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Destiny. It's everywhere. 

AT COMIC: The Long Arm of Destiny

"LOL. Great job! - Terminator"6

How many of you are playing Destiny? I'm curios. There must be someone... Apart from Vince, that is. 
"Mornin' - Doomsday."10

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Sony hasn't always known when to cut the cord with their devices, but it looks like they're on their way to do so with the PSP. In Europe, Oceania, Asia, and some parts of Africa, PSP owners will not be able to access the PSN via their handhelds starting September 15th. Bad news is that PSP owners won't be able to purchase and download games through their handhelds, but the good news is that means no more lengthy firmware updates every time you turn on the device! Once the PSN access shuts down, you can still download games to your PSP through the Content Manager on your computer, but that will be it.

North America is not on the axe list just yet, but after Sony evaluates the market post-PSN drop for these regions, North America will most likely be on the chopping block soon.

I don't think I even know where my PSP is. You can tell how much this news will break my heart when it reaches the US.



Want to win a free copy of Magicka 2 when it releases later this year? Paradox Interactive is hosting a rather unusual contest. Using the singalong trailer below, they want you to create your own karaoke rendition and upload it.

Visit their official contest page for more details (which is a brilliant troll on awful web design, for the record). If any of you enter, can you please comment below with your YouTube links to these videos? I could use a few laughs next week.


For the eighth month in a row since the console's release, the PlayStation 4 was #1 in hardware console sales and is still the cumulative leader for all new generation consoles, which includes the Wii U. PlayStation 4 also led August sales for games, with Madden 15 securing the #1 top spot. Diablo III: the Ultimate Evil Edition followed closely behind, with The Last of Us Remastered just below that.

I bet PlayStation will continue their game sales streak for the September NPD, thanks to Destiny's release this week and FIFA 15 releasing later this month.


Electronic Arts has set the bar rather high with its commercial for Madden Season. Can their official commercial for FIFA top it? Check it out for yourself.

FIFA 15 will release on every console imaginable on September 23, 2014.



Uros was so dedicated in reviewing The Walking Dead Season 2, he suffered through it on a tablet while vacationing in the mountains. He obviously loves his job more than I do, or he at least loves the game more the others he has been playing as of late. Here's a snippet:

From the outset, the game hurls very hard choices at you and facing life-threatening situations practically every step of the way won’t make things easier. Switching the central role from Lee to Clementine was a risky, although brilliantly executed move by the writers at Telltale. She’s no longer the terrified little girl we remember from when she first met Lee during the zombie outbreak. We can actually see her personality changing as she moves on with her life and does her best to stay alive, despite all odds.

Read our review of The Walking Dead: Season 2. Find out if Uros needed a box of Kleenex nearby.

"Excellent seems a bit much. The episodes got ever shorter. I remember Season 1 episodes grabbing me... - Dire"5

Frank Gibeau, head of EA mobile, has said that Apple's upcoming iPhones will be comparable to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

"With the retina display and the improved processor, combined with the Metal [graphics] capabilities and 128 GB of memory, that gets you to a device that's on part [sic] with next-generation consoles," he told "That's moving perfectly into our strike zone."

However, if you examine the specs, I'm not sure how accurate that statement is. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are rumored to carry 1GB of RAM, whereas the Xbox One and PS4 both have 8GB. In addition, the iPhone 6 processor runs at 1.4 gigahertz, which falls short of the 1.6 gigahertz processor on the PS4 and the 1.75 gigahertz processor for the Xbox One. Not exactly sure where he's going with this, other than attempting to get more people excited about the future of mobile gaming, or (even worse) excited about watch gaming.


"Wow. Maybe people play consoles and PC because the screen is BIGGER than a smartphone screen? Plus... - Cedtsmk"7

At long last, owners of next-generation consoles will be able to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto V next year. More importantly, the PC master race will finally get a chance to play the game as well. To honor the news, a batch of fresh screens was released:

Rockstar Games sent over a press release, officially confirming that their insanely popular action adventure will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 starting November 18, 2014 and as of January 27, 2015 for Windows PC (pinch me, someone pinch me, quick!).

According to the devs, these upcoming editions of GTA 4 will include a lot of fresh goodies, as well as technical and visual improvements, including:

  • New activities;
  • New weapons;
  • New vehicles;
  • Additional wildlife;
  • Denser traffic;
  • New foliage system;
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more.

Apart from that, over 100 new songs and new DJ mixes were promised for those nifty radio stations you can tune into while driving over the pedestrians of Los Santos. Oh and by the way, pre-ordering the game gives you a $1,000,000 in-game cash bonus.

Read our review of GTA V here

"You can bet this game will be as poorly optimized as GTA IV was.... - Terminator"5

There's been an initiative here in a local school to film children while they're growing up, during a 10-year period - kind of like a documentary or possibly even something along the lines of Boyhood. Parents in one state school accepted this unanimously, while parents in another state school totally rejected unanimously. Bear in mind that this means filming the kids in school, during class, in the playground, while they're walking home, hanging out, etc. The idea is to observe how kids build relationships with teachers, parents and other kids.

I honestly cannot say if I'd be comfortable with the idea of my kid growing up, knowing full well that someone's filming constantly. Is this the Truman Show scenario? You have to admit that this is a bit overllesque.

"I can't believe parents voted for this bullshit. - Terminator"19

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