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Titanfall will soon undergo another big update on July 31st, and this one will include a black market for burn cards and new in-game currency. Don't worry, you won't be able to buy the currency with real life money. Instead, players earn the money for performing well in matches. Then you can take your earnings and buy packs of burn cards.

“With the introduction of an in-game currency, some may worry that the next step is that we will let players spend real-world money to get an edge in the game,” Titanfall designer David Shaver explained on Titanfall's blog. “We have stated several times that Titanfall will not have micro-transactions. Fear not, for we plan to keep that promise — no microtransactions! The only way to get credits is by playing the game.” 

Credits can be earned by performing well in matches, winning your first victory each day, completing challenges, and selling burn cards. Those who decide to stay at the level cap of 50 will be able to convert experience into currency as well. The market will only open to those level 11 or higher.

Nice to know that Respawn has found a way to keep people interested in playing the game outside of selling DLC.


Sony Pictures Entertainment has currently set the Uncharted movie to hit theaters on June 10, 2016. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this will take the place of Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Seth Gordon is the confirmed director for the movie, which is supposedly going to take "the most interesting stuff from the first [game] and build from there." However, Mark Wahlberg is no longer Nathan Drake, and Gordon is looking for a new lead actor.

"I want it to be a great actor," Gordon said. "That's number one, and then if it's someone who has an actual jaw, that's even better. The game is so well done that you need it to live up to that. There's no way we'd do the inverse of that where it's somebody famous who can't [act]."

Soooo, Nathan Fillion, anyone? He already looks like Drake...



The Order: 1886 developer, Ready at Dawn, has said that the game is only possible on the PlayStation 4.

At a recent Sony event in New York, the community manager, J Goldberg, explained that the studio came up with the idea for the game while making PSP games. However, they really wanted the game to feel like a movie experience, which wasn't possible with either the PSP or any console at the time. 

"We couldn’t have achieved this graphical fidelity with any other console," he said. He further explained that Ready at Dawn used full performance capture for all of the game's characters. They were also able to use the same character model for both gameplay and cut scenes, which makes the transition between them almost seamless. 

"We're moving the camera in space, we're not loading in a video," he emphasized.

The Order: 1886 is set to release on February 20, 2015 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


"What is it with devs acting like PC gaming doesn't exist? - Palodin"6

We've got a chance to play Lords of the Fallen during this year's E3, and we were pleasantly surprised with its traits. Now, the developers have released a trailer, straight from the San Diego Comic Con. Check it out:

Lords of the Fallen will be out for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 come October 28, 2014.

"You made a mistake and inserted a God of War trailer. - asmail"1

Google street view is a bit creepy. I found my car parked in front of the AT office. I also found a lot of my friends and their homes. Creepy. Just, Matrix-like creepy. Makes places a lot easier to find though. Now, then, let the stalking begin. Damn, it's a shame this is not a live feed. Then I could finally see what she's up to... Err, never mind you didn't read this. 

Anyway, the world is also gearing up for the Warcraft movie, as the San Diego Comic-Con nears. Nears? Actually, the show is starting today, so you can expect a lot of news. :)

"Well, if you look in the right places... yes, probably. - Vader"4

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Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions has hired its first round of staff, recruiting from a few major developers such as Epic Games, Neversoft, Irrational Games, and Red Storm. 

"The key to building a successful company is to surround yourself with quality people, especially the ones who can do things you can't," co-founder and CEO Cliff Bleszinski said in a press release. "Arjan [Brussee] and I are excited to continue working with some of the people who have inspired us and helped us create great work in the past, as well as to hire fresh blood to bring new perspectives and talents to the table. We're still reading through hundreds of resumes to find the best-of-the-best to join us, and expect to have more announcements soon."

This list of new hires includes:

  • Chris Mielke, Senior Producer (Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Far Cry 4, The Division)
  • Chris Wells, Senior Character Artist (Gears of War trilogy, Fortnite)
  • Joshua Parker, Senior Gameplay Programmer
  • Shane Smith, IT Director (Grand Theft Auto V, BioShock Infinite)
  • David Rose, UI Ninja (Guitar Hero 5 and 6, Call of Duty: Ghosts)
  • Ryan Palser, Senior Animator (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Ghosts)
  • James Hawkins, Senior Concept Artist (Gears of War trilogy, Unreal Tournament 3)
  • Sarah Asby, Executive Assistant (Gears of War trilogy, Unreal Tournament 3)

Thus far, Boss Key's first project is a free-to-play arena shooter for the PC currently codenamed BlueStreak.



