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Get your wallets out (or start searching your preferred method of digital distribution), we've got a lot of notable games coming out tomorrow.

Bulletstorm for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 - Will turn a child into the rapingest little rapist since Ted Bundy. Fox News said so.
de Blob 2 for the DS, Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 - You paint buildings, but for free and without the fume high.
The Dreamcast Collection for the PC, and Xbox 360 - Four games you can already download. No great Dreamcast games you can't. It's bullshit, really.
Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money for the PC, and PS3 - I wish they would fix the damn game before they hit people up for money.
Gray Matter for the PC - A point and click adventure game from the lady who did Gabriel Knight.
Killzone 3 for the PS3 - Like Killzone 2, only with a three at the end. Probably some other new stuff too.
Knights Contract for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 - You play a dead witch who controls an indestructible executioner who killed you so you can save the world. Yeah, I'm confused too.
Radiant Historia for the DS - A JRPG with a story like the Chrono series.

Now you have a few reasons to not pay your child support. You're welcome.

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"I'm bored as balls, personally, so I'm looking forward to Bulletstorm. I figure it will give me... - Cheddar"6

Microsoft has really gotten on board with hacking the Kinect, to the extent that they will release a non-commercial Kinect for Windows SDK (software development kit) this spring for free over the internet. This SDK will open up programming the Kinect for all interested parties, and while initially this can only be used to create free applications, Microsoft is considering how exactly they'd like to allow for pay-to-use Kinect software to be developed and licensed in the future.

The number of neat ideas that are likely going to come out of this is staggering to imagine. I think the Kinect as a peripheral device may make Microsoft more money than the Kinect as simply an input method for video games. I think that Microsoft may be starting to think similarly.

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"Yes, I always wanted to steer a boat with my dong, while lying comfortably in my arm chair. No... - Sleepy_Foot_Rulz"2

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes today announced Risen 2: Dark Waters, the sequel to the solid RPG, Risen. Well, I say solid, because it really is a solid RPG and one that I certainly value more than Gothic 4. Risen 2 was said to feature an expanded setting, fresh story and new characters. What's more, the game will be powered by new tech. First images were released too (concept art to be more precise):

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click to view full gallery

Word is: "Set several years after the end of Risen, raging titans have devastated the world and pushed humanity to the brink of existence. Subsequently, monstrous creatures have risen from the watery depths of the sea and their attacks have brought all seafaring to a grinding halt. The hero, now a member of the Inquisition, is sent out to find out how to stop the chaos caused by these creatures from the deep. His quest begins with rumors that the pirates who frequent the southern islands are the only ones who know a way to get rid of the creatures once and for all and end their reign of terror."

"With an all-new pirate-based theme, Risen 2: Dark Waters aims to combine the most loved classic RPG gameplay mechanics of the original Risen with a fresh theme and setting on a huge variety of themed island locales. A third-person role-playing game set in a dark and gritty universe, Risen 2: Dark Waters maintains the most immersive features of the original Risen, withmultiple approaches to every challenge allowing players to shape the game world based on their own decisions. These choices will serve to unlock new paths, features and additional skills for the character. Together with a highly interactive environment and a full day/night-cycle affecting countless aspects of the game world, Risen 2 will be set in the most immersive RPG game world so far."

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes confirmed that the game is in development for the PC and consoles, although we weren't told when the game will hit store shelves. We assume some time in 2012.

Now, there are only two words that worry me in this press release - "dark" and "gritty."

"ironically, Dark Waters shows H2O as clear as if filtered by Gandhi and bottled by Buddha. - Vodoo"15

I just had to do something about these guys :)

AT COMIC: Shocking - A Plants Vs Zombies Tale

"Fudge packer - Stinke"20

Mondays are awesome, aren't they? So is President's Day. Don't have to work today, so sod everything.

Well, of course, in the real world, a lot of people still work on Holidays, weekends etc. In our case, President's Day doesn't mean we'll be neglecting our regular updates, such as the weekly comic, which is up on the site already.

Bless each and every one of you, here's to another fine and productive week.

Vader out.

"Mornin, My favourite holiday would be the 'Labour day' and the fact that nobody works that day... - Alchi"17

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