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Klei has announced a new expansion for Don't Starve called Shipwrecked. Capybara Games, the developer behind Super Time Force, will be wrecking these ships and bringing on the sharks. 

Thus far, the expansion is only for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms, and will release this fall. It will include new characters, biomes, creatures, and "season effects."


Nvidia is trying to break into the mobile gaming space with its dedicated gaming tablet, the Nvidia Shield, but they're experiencing a major setback. The company is recalling all Shield tablets due to a risk that their lithium-ion batteries can overheat and spontaneously combust.

If you own an Nvidia Shield tablet, this is not something you want to mess around with. Contact Nvidia as soon as possible to replace your tablet. 

The Shield tablet is part of Nvidia's Shield product line, which also includes a controller and an Android TV box called Shield. All of these products tap into Nvidia's cloud service, which begs the question why buy all of this when it's easier to get one console for just $100 more? But I digress.

The tablets currently under recall are model numbers P1761, P1761W, and P1761WX. If you have one of these models and your serial number runs from 0410215901781 - 0425214604018, contact Nvidia via their recall website immediately.

"Contrary to popular belief, this is not a design flaw. It is, in fact, Nvidia's foray into the next... - Killer Klown"2

Sega and Creative Assembly have released a new trailer showing in-game footage from their upcoming Total War installment, Total War: Warhammer. In this particular trailer, Creative Assembly devs run through one quest in the game, the Battle of Blackfire Pass. The trailer shows how the game runs in the engine, and it presents developer commentary on what we are seeing as well as what they are working on to improve the game.

They heavily stress that this is all pre-alpha territory.

Total War: Warhammer is set for a late 2015 release for PC. 


Following the company's Q1 financial results, EA officially confirmed that, apart from Star Wars Battlefront (which is coming this year) they also plan to release a brand new Battlefield title in 2016.

"What we've said is that our intention over the next couple of years is to have a first-person shooter as one of the core titles," said EA CFO Blake Jorgensen. "This year it's Star Wars: Battlefront. Next year, it's another Battlefield title."

Star Wars Battlefront is expected to hit stores on November 17, 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (check out our hands-on preview from E3 2015).

"Please just STOP - Dean_Demon"4

Publisher Electronic Arts has revealed its Q1 FY16 Financial Results, reportedly surpassing expectations for the quarter. Check it out:

Selected Operating Highlights and Metrics:

  • At E3, EA titles earned 132 awards including four of the 2015 E3 Game Critic Awards: Star Wars Battlefront for Best Action Game and Best Online Multiplayer, Need for Speed for Best Racing Game and EA SPORTS FIFA 16 for Best Sports Game.
  • Trailers, gameplay and livestreams of EA's games were viewed over 53 million times throughout the week of E3.
  • Players in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline logged more than 170 million online gameplay hours combined in Q1.
  • Monthly active users for EA’s mobile titles averaged more than 150 million in Q1.
  • More than 16 million matches of FIFA 15 were played on average per day in Q1.

Selected Financial Highlights:

  • For the quarter, non-GAAP net revenue of $693 million was above our guidance of $640 million. Diluted non-GAAP EPS of $0.15 was above our guidance of $0.00.
  • EA increased fiscal 2016 non-GAAP net revenue guidance by $50 million to $4.450 billion and diluted non-GAAP EPS guidance by $0.10 to $2.85 per share.
  • Operating cash flow of $992 million was a record high for any trailing twelve month Q1 period.
  • EA repurchased 2.2 million shares in Q1 for $132 million.

Not sure with half of this shit means, but I do recognize EA's usual franchise milking schemes when a see the names like Battlefield, FIFA, Need for Speed and, of course, Star Wars Battlefront.

Blue via BW.

"A great incentive to keep going with those business practices that gamers have come to know and... - moriwenne"2

Open-world games are taking over the scene. The question remains: is this good or bad? Lately we seem to be getting a lot of big-budget games that allow you to explore to an impressive degree, but then they usually fail to deliver on other, more important aspects, like story and even gameplay in some cases. Still, maybe it's time to pull back a bit.

It just seems to me that people are putting way to much value in interactive experiences that offer an abundance of freedom and too little in games that restrict the game environment to only a few locations and maybe a handful of characters. Doesn't that kind of formula vouch for a richer story and better experience?

Dragon Age: Origins to this day remains the best example of why single-player games are successful. It offers a lot of choices, but not too much, and, best of all, it tells you a story but it allows you to choose your companions and shape the story yourself. In other words, a lot of choices, albeit not too much freedom. As we all know only too well, too much freedom in games may lead to generic content. Bethesda Softworks followed suit and made their own mark by taking things the other way. They didn’t waste their opportunity when they released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We were looking at a new, beautiful and incredibly huge world and we were given what seemed like the ultimate open-world single-player game. Pretty soon it was clear: the enormous fan-base built around Skyrim meant that gamers are still interested in a solo experience.

