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After Vader ordered me to take it easy over the weekend and not work, to which I happily obliged, I finally got around to the second episode of Square Enix's and DONTNOD's episode adventure, Life is Strange. And you know what? Life really is strange, in case you weren't aware.

But as for this life being strange, episode 2 has too much of a lull in the beginning that hurts an overall pretty darn good episode. It makes sense why it's a little slow, but they took way too long to ramp it up.

Unfortunately, Out of Time takes a bit to gain any traction. At first it seems as if DONTNOD has padded the game with a ridiculous fetch quest that also allows more opportunities to take photos. I rolled my eyes at the mundane task of digging through a rust heap looking for beer bottles for Chloe to shoot. Why can’t she look for them herself? She’s the one who wants to shoot the stupid bottles so badly. And I grumble and grumble as I would if Chloe was a real friend who tasked me with fetching bottles for her to shoot. While this little quest gave Max plenty of time to explore Chloe’s secret lair, including learning more about Chloe’s friendship with the missing Rachel, I still couldn’t help but feel as if the whole exercise was a bit unnecessary, even if it did round out both Chloe’s character and Rachel’s.

At least there is plenty of real plot development to balance it out. Read on to find out more.


Vince is almost ready to burst from sheer happiness and glee. EA have just revealed that they're releasing the Get to Work pack for The Sims 4, offering the first expansion for the lifestyle simulation. Here's word:

It’s time to get to work in The Sims 4. Today, Electronic Arts announced that The Sims 4 Get to Work* is now available on PC and Mac in North America. In this first expansion pack for The Sims 4, players can deepen their relationships with their Sims by actively controlling them in three new careers (Doctor, Detective and Scientist) as well as creating and customizing their own Sim retail business.

In the three all-new careers, players will actively control their Sims’ decisions throughout the workday. They will meet fellow co-workers, explore the new career venues and decide whether to work toward that next promotion or wreak havoc on the workplace.

Start saving lives as a Doctor – take your Sims to work at the Hospital to examine patients, run x-rays, make diagnoses, perform surgeries and even deliver babies. Doctors will also make house calls to visit sick Sims. Sims can become sick through close interactions with other ill Sims and find relief by ordering medication.

Solve crimes as a Detective – your Sims will start their days at the Police Station to pick up new cases. Then they’ll be dispatched to crime scenes where they will gather evidence, track clues and collect witness statements in order to identify suspects and make arrests. Back at the Police Station they can search suspects, take their mug shots and fingerprints; even interrogate them in hopes of a confession. Sims in the Detective career can also patrol the streets and issue tickets to neighborhood menaces.

Climb the inventive heights as a Scientist – develop your Sims’ analytical mastermind to craft diabolical creations such as the Cloning Machine or the SimRay, which gives Scientists the ability to freeze other Sims, control their minds and transform objects. Scientist Sims can also create the ElectroFlux Wormhole Generator to whisk themselves away to Sixam, the mysterious home world of fan-favorite Aliens, who make a much anticipated return to The Sims 4.

In addition, players can run their own retail business by purchasing or creating a retail location, designing the store front and selecting what items to sell. Players can set prices, hire and manage employees, customize uniforms and work to make the final sale. From clothing boutiques to art galleries, or bakeries to bookstores, there is no limit to the type of retail business that can be created. Also new are the Photography and Baking skills that give Sims new things to learn, new things to do and achieve and new creations to sell.


Nintendo has scheduled a Direct presentation this week, on April 1st, no less. While I doubt Japan is fully aware of the implications of April Fool's Day in the west, it's hard to not wonder if this is a big joke on many levels.

From the press release, all they have said is that it will provide "updates about upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games." My prediction is more info on how the Legend of Zelda Wii U is not shaping up, more info on Splatoon, and possibly some new 3DS announcements. I wouldn't be surprised if they announce they won't have press conference at E3 this year either.

If you're interested, mark your calendar for April 1st, 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST.


Yes, after all these years of useless and game-related, goofy voting poll, I finally turn on my seriousness frequency to the max, and present to you one of the most important questions we, as a publication, often ask ourselves.

Are you mad?

  • Why do you think I'm here?
  • Hell naaw, man!
  • Frankly, I need a hat.
  • Cut the crap and let's talk elf-alligator biscuits and Tinker Belle’s mortgage payment.

Yep, as you can probably tell, I'm very serious about this question, although quite frankly I think it's really more about determining the degree of madness you're currently in. Also, the test is not 100% accurate - I must add that.



Alrighty. Let's have a brief briefing about the briefnessness that's about to happen on AT. First of all, as far as gaming is concerned, the Spring of 2015 is basically one of the worst years I can remember. I don't know if companies are saving their shit to promote the hell out of at the upcoming E3 or if there's seriously nothing going on out there. Maybe, it's like a very good friend of mine said: "You should cover more stuff on the indie scene, there's always something going on there."

Well, sure there is. And I will do my best to get into games and cool new stuff that shows up on the indie game scene. However, I think it's safe to say that mainstream gaming is currently on a vacation, which leaves countless news sites (like ours) nothing to do but fish for desperate news stories as we continue to dwell in the wretched period of OBNOT (Only Boring News Out There).

So, at least I'm happy to report that I've not touched fucking Destiny for over a week. Instead, I've hurled my mind into two new worlds: Bloodborne and Thomas Was Alone.

