, and Latin America only.
  • Cannot be redeemed for PlayStation Plus subscriptions, preorders, movies, or PlayStation Now content.

However, the discount will be added to discounts already in place if there are any, including PlayStation Plus discounts and the current Spring Fever sale.

Just be sure to use it by Monday, March 30th at noon PST!

"Why hello there, Tales From The Borderlands Season pass! Done! - Whisky"1

Rockstar has released a few new shiny screenshots of how Grand Theft Auto 5 will look once it graces the PC. It will release on April 14, 2015, and those who preorder the game will receive $1.5 million in in-game cash ($500K for the story and $1 million for GTA Online).

"Sure, that is how it will look if you have an i7 and a GTX 980. - Whisky"1

Hideo Kojima is no longer officially with Konami, and his production studio is no longer officially on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain project. He's consulting and working with the development team until the game hits store shelves, and then it's a new chapter in Kojima's life. Deck 13, the developer behind Lords of the Fallen, wants to be part of that next chapter.

But I guess their HR department doesn't know how to reach Kojima-san, because they reached out to him via Twitter.

I suppose that's one way to attempt to talk to a high-profile figure in the industry about coming to work for you.


I've finally decided to show my face to the public. After 15 years of hiding behind, well, behind my posts and basically behind the Internet, I present to you a lovely little podcast, posted by lovely Strategy Guide Reviews. Yep, SGR was kind enough to invite me as a guest in their otherwise regular podcast via the Internet, so I hope you enjoy our chat. Ya know, you may actually enjoy it, because we talk about our own experiences with games like Bloodborne, Pillars of Eternity, Destiny, Diablo, Valiant Heart, Ori etc. We talk about gaming in general, as well:

" - "1

Keri leaps into full-on RPGnessness. Good luck, Keri. I've always enjoyed our conversations, but now it's time to say our good-byes. It's been real, but now you disappear off the grid for a while, as you are swept away by the virtual wonderfulness of old-school hardcorocity. Here's a snip for you guys:

Combat also does not reward the party experience, which goes against everything I’ve ever learned in RPGs. On the one hand, this eliminates the need to go on a grindfest. On the other, it makes battles feel less rewarding other than the possibility of collecting coin and loot. The only way to earn experience is by exploring and completing quests. Sometimes, many times, the quests require combat in one form or fashion, but it’s not always the case. If some enemies are too powerful, at least you know you can hunt down some fetch quests or explore new areas to get you to that point. In doing so, you’ll most likely open up more quests and more experience. I’ve always liked exploring in games, but this is the first RPG that has made exploration feel as rewarding as this one has, and it’s done in a way that doesn’t feel padded.

Read our review of Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity.

"I might bite when it gets to $10 - Whisky"12

All my life, I've been nervous, shy and somewhat different from others. Also, sometimes I was downright stupid for ignoring the lovely things life has placed right in front of my face. Hello, things! I was a first-class asshole for not noticing your gorgeousness earlier. You can probably tell from my, slightly more upbeat, attitude that shit is stirring and moronic fucking Spring is here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the loveliness that will hopefully come and even if it doesn't fuck it, I'll keep noticing stuff around me.

Since we're on the subject of noticing stuff, I urge everyone do to what I did several months ago. Uninstall every unnecessary app on your phones (which usually means, nearly all of them). For me that was Twitter, Facebook and some other turdy apps that I'll never need in my life ever. For instance, now, I meet up with a friend and never look at my phone, while he keeps glancing at Facebook notifications every 15 seconds. Fuck you, I haven't seen you for ages any you're not even engaged in conversation like a human being, you're just thinking about what some other asshole is tweeting or liking or messaging...

In short:

Life = pretty.
Tech = useful, sometimes even beautiful, but mostly non-human, bad-bad-dangerous AI wanting to take over human asshat.

"I see this all the time at work. When people go on break, they grab their smart phones and check... - Terminator"17

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