Read more in the latest AT FEATURE: Open Worlds Devouring Small Ones.

"Agree completely, better story and game-play, less walking around to do generic quests or fight... - kreep69"1

On Monday we reported that Rocket League, the wacky car/soccer game, is the top-selling title on Steam right now. The development studio Psyonix claims they have shifted over 5 million units on PC and PlayStation 4 since the game launched on July 7 this year.

The devs are happy about their success and plan to reward players with free and extra content in August. Here's the word:

To celebrate the big news, we thought we’d bring you a complete rundown of what to expect in our upcoming “Supersonic Fury” DLC Pack.

As we've teased on Twitter, the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack includes two brand new Battle-Cars: the over-the-top American muscle car Dominus, and the souped-up Japanese street racer Takumi. Both of these vehicles offer six different Decals for Garage customization (12 total) and are only available for play in the DLC.

Besides the new Battle-Cars, the DLC Pack also includes two all-new Rocket Boosts (“Nitrous” and “Burnout”), two new Wheel sets (the soccer ball-themed “Cristiano” and the very-cool “Spinner” set), five all-new Paint Types (“Brushed Metal,” “Carbon Fiber,” “Metallic Pearl,” “Pearlescent,” and “Wood”), and a handful of new Trophies. This entire collection will be available in early August for $3.99/ €3.99.

In addition to the Supersonic Fury DLC, we will also release a free game update that offers an assortment of new content, including our first new map, Utopia Coliseum, and more than 70 new country flags. The long-awaited “Spectator Mode” will be in there too, allowing viewers to watch live games in real-time from any angle in the arena. Spectator controls are very similar to that of our existing “Replay Viewer’s,” so start practicing now and get ready for the drop!

Read more.


Here's a quick heads-up, people

  • Currently working on a nice little feature of my very own (cuz the brain's starting to work again, so I'd better make use of it before it's too late).
  • Comic is almost written and I'm gonna make a lovely Game of Thrones pun (everyone else did, so as usual, I'll be late to the parteh, but I think it'll be worth it).
  • Also, plan to continue playing Journey over the weekend.

That's about it for me.

TGIF and have a great weekend.

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Yooka-Laylee, the Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor on Kickstarter, has teamed up with Team17 to assist with publishing.

“From the very start we said that we'd welcome only a partner that could genuinely improve the creation of our game, while respecting the independence and creative autonomy of our development team," Playtonic creative lead Gavin Price said. "Team17’s 25-year industry-leading expertise will significantly benefit Yooka-Laylee in a myriad of ways, not least in expanded localisation, improved QA testing, certification and access to vastly better resources for our team. Working alongside such a strong partner will allow the Playtonic team to focus 100% of our efforts on building the best possible version of Yooka-Laylee for backers and new fans alike.”

“We have deep respect for the team at Playtonic," Team17 Managing Director Debbie Bestwick added. "They have a very rich heritage and have worked on titles close to the heart of a lot of our team here. We’ve been following their Kickstarter campaign with interest and are delighted to welcome them onto our label and into the Team17 family. I can’t wait to start working together on this great game and hope this is the start of a long term partnership between Team17 and Playtonic.”

Yooka-Laylee is a 3D platformer that relies upon the cooperative relationship between Yooka and Laylee. It's current set for a PC and consoles release in October 2016.


When the Wii U launched, Ubisoft released a zombie survival game at launch day called ZombiU. Back then Ubisoft was one of the Wii U's biggest supporters, until very few bought the system. They have decided to bring this launch game to other consoles, and they went on ahead and dropped the "U" at the end of the name to avoid further confusion.

Check out Zombi.

Zombi will release digitally for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 18, 2015.

" - "1

Comcept, Keiji Inafune's newest studio, doesn't have Mighty No. 9 out the door yet, but that hasn't started them from Kickstarting a new project, Red Ash. Red Ash is a sci-fi exploration game with heavy anime inspiration. They have asked for 800,000, but are about halfway short with four days to go. However, they have received full funding from FUZE Entertainment to develop the game for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Comcept is keeping their Kickstarter page open for any additional funds, which they say will go toward their stretch goals. FUZE's investment only covers their initial plan of 8 hours of content across four chapters. Any additional funding will add on more chapters. 

There is also a Kickstarter page for the accompanying anime short for the game.


Last E3, when Ubisoft presented Assassin's Creed Unity, they unwittingly sparked a gender controversy when they said including a femal character in the co-op would double the work for the team. Now that they have Evie as a playable assassin in Assassin's Creed Syndicate, it appears that they brought her in to appease the masses. 

However, creative director Marc-Alexis Cote has said this is most definitely not the case. 

"[Evie and Jacob have] both been part of the experience from the very beginning. Cynics will be cynics, and it’s unfortunate, but we’ve been so focused on build this game the way we want with those two characters," he told GameSpot. "It’s not done to pay lip-service, it’s done to build a great game.

