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Destructive Creations has announced that they are no longer accepting preorders for Hatred, their isometic twin-stick shooter that has been the topic of plenty of controversy. All who have preordered the game will be able to play the game on May 29th, three days before game releases for public consumption.

"We would like to thank all our fans for their great support during the time of Hatred’s production," Creative Director Jaroslaw Zielinski said in a written statement. "Thanks to your votes, tons of e-mails and spreading the word on the web, we gained a lot of visibility, new followers and finally managed to finish the project!"

Hatred will be availble on Steam and Desura. has opted not to distribute the title.


"GOTY right here. - im_stardust"4

In case you guys didn't notice (and how could you when everyone's talking about bloody Geralt's sexy beard), The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 is out now. Check it out the trailer:

Word is that: "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III offers single-player gameplay, four-player co-op online and eight-player PvP, and is the last episode in the Van Helsing trilogy. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III will uncover the past of the cheeky companion, Lady Katarina, while carrying over features from the second game, including the tower-defense mini-game sequences, and offers six unique character classes."

Well, I must admit I did not play The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, but the original was a pretty solid action RPG.

You can purchase the game at Steam.


With the E3 2015 looming ahead, we eagerly await gameplay footage for a variety of titles, not the least of which is DICE's upcoming shooter Star Wars Battlefront. The latest issue of OPM, has DICE's GM Patrick Bach talking a bit about the project and the attitude of the team:

"We build our own games, we build something that breathes 'DICE'. We wanted to take a fresh stance on the concept of Battlefront, rather than saying 'let's take that feature and call it the same thing', or 'let's remove that feature'. It will just get messy. So you have to see it as a reboot."

Recently, it was confirmed that long-awaited shooter will feature 12 multiplayer maps

DICE clearly has a lot to do. However, I really am curious about other projects as well. I mean this is EA we're talking about after all and their policy is to go where the money is. For example, how long will it take them to admit that they've invested everything they have in SW: Battlefront and that Mirror's Edge 2 is on hold.

Last we heard of ME 2 by the way, was that they've pushed it into a 2016 launch window.

Via GR.


Surprise, surprise. This week PC gamers are getting their hands on GTA V, but more than that or anything else, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Check out the latest weekly sales chart on Steam:

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game + Expansion Pass
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. Dying Light
  6. Galactic Civilizations III
  7. Elite: Dangerous
  8. Cities: Skylines
  9. The Witcher Trilogy Pack
  10. Project CARS

Wow, The Witcher has three spots up there. Man, that game's been getting an insane amount of attention for the past two weeks.

Check out our review of The Witcher 3, if you haven't already.


Hey, do you remember the last time you played a F1 racing game? Well, I can't. But as far as those go, Codemasters have always rocked. Mind you, what will take for those guys to make a proper old-school, hardcore racer like the old CMR series. Ya know, no arcade-style nonesense, just a proper rally racing sim.

Anyway, as we reported recently, they've delayed F1 2015 to next month. You can check out the fresh batch of screenshots below:

And this trailer (if you missed it):


I bid you all good morning, folks on this slow and gray Monday morning. Aye, tis slow. And I imagine most of your weekend was spent in Velen, hunting witches, monsters and bandits. Isn't that right, eh, eh, eh? A? EEeeh? AHAHAAAAAAAAeeeh? If you're wondering what kind of laughter that was then just think of Dr. Flicker:

Also, I think this was stardust when he was little.

So, let's hear it guys? What's The Witcher 3 like from your angle?

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I still feel there's a lot to say about hair and beards. 

AT COMIC: Witchers Go Forth in Style

"Pony tail. - barasawa"12

Well, folks, time to have bit of a rest from Geralt's adventures, monster slaying and women hunting. Still, waiting on the artist to send me the comic. 

What about you guys? You jumped in to the Wild Hunt yet?

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The Witcher 3:

Pre-ordered. Waiting. Gonna take several sick days, so see ya in about a month.
No, thanks. I'll pass.
Waiting for the reviews.
Vader, just go away.
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