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The PlayStation Store is having a Flash Sale for this weekend only, where several popular games for digital download will run for only $9.99.

These games include Metro: Last Light, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Darksiders II, the God of War collection, BioShock Infinite, and the Sly Collection. Check out the PlayStation Store's sale website for the complete list.


The RPG Legend of Grimrock was a fun game, but I remember it being extremely tough. However, that toughness made every progress in the game all the more enjoyable.

The sequel, Legend of Grimrock 2, was announced back in January and we've had little updates since. The developers have confirmed that the dungeon-crawling RPG is in closed beta (thanks Blue) and they also plan to release it for iOS (in addition to the PC version of course). 

Here's the word:

The game has been playable from the beginning to the end for some time now and now that we have had one complete playthrough and several cheated speed-throughs we have some idea about the length of the game. It’s looking like Grimrock 2 is going to be around 25% longer than Grimrock 1 but more testing by us and our betatesters is still needed to confirm this.

Like mentioned, all the features of the game are in, but there’s still much work to do. Our Venerable List of Things To Do is constantly getting added with new entries even as we are hammering on the things at the other end of the list. But we are fighting hard to empty the list before the launch. Btw. on top of the list we have things like memory and performance optimizations and tutorial. Below that lots and lots of smaller tweaks and fixes and then of course testing, testing and more testing…

They've released a very brief teaser (in a teasery sort of way, ya know):


Sony and Ubisoft teamed up to create a bit of a developer's diary for Asssassin's Creed Unity. The trailer above goes into a bit of the development process that went behind making this game unique from the rest of games, and even shows off more of the co-op gameplay that they have implemented this time around.

Assassin's Creed Unity will release on October 28, 2014 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Disney Interactive is offering Wii owners an incentive to make that transition to the Wii U. For those who haven't made the upgrade, if you own Disney Infinity for the Wii, you can upgrade to the Wii U version for free.

Starting today, Disney Infinity Wii owners can visit the eShop and pick up the Wii U version for free. Once you make that leap to the Wii U, you can download your purchase and already have a game for the Wii U without paying anything extra.

Why are they doing this? It's half out of love for Nintendo, but it's mostly due to Disney Infinity 2.0 releasing on September 23rd, which won't be available on the Wii. Since all of the characters from Disney Infinity can be played with in 2.0, such a transition makes sense.



Sucker Punch and Sony announced at E3 this year that inFamous: Second Son would get story-based DLC, First Light, a prequel starring Abigail "Fetch" Walker. It's a standalone game, much like inFamous 2's Festival of Blood, and will also be download only. So the question is, how much hard drive space with First Light consume of your PS4?

According to the updated PlayStation Store, First Light will take up 9.3 GB of space, which is about half of the install size of Second Son. Hopefully this means we'll have some hefty, hefty gameplay in store for us.

First Light will be available for download on August 26th for $14.99.



The multiplayer in The Last of Us has been plagued lately with matchmaking problems. As a thank you to the fans for being patient, Naughty Dog is offering two brand new multiplayer maps for free.

Arne Meyer explained the situation on Naughty Dog's blog:

Believe me, the entire team at Naughty Dog completely understands how frustrating this has been for many of you in our community. We've got some good news. At the end of July, we teased some new multiplayer add-on content which included a glimpse at new maps for Factions. We're glad to say that we've decided to release these two maps for free on both the PS3 and PS4 in appreciation for all of your continued patience as we work to resolve the matchmaking issues.

I haven't played The Last of Us because I'm a big baby, but I heard that the multiplayer portion of the game was really great.


Paradox Interactive and CreatiForge have unveiled a brand new story-driven real-time strategy game, called Ancient Space. The game is in development for PC Windows and Mac platforms and set to arrive Fall 2014.

Ancient Space was described as single-player RTS, which "puts the player in command of a fleet conducting a scientific mission on the edge of the known universe, charting what lies beyond in ‘The Black Zone.’ A rich and compelling story will guide the player as they build and upgrade their fleets and then survive overwhelming odds in deadly strategic missions."

Here's the debut trailer:

According to the developers of Ancient Space a lot of actors will be present to voice the game:

  • John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise, True Blood)
  • Aaron Douglas (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Ron Glass (Firefly)
  • Richard Gunn (Dark Angel)
  • Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers, Star Trek: Nemesis, Saw)
  • Dwight Schultz (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager)
"Never seen Vodoo get this excited! Did you just wet your panties?!? - Doomsday."5

The Crew is an upcoming multiplatform racing game and it looks really promising I must say. Keri is gonna be playing this one when it comes out. As for me and my personal relationship with racing games, well, I have only one rule: "If it's not CMR, it may not be worth it." Check out the latest trailer for The Crew:

Here's the word from the devs at Ubisoft: "The expansiveness of a map is only great if it’s filled to the edges with exciting activities and content. And in the 1,900 square miles of beautiful U.S. land, The Crew offers a variety of exciting mission types and hundreds of driving skill challenges for anyone to tackle. Take an in-depth look into how you and up to three others in your crew can take on these missions, such as making your escape from the police, tailing and chasing down your mark, and sending your target hurtling violently with well-aimed bumps and smashes. Make your presence known in our playground, and NEVER DRIVE ALONE."

