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The NPD results for March are out, which has once again shown a postive incline toward hardware sales, which is not surprising considering that the PS4 and Xbox One have had a few exclusives releases. Titanfall has overtaken the charts from inFAMOUS Second Son, which is also not surprising since Titanfall is out on two platforms.

The full list of top 10 selling games for March is below.

  1. Titanfall (XBO, PC)
  2. inFAMOUS Second Son (PS4)
  3. South Park: The Stick of Truth (360, PS3, PC)
  4. Call Of Duty: Ghosts (360, PS3, XBO, PS4, NWU, PC)
  5. Dark Souls II (PS3, 360)
  6. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4, XBO, PS3, 360)
  7. NBA 2K14 (PS4, 360, XBO, PS3, PC)
  8. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS3, PSV)
  9. The LEGO Movie Videogame (360, PS3, 3DS, NWU, XBO, PS4, PSV)
  10. Minecraft (360)



According to French website Le Portail du Jeu Vidéo, Ubisoft Montpelier is working on a 2D Prince of Persia using the engine from Rayman Legends. The report is not confirmed at this time, but here is a translation of what they are saying, thanks to the good people at Blue's News:

Not sure! According to our sources, a new Prince of Persia is in preparation (certainly in local Ubisoft Montpellier). This is a 2D title that carries the same engine as that of Rayman Legends with apparently bluffing animations details. The game uses the same techniques of animation in the last Rayman , ie the prince's body is divided into several parts (torso, pelvis, leg, shin, foot, forearm, hands, etc..) that can be animated independently of each other. This provides a real diversity / credibility in the postures and movements of the hero. The quality of the work is to believe in a 3D modeling both transitions are fluid and feel well made ‹‹volume. Prince - shirtless, dark complexion, medium brown hair - can run, hit the sword or jump against the walls. The usual array so.

Chapter assumptions - pending a formal response - Ubisoft seek to revive the series of Prince of Persia in abandoning adventures in 3D, as did Rayman Origins in 2011 Opting for a 2D game would also do. not impinge on the flat bands of Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs while providing a quality alternative to the excellent Rayman Legends ( métanote 89% on PJV ) in the catalog of a publisher who knows diversify its horizons.

Would you be interested in a 2D Prince of Persia?

"I actually played the original Prince of Persia way back in the 80s, and that was 2d. - barasawa"1

Spiders Games has released a few new screenshots showing off the heroes you can create in Bound by Flame.

In Bound by Flame, your character's appearance will change by the choices you make, as your choices will determine how much of the fire demon possessing you will take over.

Bound by Flame is set to release on May 9, 2014 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


Microsoft announced that they have sold 5 million Xbox One consoles to retailers. They also pointed out that this is 60 percent ahead of where the Xbox 360 was in the same time frame.

Sony, on the other hand, has sold 7 million PS4 units to consumers, not just to retailers. The difference is quite significant.


Deep Silver releases a short cinematic trailer, oops, I meant, teaser, for Risen 3: Titan Lords:

Risen 3 is on its way to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. 

"Looking forward to it ... better than Diabshit anyway (that one was for all the D3 lovers on here... - kreep69"6

To sum up today: 

- rain
- feelin bloody good because TGIF 
- don't care much about anything other than TLOU (The Last of Us)

Have a better one, everyone. 

"Morning, Good to hear you are having a good time Doomsday! - Reikhardt"8

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Ubisoft will publish an ebook to accompany Watch_Dogs, Watch_Dogs //n/Dark Clouds, which will take place after the events in the game. It will be penned by John Shirley, a prolific author who is well known for writing cyberpunk novels.

“Working on Watch Dogs was enormously interesting to me because its world offers the convergence of cyberpunk and the edgy tech reality of our times; it all plays out with action and energy against the inner city backdrop that I thrive in” John Shirley said in a press release. “With hack tech in one hand and gun in the other, Aiden Pearce is a believable fusion of hacker and action hero who deliberately slips between the cracks of society to relentlessly pursue his agenda. The novel introduces Mick Wolfe, an ex-military, who get caught in a dangerous game in Chicago’s hyper connected and violent underground. Working with Thomas Geffroyd and Kevin Shortt at Ubisoft to develop the book was a rocking experience – Ubisoft is right out there on the frontier of videogame development. I couldn’t ask for more inspiration.”

Watch_Dogs //n/Dark Clouds will be available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish the day the game releases on May 27, 2014.

"This could be interesting - Marku5K"1

Minecraft, everyone's favorite super addictive LEGO-esque open world game, is heading to the world of PlayStation on physical retail copies. You can pick it up on May 16th or download it if you prefer.

Must keep this a secret from my son. He just discovered Minecraft on iOS, and I don't need him begging to play with my Vita too.


"I'm going to be honest: I don't like MineCraft. I loved playing with legos (and still do),... - DRAVNT"3

According to the Final Hours of Titanfall app, there were talks about Titanfall operating on Sony platforms.

Respawn talked to Sony about putting Titanfall on the PS4, but for whatever reason, Sony was not willing to share the PS4 specs with the studio. Instead, Sony asked if the game could go to the Vita, which obviously never happened.

The app doesn't detail why this didn't happen, but sadly, it did not. Perhaps with a sequel, the franchise will go multiplatform as they originally wanted.


Sony joyfully announced today that they've sold over 7 million PlayStation 4 consoles as of April 4, on top of 20.5 million games that were sold through retail and via the PlayStation store.

SCE CEO Andrew House stated: "The response from the global gaming community for PS4 has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that gamers are selecting PS4 as their next generation console of choice."

"The PS4 journey has just begun, and although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and surpassing the wildest expectations of gamers by delivering new user experiences that inspire and engage. We look forward to unveiling many of these experiences to our fans in the coming months."

Wonder how the Xbox One is doing at the moment. I know that they've made some pretty good sales across the US. Microsoft's console was doing great last month.

"Is this the worst 'new' generation of consoles ever? Neither is groundbreaking, nor are there any... - EricHalfBee"2

Keri spins another video game music record, with the delightful soundtrack from the open-world (Prototype-style) action adventure, Infamous: Second Son.

The original soundtracks for the inFAMOUS games have always been somber, haunting, with a bit of the vibe of the city the game represented. The soundtrack for infamous Second Son, even though only one composer remained from infamous 2, continues this tradition. Seattle has always been known for its garage-style bands, dark tones in music, and strong guitar melodies. The Second Son theme kicks off with exactly that, setting the tone of both the music and the game perfectly.

Read our Infamous: Second Son OST review.


Sleep depravation... thanks Naughty Dog. Thanks a lot. Six hours into The Last of Us and so far I've been having a blast. It takes me ages to go through a single area though, because I'm taking my sweet old time appreciating the incredible visuals. The amount of detail in the surroundings is stunning. The gameplay isn't exactly groundbreaking, but it is rather exciting - classic 3rd-person shooter action, combined with stealth and survival. Can't wait to continue my playthrough later today (after I've had some water, food and much-needed sleep). 
"Mornin' Bitches!! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccckkk!!! :D - Doomsday."21

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Gonna upgrade my PC for Watch Dogs:

Gonna upgrade it anyway.
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