Don't own the Sims 2 already on Origin? Today you can get it absolutely free!

If you already have a copy of Sims 2, you should already have gotten the upgrade to ultimate for free. This promo is just for those who never had the game on Origin.

I'm going to bite because, well, free game.


" - "1

For those going to San Diego Comic Con, you could get a chance to try out Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS. 

Keep your phone checking Twitter while on the show floor, and when you see Nintendo tweeting "Bring Me Smash", tweet a photo of where you are at the Con with the hashtag #BringMeSmash. If chosen, Nintendo will send you a direct message via Twitter, and then the Nintendo team will hunt you down on the show floor and bring a play session straight to you.

No lines. No hassle. Just the opportunity to win a sneak preview of the 3DS version of the game and a chance for everyone on the Con floor to be glaring at you with envy when the Nintendo entourage sweeps you away.



BioWare has made a number of moves I do not appreciate, like selling their souls to EA, turning Mass Effect into an action-oriented game, rather than focusing on exploration and RPG elements a bit more after the original game.

Recently though, they did make some interesting moves. For example, they are currently working on Mass Effect 4 and have asked fans for their input on story design, gameplay and more, which I think is a good move. Not all gamers agree with this. And that's fine too.

Keri takes the time to ponder what are some of the challenges that await BioWare, who, regardles of what any of us may think, remain one of the industry's top development studios:

Isn’t that why we’ve seen so many individual developers leave big companies to form their own studios? Look at David Goldfarb from Overkill, Cliff Bleszinski, or Ken Levine from the company formerly known as Irrational Games.

These triple-A devs left to form indie studios so they could get away from someone else changing their personal creative vision. And when I see BioWare posting a survey asking for fans want to see in the next Mass Effect game, isn’t that compromising any creative vision they have? Or could it be that they don’t know where they want to take Mass Effect 4, so they’re asking where fans want it to go? Ugh, I shudder to think of that. That scenario is infinitely worse.

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts.

Read the full feature.

"Bioware does what EA tells them to do. - Terminator"9

Sony has announced their 2014 lineup of their annual PlayStation Store PLAY Summer Progam, which aims to be akin to the Steam Summer Sale but let's face it; that's a tall order and PlayStation will only be able to do the best they can. 

This year, the PLAY program features four new games that are cross-platform digital games, playable on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. PlayStation Plus members will additionally receive a 20% discount on all PLAY titles when preordering. Here's what will go up for sale in the coming days:

  • Rogue Legacy - July 29th, $16.99 ($13.59 for PS+)
  • The Swapper - August 5th, $19.99 ($15.99 for PS+)
  • Hohokum - August 12th, $14.99 ($11.99 for PS+)
  • Counterspy - August 19th, $14.99 ($11.99 for PS+)

In addition, if you preorder at least two titles, you will receive a bonus PlayStation Store credit. From now until August 25th, you can receive the following in-store credits:

  • Preorder 2 PLAY games for $3 credit.
  • Preorder 3 PLAY games for $6 credit.
  • Preorder 4 PLAY games for $10 credit.

All credits will be automatically deposited in your PlayStation Wallet by September 5th.

"Yawn. More PS+ free games please. - Whisky"1

Today Square Enix announced that they're upcoming sequel to Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris -- the sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light -- has an official release date.

The game is slated to arrive on December 09, 2014 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Just to remind you lot, Rise of the Tomb Raider is also on the way and is being developed by Crystal Dynamics (expect that one to land on store shelves sometime in 2015).

"Guardian of Light was suprisingly good fun, looking forward to this. - Reikhardt"4

Three things I must ask of you guys today: 

  1. Have you ever watched Death Note? - Yes? No? If so, thoughts... I've watched the entire series and I'd like to hear your opinions. 
  2. Unplug me from Divinity someone!!! 
  3. Watch this and wallow in the sea of un-originality... Thank you honest trailers for the fucking warning.  
"Gave up halfway through the first season until the plot went ridiculous. Sorry you're on your own.... - stochinblockin"15

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