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Chewbacca having a bad dream. 

AT COMIC: Chewie, We're Home

"LMAO!!! - Doomsday."11

With a appearance of Spring I celebrate the appearance of many scantily clad women (and man if that's your cup of beer). Trouble is, women walking around, slightly revealed their body parts, does all sorts of weird things to my poor unsatisfied pleasure center.

In the words of the great Walter Matthau: "If I don't get to touch in the next two weeks, I'm in big trouble."

But enough of my fictional sex life. Let's talk about the weekend and what we'll all be doing. For me that's gonna be spending a lot of time with the kid, outdoors of course. In addition, I'll be working on a cool feature related to indie games and on one review. So, what about you guys? Any sexy plans? Or indeed just plans?

"why does my daily weed consumption bother you so much? is it because it represents some truth about... - PigMaster"31

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Nintendo's Direct presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X was this afternoon, which included a detailed 8-minute trailer showing off the world and gameplay. At the very end of the trailer, Nintendo revealed that it will release in 2015.

Many are skeptical, as The Legend of Zelda for Wii U was also supposed to release this year and was pushed into 2016. However, unlike The Legend of Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X is already complete and will be in Japan's hands next week. All we in the West are waiting on is localization. With The Legend of Zelda, nobody has it and nobody will until 2016 at the earliest.

I haven't played a Xenoblade game since the PS2 era, but this open-world JRPG looks quite amazing indeed. Maybe I will have a reason to turn on the Wii U this year after all!

" - "1

Steam launched their paid mod system only yesterday for Skyrim, and already one such mod has been pulled.

The mod is Chesko's Fishing Mod, and the creator pulled it after a community member asked Chesko if he had explicit permission from the creator of the character-idle animations used in the mod to sell it. The creator of the animations, Fore, said that Chesko had not contacted him about making money off of his animations, and he wasn't entirely thrilled about it.

"Making money with mods is totally against my attitude,” he said. “It’s the end of a working and inventive modding community.”

Chesko originally defended himself, claiming that he had been barred from contacting Fore because of a non-disclosure agreement, and he asked Valve about mod content that requires other mod content before putting a price on his particular fishing mod.

“I was told that if the download was separate and free, it was fair game,” he explained. “In the case of this mod, the animations are not required and the mod continues to work.”

After Fore spoke up, however, Chesko decided to pull the mod and refunded all buyers.

Chesko, adhering to Fore’s wishes, subsequently refunded customers.


"Here's one thought a commentator had which I thought was interesting in it's implications: "This... - DRAVNT"6

After playing Mortal Kombat X a lot over the last couple of weeks, I got rather nostalgic of my Game Gear days, so I dug the thing out because I never throw anything away. Lo and behold, my instruction manuals are still intact, and they have some rather humorous information inside.

Naturally, I scanned them in to share with everyone, so everyone can see the greatness we had in instruction manuals back in the 90s. That and it's a little fun to look back and see where these characters started, even if they retconned the lore completely. Still plenty of similarities between the original and where the lore has gone today. Where else are you going to watch Shang Tsung hold a smoldering skull?

And yes, I have both Mortal Kombat games for the Game Gear, and both were scanned in in all their glory. Check them out for a trip down memory lane.

"The reboots actually don't retcon what came before; they're different timelines, so everything is... - Juxtapose"3

Visceral is hard at work with their first patch for Battlefield Hardline for both PC and console, but most of the fixes are undeniably for the PC version of the game. The most notable of the fixes is a fix for the Punkbuster anti-cheat system, which has reportedly caused a severe spike in CPU usage for most players.

"We’re still working hard every day to improve the gameplay experience to make Battlefield Hardline even more fun," said Thaddeus Sasser, Visceral's multiplayer game designer.

The following are what Sasser considers to be the top 5 fixes in the forthcoming patch. The full patch notes are after the break. Thus far, they do not know when the patch will release.

  • Punkbuster fixes: We’re addressing some of the heavy CPU usage seen by players
  • Nvidia DirectX driver fixes: We’re working with our partners at Nvidia to create new drivers to prevent the most common crash issues
  • Extended Conquest time: We’ve extended the length of Conquest matches by increasing the number of tickets on both Large and Small
  • Fixed TDM spawns: We’ve adjusted spawn points and the spawn system for better TDM spawning
  • Multiple weapon balance tweaks: We’ve addressed some common complaints with the weapon balance, there will be more coming soon

Telltale Games have already established themselves as top-notch storytellers with awesome games like The Walking Dead: Season One (and Season Two), Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones. They also have games like Minecraft: Story Mode and The Walking Dead: Season Three in development.

The latest scoop is that the well-known development studio is teaming up with Marvel to make a brand new video game series. Word is: "Announced this evening in San Francisco, we're excited to reveal an all-new partnership with the incredible team at Marvel Entertainment. We'll be teaming up on the development of an upcoming Telltale game series project set to premiere in 2017!"

Hm, let's see now:

  • Loki goes on a quest for the power to pick up hammer
  • Natasha Romanoff: Red in My Ledger

So far I only have those ideas. Anybody else?

News via Telltale.

"Eh it's fine I guess. They've got lots of experience adapting comic book franchises already. Marvel... - MTSilver"7

Yep, we've had a lot of remastered classics lately. Capcom just confirmed they have sold over 1 million copies of Resident Evil HD, the remastered edition of the old-school survival horror shooter. The game is available for Windows PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PlayStation 4.

The success of the game "is in part because the dev team made a great product, but also because of the excellent word of mouth and general praise fans shared about the title," explains Capcom in a blog post. "We want to thank everyone for rediscovering this modern classic - or thank you for trying it for the first time."

Yeah, did you know that we're Part of the Problem?


During the Dubrovnik Reboot, many veterans of the gaming industry have shown their faces, not the least of which is gaming mastermind Peter Molynuex He made a few intersting statements during the event: "I made a shitty idea and saw it become no. 1 world trend on twitter how cool is that..." said Molyneux.   

Speaking about his recent online endeavor 'Curiosity' Molyneux said: "There was an enormous amount of of penises every day and one Italian art crew turned them into palm trees." (Thanks, Ranko Trifkovic for sending along these quotes)

By the way, Assassin's Creed II lead designer Patrice Desilets also showcased his latest project during the show.

"Uh so... exactly how reliable a source is this Ranko dude? ;) - CJ_Parker"3

Friend of mine just texted me directly from the Dubrovnik Reboot Festial in Croatia (which as I pointed out is like a 7-hour drive from where I live; only I didn't have the money and time to go).

Also, boom!

Anyway, the text messages are being paraphrased now by me (WARNING: the text may include rough translations of Serbian phrases):

Ranko: "Peter Molyneux is crazier than 2 bells."


Ranko: "You know what, he's just a romantic who's too much in love with his own ideas."
Vader: "So if you're a romantic, you cannot be a game dev?"
Ranko: "Tbh, he seems more mad than he actually is. Although he is seriously crazy."

From this I have gathered the following:

It takes one mad person to know another, and one more mad person to make a note of how mad everything is.

And here's an actual photo of experienced AT journalist (no joke, it's really the guy):

Text messages sent by Ranko Trifkovic, Game Developer, Reporter and Passionate Hat Person.

"I'm a cooowboyy on a steeee---heeeeelll---hooorse I riiiiiide And I'm wanted -... - CJ_Parker"6

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Announced:

Finally. Can’t wait.
Oh no, the last one was crap, the old ones were better.
Never played Deus Ex.
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