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As the Destiny review scores roll in, the scores are on average far lower than what many people anticipated. The average range of 7-9 isn't bad at all; for most games that would be an absolute success. However, as Kotaku unearthed in Activision's original contract with Bungie, an average score below a 9 will cost them a $2.5 million bonus:

Activision shall pay to Licensor a quality bonus (the "Quality Bonus") in the amount of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($2,500,000) should Destiny Game #1 achieve a rating of at least 90 as determined by (or equivalent reputable services if is no longer in sen/ice) as of thirty (30) days following the commercial release of Destiny Game #1 on Xbox 360.

As of now, Destiny is sitting at 76 on metacritic and 76.03 on It's going to take a lot of perfect scores to pull this game into the 90s region, and I honestly do not see that happening. 

I'm also not entirely convinced that such a method of paying studios is fair, either. That's way too close to a rather lovely education system that rewards school districts and teachers based upon how well students do on a standardized test.

"Tough luck, Bungie. Try harder next time! As for fairness and the very odd comparison: That was... - CJ_Parker"2

Did you know that Assassin's Creed Unity features co-op play instead of competitive multiplayer? That's one bullet point that Ubisoft is really trying to hammer home. And what better way to do so than with another trailer?


Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios haven't made any announcements, but Mortal Kombat X-themed controllers for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 were spotted at GameStop Expo.

The Expo attendee who spotted them has explained that these designs are pending approval, which may be why there's been nary a peep on the matter. The controllers do look a bit odd to say the least, and I'm assuming their structure and presentation is to create an arcade-like setting for fighting appropriately. I've never been one to use fightsticks for playing fighting games, so all I see with the controller is the funky design and the high probability that I would drop it.


"As someone who plays Mortal Kombat, the face button layout is fine; basically the bumpers are now... - Juxtapose"1

Xbox has had a bit of a slow start with their Games with Gold program, which is almost their version of Sony's PlayStation Plus program—gives free games of the month to Gold subscribers.

This month has two games for Xbox 360 owners and one for Xbox One consoles:

  • Super Time Force (Xbox One) - September 1-30
  • Monaco: What's Yours is Mine (Xbox 360) - September 1-15
  • Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) - September 16-30

I bought Super Time Force a few months back, so of course it's a free game now. That always seems to be my luck with these games.


" - "1

The reviews for Destiny are slowly rolling out now that gaming sites have had sufficient time to play it and the endgame content that was only recently made available. A few of the scores are quite high, and others are surprisingly low, and a developer on Ready at Dawn's The Order: 1886 is calling foul on some of the lower scores.

To be fair, the review scores are all over the place, which suggests that the game may not be for everyone (as big of a shock as that is). Pessino claims that it's at least an 8 based on the art and scope of the game alone, but is that enough to justify an 8? At least our own review rated it high for reasons other than aesthetics and longevity.

"I really don't see the point of 1 to 10 scores. A game is either fun to play, or it isn't. And one... - Snowy007"6

The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. has only been out less than a week, and it's only available in Japan, but it's already broken the 1 million milestone in sales. This sales figure includes both physical and digital copies of the game sold. In addition, Nintendo reports that they've already shipped 1 million units in Japan alone.

A demo for the game is available to select Platinum members of Club Nintendo, and a demo for everyone will release on September 19th. The full game releases on October 3rd. It will be crazy to see how high the sales numbers jump at that point.



The single-player RPG, Divinity: Original Sin now has new free downloadable content, which can be obtained via Steam. It's called The Bear and Burglar and offers two new characters.

Here's more info about the two new character profiles:

The Bear and the Burglar adds 2 new optional characters to your party: the rogue Wolgraff and the ranger Bairdotr. Uncover the mysteries of their pasts and determine their futures!


"Wolgraff gives you a knowing look. He seems to think the mayor is a few arrows short of a quiver." Dark Sourcery deprived Wolgraff of his voice when he was but a kid, and with it his dream of becoming a Source Hunter. Refused by the Order, he grew up to become a rogue, stealing from the rich and giving to... just himself actually. His is a world of silence, but if need be he lets his dagger do the talking for him.


"You seem strong as mother, though your chest is not quite so hairy. Your sword may come in handy when we find who I seek." Armed with her bow on her back and her claws at the ready, Bairdotr refuses to fail: She must navigate your world-- a world of wonder and mysteries both fantastic and terrible-- if she's to save Homeforest. The druid of the forest has been kidnapped, and Bairdotr must follow a scant trail of clues if she's to bring him back-- clues that take her to the very heart of Rivellon's Source conspiracy.

Check out our review of Divinity: Original Sin.

"These guys rock da house from da basement to da beam, man. Larian Studios por el presidente! - CJ_Parker"3

There's a huge variety of multiplayer games that were affected after GameSpy's shut down.

Back in April 2014, 2K Games revealed their intentions to migrate games like Borderlands and Civilization to brand new servers, in order to allow gamers to continue online play (thanks CVG for the heads-up).