"When we were building this experience we asked ourselves 'how can we make it feel new, how can we make it feel fresh, how do we avoid telling the same story?' That’s where we came up with the idea of having two protagonists, which evolved into having twin protagonists, and a brother/sister relationship that we’ve never explored. That started two and a half years ago." 

"The only way to answer this is to have people play the game," level design director Hugo Giard added. "When they do they will see there is no way she’s bolted on.

"Seriously, if we had changed our vision last year when the controversy broke, Evie would feel completely shoe-horned, you would be able to sense it. But because we planned it for so long, everything about her flows perfectly in the story with Jacob. You would know if it didn’t."

Assassin's Creed Syndicate is currently set for a release on October 23, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


A potential new feature cropped up in the UK on PSN that allows PlayStation Plus members to vote for the next month's free games. A NeoGAFfer nabbed screenshots that shows how this will potentially work.

Three games will be up for vote. The one with the most votes will be free, the other two will receive the PlayStation Plus discount. From these particular screens, the UK PlayStation owners are voting on Zombie Vikings, Armello, and Grow Home. We do not know if this is simply a test run or if this is a vote for the September free games in Europe, as those often differ from the US offerings.

The free games for August in the US have already been announced, the most notable being God of War Ascension and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.


Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy Explorers, a co-op Final Fantasy 3DS game, will head to North America in 2016.

Final Fantasy Explorers allows for either solo play or players to team up with 3 other friends to go on a quest for the Grand Crystal, which should put an end to to the on-going war for crystals. Players will have access to over 20 different job classes, eidolons to summon, and classic Final Fantasy characters to transform into.

Essentially, this is Type-0 meets The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords meets supreme FF fanservice. Of course I'll be buying it like the sucker I am.

Final Fantasy Explorers is a 3DS exclusive (I assume that means both old and New 3DS) and will release on January 26, 2016.

" - "1

During the first quarter of 2015, Sony sold 3 million PlayStation 4 units, as officially confirmed by the industry giant. The huge number of PS4 sales gave Sony an operating income of $160 million (from revenues of $2.365 bn). The company had dropped production costs for PS4 hardware, which gave them a 350% boost in operating income.

Another interesting statistic is that there are currently 25.3 million PlayStation 4 owners across the globe, which is the amount of consoles Sony sold in less than two years.

Well, now we wait for Microsoft to do a bit of bragging of its own (Nintendo already has that covered).



Cheaters in StarCraft II wasn't met with kindness by Blizzard Entertainment, as the development studio brought down the ban hammer on these naughty players.

Blizzard said: "We recently issued a new round of account suspensions and bans to StarCraft II players who were in violation of the Terms of Use for cheating and/or using hack programs while playing. In addition to undermining the spirit of fair competition that’s essential to play on, cheating and hacking can lead to stability and performance issues with the service."

I remember how actively players used to cheat in single-player video games used to be and sometimes, and in some instances cheats even made games better. However, when you use cheats in a multiplayer game, then you're just being a cock.

"Nothing strange about that. - Vader"2

Pixels was supposed to be one of those fun summer blockbusters that makes a funny tribute to iconic video games and iconic video game characters, and instead it's already been dubbed by some as 'A Movie For Geeks, Made by Non-Geeks' and clearly has nothing in it that would gain support from true-hearted geeks, or anybody else for that matter.

Ever since I saw the first trailer, I cringed at the humor, characters and Adam Sandler. Normally, I watch stuff before speaking about it. This one, however, doesn't grab my interesting in the least.

It turned out to be just what the trailer has shown: a Hollywood-made shifest, brimming with tackiness of the worst kind.

Sorry, I did not watch it. This time I will take the word of both the public and the critics, which claim the flick is one colossal and epic mountain of dung.

"So far, Sandler and the other producers are in the red with this movie by about 50 million. Mainly... - Cheddar"10

Opted to give Journey a try yesterday. I bought it on PSN and told my daughter: "Do you want to try this new game I bought yesterday? It's called 'Journey' and I think you may like it." At the time she was playing chess on the PC and she said: "That sounds great dad, just let me pause this chess game." Yeah, before you comment on how much of an asshole-dad I am for surrounding my kid with nothing but electronic entertainment, bear in mind that she is 7 now and so far it's been a long road. For a time I thought that my daughter doesn't need the temptation of video games, because she may then neglect other more important things, like learning how to read and write or playing with other kids and stuff like that. She starts her first year at school in September and she already reads fluently. This is not the first time she played a video game, of course. Still, she knows how to write and she has friends of her own, I decided it's time to let her take a bigger peek into the realm of games.

Unsurprisingly, she fell in love with Journey the moment she saw it. She also seemed to be rather good at it. We played for about 45 minutes. Then had dinner. She was happy. I was happy. It was a nice night. When life is that beautiful and that simple, nothing can screw up my peace of mind.

As for Journey itself. I always knew I'd like it. This kind of game is a platform seller, even though it's not triple-A.

Looking forward to Abzu (Journey art director Matt Nava is leading that project).

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