" - "1

I have no doubt about the theme for this week's comic - the stupid ice bucket challenge. What else? Anyway, back to Risen 3. 


Oh and anybody tried Diablo 3 on consoles yet? Just askin'.

"make a shit bucket challenge. say it's for a good cause and a lot of sheep will follow. - touretul"6

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The Season 2 finale for The Walking Dead is upon us; next week, in fact. If you've been chomping at the bit to wrap up Clementine's story, Episode 5, "No Going Back", will release on August 26th for PC and the PlayStation Network. For Xbox 360 players and PlayStation players in Europe, the finale will drop on August 27th.

Get your box of tissues ready.


You haven't forgotten that Destiny releases in just three weeks, have you? Vince and I certainly haven't, and Bungie doesn't want you to forget either. Too keep that hype train rolling, they've released an official launch trailer. 

September 9th is too long to wait for this one.


If reports are true, Microsoft will be offering 24-hour game trials with a few games. After the latest Xbox One system update, a redditor stumbled upon the screen below and naturally captured it for the world to see.

If this screenshot is accurate with what Microsoft is planning, the company will offer a Free Play Day with Gold program, which looks to be another perk for Gold subscribers. According to Game Politics, an official press release on the matter will be forthcoming.


Next week kicks off PAX Prime, and Nintendo will have a presence. However, like E3, they'll be touring outside of the convention center's hallowed grounds. Anyone who happens to be in the Seattle area will get a chance to play both Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS.

On Saturday, August 30th, Nintendo will host a demo session for Hyrule Warriors at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel from 7 to 10 p.m. No PAX Prime pass is required, but it is first come, first served. Nintendo does heavily encourage cosplaying and fans wearing their fandom.

Cosplaying fans dressed as characters from The Legend of Zelda series will be able to fast-track into the event ahead of the general public. Anyone dressed in The Legend of Zelda gear or wearing a Hyrule Warriors T-shirt (available at the event while supplies last) can enter a drawing for a chance to win some cool original Hyrule Warriors concept artwork. Fans can enter by taking a picture against a special backdrop and tweeting the image with specific hashtags. The winner will be chosen at random toward the end of the event, and the winner must be present to claim the prize.

For those more interested in beating up friends instead of slaying hordes of enemies, Nintendo will also host public demos of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS around Seattle on Friday and Saturday (August 29-30). In order to find out where Nintendo will be holed up, they've asked for fans to tune in to their various social media channels and look for the hashtag #SmashBash for details.


EA has sent over a review build of Madden 15 and when ActionTrip gets something for free you bet your sweet ass we're gonna play the fuck out of it.

To cut a long story short:

Hut hut hut hut hut !!!!

For the first time, I really feel in control over my defense. I can both call defensive plays and ensure that they come to fruition. In the past, it’s always felt like when it comes to defense with Madden, you call the plays and hope to God your tackle can actually tackle or your line can read the quarterback when he changes up the formation. Now my defense can finally tear through offensive blocks and effectively hunt down the quarterback when he sprints out of the pocket. I can also change the camera angle to optimize my view, either from a certain defender or from ball watching, to complete each play. This way, I can make sure that my prime sacker does his best to reach his target or never misses a fake.

Read our review of Madden 15.

"Omaha, omaha. - Zulu"5

As expected, Amazon experienced a spike in preordered games after Gamescom, but what was not expected was that the Wii U had the biggest increase in preorders.

Specifically, Wii U game preorders rose 8.67%, compared to the PS4's 5.16% increase and the Xbox One's meager 2.81% increase. The game with the single biggest increase in preorders was Project CARS by 42.3%, followed by Rise of the Tomb Raider by 30.25% (guess the Xbox One exclusivity didn't deter too many people).

The full top 10 preorders are after the break.

" - "1

Gearbox offers a free weekend for Borderlands 2 via Steam, starting today through Sunday at 13h PST. Here's the word: "Play Borderlands 2 for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Borderlands 2 at 75% off the regular price!"

Meanwhile, gamers can also pre-purchase Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which is currently available on Steam, 10% off if you happen to have Borderlands 1 or Borderlands 2!

Can't wait for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to arrive. For the past couple of months, I've been enjoying the hell out of Borderlands 2 and have even gone through the Tiny Tina DLC pack. Recommend you guys do the same, it's a mighty fun experience, especially if you're looking for a proper action-oriented co-op RPG.

" - "1

Started playing Risen 3... My God, somewhere in the distance, I'm getting that Gothic vibe. It's a distant, distant vibe though. It's nothing like Gothic. And it's Gothic 2, sepcifically, I'm thinking of. That was a tremendously influential game and one of the first proper open-world RPGs. I miss those days. Risen 3, so far, feels like a giant dookie. Also, how many times do I have the stress the importance of a story-telling and its pacing. Slow and steady pacing at the beginning of any tale is important to help us learn something about our the freakin' characters whose shoes we're about to wear for the next few days. I mean seriously. I'm tired of sloppy writers. 

Shut up, I'm not sloppy!

"lol - thestewieman"9

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