Today, we've learned that those who own a Steam version of Borderlands will get their game updated to incorporate Steamworks multiplayer. On the other hand, if you have the game on disc, you are required to run a Borderlands Granting Tool in Steam - this, in turns gives you the opportunity to download a separate Steam version no charge (you just need the original disc to verify your game).

If you want to know how to do this, 2K offers a tutorial right here.


You simply cannot deny that Bungie is one of those names that is synonymous with greatness. For many years, this renowned game developer has been giving us nothing more than shooters set in the Halo franchise (chalk it up to Microsoft's money-grabbing strategies). Back in 2007, the development studio announced its independence and a few years later it signed an agreement with Activision. Pretty soon, a massive new project was underway. It took them a while, but here we are. It's all done and we've spent most of the damn year talking about it, playing betas and what have you.

It's time for the real deal. Over to our "Glorious PC Master Race" rep, Vince, who bravely walks a path seldom trod PC by gamers. He plays the game on PS4 (and a bit on the Xbox One).

Not sure if you heard about the new game called Destiny, available now for current and last generation consoles only, meaning the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4 (if you did not hear about this game, chances are you are not from this solar system Vader Ed.). Published by Activision, Destiny is a shooter for the most part, complete with RPG and MMOG elements. The game is developed by Bungie, the same folks that brought us the Halo series. Being a self-proclaimed member of "glorious PC Master Race" you would assume I would turn Vader down cold when offered the opportunity to review this console and online only title (Like hell you would, you elderly fanboy – Vader Ed.). However, two things changed my mind: First I got to play the Alpha and Beta and I was surprised with how good it was in its incomplete state. Second, well, I'll get to the second reason a bit later.

Read our Destiny review.

"I'd call a solid mid-8 game. It's fun, it's a good waste of time, and it's got some interesting... - Killer Klown"12

Why oh why am I becoming so hooked on Diablo 3: RoS again? The answer is simple - I think I've really reached a point in the game where I know what the fuck I'm doing, the crew I have playing with me are pretty damn good and Blizzard finally optimized the game to reward you properly for all the farming and grinding and, yes, loot hunting.

Call me a hopeless case why don't ya, but no matter what you say, it's safe to say that I'm on the worst kind of drug. It's like I need top-notch, pure drugs and Blizzard are the makers and suppliers. Hey, I'm not the only one. It's an entire army of followers and junkies.

Blizzard is our Heisenberg.

"D3 lost its appeal when I realized the multi-player is swarmed by players with countless hours of... - PigMaster"7

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This is slightly Skyrim-ish, but it's a nice touch. The latest trailer for Ubisoft's upcoming shooter Far Cry 4 (PC/360/PS3/PS4/XboxOne) introduces us to the lovely, majestic and massive creatures of the jungle. No, it's not 2lions, it's elephants:

The game is scheduled to be released on November 18.

" - "1

Between PC and mobile, Blizzard's free-to-play card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, now has 20 million players. 

The game originally launched for PC and Mac in March 2014, and it went to tablets (iPad and Windows 8 tablets) over the summer. Phone versions for iOS and Android will release later this year, therefore never allowing anyone to ever have an excuse to not play a round of Hearthstone.

It wasn't long after Hearthstone's release that it made its way to the professional gaming circuit. Finalists in the Hearthstone World Championship will compete at BlizzCon 2014 in November for chances at $250,000 in cash prizes.


"Hahaha 20 million gullible little sucker dumbfucks with zero taste make Actiblizz bathe in cash. No... - CJ_Parker"2

Steve Jaros, once the creative director at Volition, has now confirmed that he's leaving the Saints Row developer after working ten years for the studio. Volition is also responsible for games like the Red Faction series and oldies like Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War.

Jaros expressed that his time at Volition was "life changing," but that he decided to move on. While he did confirm that he is going to be working for well-known developer/publisher Valve Software he did not wish to speak what his duties would involve (please refrain from any Half-Life 3 related comments).

So a man who worked on a game where you could bash someone around with a massive purple dildo if you felt like it, is now lending his creativity and talents to one of the most prestigious companies in the business.

I predict a glorious future; one that denotes a loudmouthed, butt-naked Gordon Freeman, running down an alleyway, chasing the combine who are screaming and scared shitless.

Update: I forgot to mention the dildo. So yeah... with a dildo

"Poor Alyx... - Reikhardt"4

Gearbox's third episode of their developer's diary behind Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel delves into the new cast of four looting the moon in the name of Handsome Jack. Learn a bit more about Nisha the Lawbringer, Wilhelm the Enforcer, Athena the Gladiator, and Claptrap the Fragtrap, what inspired the team to create this interesting cast, how they have developed, so on and so forth.

