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It just seems to me that any holiday takes the joy out of work. Who wants to go on holidays anyway? Hm, actually that's a lot of people. Almost all of them, in fact. Still, but sleeping late. What a colossal waste of time. I've been playing games til 5 in the morning and woke up at 12. Sheesh. I feel like everyone's older than me and that time has no meaning anymore...Yep, I definitely feel like Cooper in Interstellar. 
"Mornin' you turkey munching fuckheads! - CJ_Parker"5

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You know, I know I would've typed something really important here, possibly something related to this feature, but then I realized that the title is pretty self-explanatory.

I see a lot of it as inexperience with the new generation of consoles. For example, if you look back at the first Mass Effect, that game is full of texture-popping woes. As fun as that first game is, it’s hard sometimes to look back at how grainy the graphics are or how blatantly awful the textures pop in. Mass Effect 2 released just a few years later, and the visual difference between the two games is staggering. Same console, same developer, but now they have more experience. However, did the textures detract from how much fun the first Mass Effect game is? Not in the slightest. Sure I giggle when I replay the first game and I see the environments pop in moments after entering them, but it’s never once stopped me from playing the game numerous times or recommending it to others who have never experienced the greatness that is Mass Effect. Assassin’s Creed Unity is suffering from the same inexperience that comes with a new console generation, nothing more.

Keri writes: "Why I Don't Have a Problem with the Bugs Plaguing Assassin's Creed Unity."

"Actiontrip a-changin! AIIEEE - Cedtsmk"11

Now, I've been playing games actively for well over 20 years and professionally writing about them for 15 years, and I still can't tell if this constitutes news - guess that gives you some idea of how unprofessional I am. Regardless, here it is.

Titanfall, the once mega-hyped multiplayer shooter made by the creators of Call of Duty, is now available for purchase for a mere 5 bucks, via the ongoing discount on EA's Origin.

That's the blackness of Black Friday for ya. It makes really awesome game cheaper than Chinese plastic underwear (and I should know *scratch* *scratch*). Or better yet, cheaper than the cheapest hooker in, say, Bulgaria (*scratch* *scratch*).

"It's so low because it's typical EA bait&switch. The base game is cheap and then to really have any... - CJ_Parker"12

Good morning, it's Thanksgiving and we've been given two days away from the office, which still doesn't mean I get to spend some time away from you guys. It just means I get to slouch and stare at the ceiling at home, rather than the neon lights in the office, which is kind of a relief to be honest. 

So, what am I doing at home? It's good that you ask. It's very exciting actually. Look, I've washed my laudry and now it's drying in the room with me. 

"Mornin' Will you be doing a laundry strip tease with water running down your naked body?!? :D - Doomsday."32

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