Form Software's punishment simulator has the priority of course, but Thomas Was Alone is part of the effort Keri and I decided to go with yesterday. We'll be going into our backlog of unplayed games (which are going to be a bir more indie rather than mainstream), to give you guys a kind of a retro-review thing. Hope you enjoy it. So, we don't plan to go, like, 10 years back into the past, but like 1 or 2 years tops. That's it.

"Mornin' - Doomsday."10

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Yep, Brits, or as I'd like to call them now, the UK people, have started to grab copies of Bloodborne and GTA 5, but it looks like Battlefield Hardline is wanted more than anything else. Check out the latest weekly UK sales in full below:

  1. Battlefield Hardline
  2. Bloodborne
  3. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  4. Grand Theft Auto 5
  5. FIFA 15
  6. Dying Light
  7. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  8. Far Cry 4
  9. Minecraft: Xbox Edition
  10. The Order: 1886

Um, okay, I really have nothing else to add.


Ubisoft today announced a new Operator system for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege, a/k/a their cops and robbers game, and then added a little trailer to show it off in action a little bit.

"Operators are specialists from the world’s top Special Forces units and masters in their respective fields," Ubisoft explained. "Each has their own unique expertise which adds a new tactical layer to the Siege experience and pushes team play even further. Players will put together these operators to create their best CTU (counter-terrorism unit) composition and defeat the opposing team."

Those who preorder Rainbox Six Siege will get guaranteed access to the game's upcoming closed beta, which Ubisoft says they have had quite a few registrants. They're also hinting that they have so many people registering, that the only way to get in the beta is to preorder the game. Or perhaps they're just saying that to drum up preorders. Still no details on when the closed beta will take place.

" - "1

The official Dragon Age Twitter account broke the news that the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition will be available for other platforms in May. In other words, the PlayStation platforms will get the DLC, as the DLC was a timed exclusive for Windows and Xbox platforms.

So it's just a two-month timed exclusive. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it as horrific as the Internet made it sound? Definitely not.

The Jaws of Hakkon DLC delves into the fate of the last Inquisitor and Inquisition in Tevinter centuries prior. It unlocks an expansive new area and forges pacts with the Avvar Warriors.


How's this for a DLC plan? Developer Slightly Mad has promised that every month they will release new cars for Project Cars for free.

Slightly Mad said that to compensate for delaying the game from November to March to April, they were going to release some free DLC, but this offer is an expansion upon that. The first free car is the Lykan Hypersport, which will star in the upcoming Furious 7 film. They have not said for how long these free cars will continue to release, whether it's a few months, a year, or longer.

Project Cars is set to release on PC on April 2 and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 7, 2015.

""After pulling every lever and pushing every button Jerry still couldn't find the one to open the... - S.Plissken"1

Mortal Kombat X producer has decided to leave Twitter after threats were lobbed at his family.

In a series of tweets, Shaun Himmerick laid down exactly why he was leaving the social media platform:

"So to be clear. The reason I don't want to do this twitter anymore is not fans asking for characters or hints or whatever. I get that," he tweeted. "That is passion and love for the Mortal Kombat and I also have that. So I get it. No problem. I'm glad people care about their favorites."

"I used to be thick skinned enough for the random personal attacks," he continued. "I'm a big boy I can handle it. I've been in my share of fights. However I cannot deal with the threats of violence to my wife and now young daughter. Threats of sexual violence are even more disturbing."

"You wanna fight me for any reason. I'm probably willing to go, verbally or physically. I can hold my own. But threats on my ladies? No."

An example of one of the tweets hurled Himmerick's direction is below.

I think we can all agree that threats aimed at anyone are ridiculous, and threats at someone's family are even worse. It doesn't matter if these are empty threats, threats are threats. Twitter's CEO has said they want to do a better job at combating death threats and trolls on social media, but they haven't gone into how they plan to do so, or if it's even possible.

"I don't read any of comments. I know Vader reads our comments on here. But get every... - Cedtsmk"9

Well, the list of best-selling games on Steam is very much how I expected. One thing that's a bit surprising is Pillars of Eternity being in 3rd spot, and I really thought it would be like the top seller because people have been talking about that game so much even before it hit the market. But it doesn't matter because the game is in 5th spot as well :). Anyway, check out the current top-selling titles on Steam:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Cities: Skylines
  3. Pillars of Eternity
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. Pillars of Eternity
  6. Arma 3
  7. Alien: Isolation
  8. Reign Of Kings
  9. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
  10. Arma 3 - Extended Edition

Check out our PoE review if you haven't already.

"Reading? Ugh who has time for that - Whisky"2

Well, it took them long enough, but Microsoft finally uncovered the release date for Halo 5: Guardians via an ad that arrived yesterday. Check it out:

Halo 5: Guardians is one of those platform-exclusives that was missing when MS launched the Xbox One. Sony didn't give us Uncharted or God of War for the PS4, so MS didn't give us Halo or... or... well, more Halo. And yet both companies decided to launch the consoles anyway, because fuck us that's why. Isn't the world a funny place sometimes?

Oh right, I drifted into the past there for a second. Sorry. So, yeah, Halo 5 out on October 27, 2015.


My daughter watched E.T. for the first time. My God, her reactions were so overemotional, it was a completely wonderful sight to behold. I barely kept watching without letting out a few tears myself, but eventually I managed to withhold my sadness so that my daughter realizes her dad isn't a total wuss. Still, she is going to be 7 in like one month, so it's time for ET Hell I saw it at the exact same age and turned out to be...


Oh fuck!

"Mornin' I watched ET as a kid too and loved it! What a movie! :D - Doomsday."18

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