I have to admit...I never got into Borderlands, but the names of these vault hunters alone intrigues me. Yes, I know this makes me part of the problem.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel releases on October 14th for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


UK game sales have shown that Bungie's Destiny and EA's The Sims 4 are currently the most wanted titles in the region. Check it out:

  1. Destiny (Activision)
  2. The Sims 4 (EA)
  3. Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)
  4. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Activision)
  5. The Last of Us Remastered (Sony)
  6. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition (Microsoft)
  7. NHL 15 (EA)
  8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (EA)
  9. Minecraft PS3 Edition (Sony)
  10. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (Bandai Namco)

Our review of Destiny is going up tonight. Just waiting for Vince to write his 147-page novel that talks about why all of us should buy Destiny and why we should really fucking buy it.

"Why should you buy it? It's right there in the title. - stochinblockin"2

The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. is already set for October 3rd in the US and Europe, but the Wii U version hasn't seen a hint of a release date yet. However, rumors are coming down the pipe that it will release on November 21st, the same date as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

The news comes from a US shopper who noticed the date on a preorder reservation card sold at the Fred Meyer grocery stores.

Not sure if this is an assumption or a leak, but the date does make sense. If Nintendo was smart, (no laughing please, trying to make a point here) they would use this date or one of the surrounding weeks to capitalize on holiday sales.



With the busy Fall gaming season slowly kicking in there's going to be a lot of stuff to grab so have your wallet properly stacked with greens, because you're gonna need 'em. Mind you, I don't see a lot of single-player RPGs in the line-up. Ah, there's one - Wasteland 2. Hopefully, this will be enough to satisfy one's hunger for RPG goodness.

Wasteland 2 is coming out on September 19, as confirmed by InXile's Brian Fargo via Twitter a while back. We've had that same release date on ActionTrip for ages, so I guess it's not much of a news story, more of a reminder for you to keep your eyes open for it. We have a feeling it's going to be good.

Again, looks like no RPGs will be coming out for quite some time. C'mon now, correct me. I dare ya. And don't say 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' cuz that's too easy.

"FUCK ISOMETRIC RPGs!!! - CJ_Parker"23

Well, that's was fast. Minutes after news came down that Microsoft was definitely buying Minecraft developer Mojang, founder Markus "Notch" Persson blogs that he is leaving Mojang.

However, it seems that Notch has been separate from Mojang and Minecraft for awhile now:

A relatively long time ago, I decided to step down from Minecraft development. Jens was the perfect person to take over leading it, and I wanted to try to do new things. At first, I failed by trying to make something big again, but since I decided to just stick to small prototypes and interesting challenges, I’ve had so much fun with work. I wasn’t exactly sure how I fit into Mojang where people did actual work, but since people said I was important for the culture, I stayed.

So why leave now?

I was at home with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago when the internet exploded with hate against me over some kind of EULA situation that I had nothing to do with. I was confused. I didn’t understand. I tweeted this in frustration. Later on, I watched the This is Phil Fish video on YouTube and started to realize I didn’t have the connection to my fans I thought I had. I’ve become a symbol. I don’t want to be a symbol, responsible for something huge that I don’t understand, that I don’t want to work on, that keeps coming back to me. I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not a CEO. I’m a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.

He's going back to doing Ludum Dares and "small web experiments", where he joked that if he stumbles across something big again, like he did with Minecraft, he'll probably abandon it immediately. He ended his post by saying, "It's not about the money. It's about my sanity." He even offered to sell his shares of Mojang on Twitter, most likely to quell outbursts that he is doing this for the money.

If this is indeed true, then I truly hope Notch finds happiness in playing with prototypes and web experiments. I know his creation has given my eldest son much joy over the last couple of years, and will most likely continue to do so.

"Take that cash and get lost hypocrite. - ZeroWolf"4

The rumors flitted around last week about Microsoft potentially buying out Minecraft developer Mojang for around $2 billion. It turns out that the official sum is $2.5 billion, and the Microsoft proudly announced the news today.

For anyone who may be worried that this means that Minecraft will not go on the Vita as planned, or future Minecraft games won't appear on non-MS platforms, Phil Spencer claims that's not the case (for now anyway):

At Microsoft, we believe in the power of content to unite people. Minecraft adds diversity to our game portfolio and helps us reach new gamers across multiple platforms. Gaming is the top activity across devices and we see great potential to continue to grow the Minecraft community and nurture the franchise. That is why we plan to continue to make Minecraft available across platforms – including iOS, Android and PlayStation, in addition to Xbox and PC.

Probably the most intriguing aspect of this sale is a tweet from Markus "Notch" Persson 2 years ago, where he said his price was $2 billion:

Kudos to you, Notch, for sticking to your guns.

"not fair i wantz billionz too!!!!111 - CJ_Parker"1

The morning starts so well when you have enough time for exercise, breakfast, coffee and a chat with a friend. Normally, I never have enough time for exercise, breakfast, coffee and a chat with a friend, but today I did. Ya know what, there's one important thing missing from that list. Sex...

Yeah, enough fantasizing, I was actually impressed to see that one of our posts got 1k 'likes' which is awesome. 

"Okay. What? - Vader"9

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