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A puzzle, here a puzzle there, platformish puzzles everywhere. Our latest foray into the indie gaming scene has lead us to believe that there are really some truly amazing and talented developers out there. However, it may not suit everyone's taste:

With the exception of the starting zone, in each major area you can attempt to solve the puzzles in any order you like. Surprisingly, this is where things can become unpleasant. I wasted more than an hour trying to repair machines 1, 2, 3 and 4, only to discover a new type of Fluro seed near machine 5, and suddenly what seemed impossible, became easily doable. I teleported back to the start of the area and repaired all 4 machines in less than 20 minutes. So, I spent an hour feeling like an idiot and I still don't know whether those puzzles had alternate solutions, or the developers thought it'd be amusing to mess with my head. (Could be. - Ed. Vader).

Read our Vessel review.

"Not a big fan of puzzles. Still, Portal and Limbo are some of the best games I ever played. But I... - touretul"6

EA officially confirms they have shipped 3.5 million units of Mass Effect 3 during the first week on sale. According to the well-known pulbisher, this is "the first pop culture event and the biggest entertainment launch of 2012."

Wow, 'the first pop culture event.' Sounds swell.

Anyway, BioWare also released this little trailer called 'The War Begins,' so might want to check it out:

"sry - daddy74"24

I'm still trying to recover from the Mass Effect 3 avalanche of media, collecting Mass Effect 3 info, writing Mass Effect 3 news, the Mass Effect 3 review and, of course, playing the game itself. I've been thinking about this a lot. After my sheer disappointment with BioWare (think DA 2), I honestly thought I'd end up crucifying ME 3, albeit the impossible happened - I enjoyed the game. And why not? I did enjoy the first one and the second one (despite the toned down RPG elements). Read my full thoughts on the game.

On a matter not related to Mass Effect 3, I'd like you to know that I've spent the first half of the day cooking my ass off and I loved it. Love cooking stuff I like to eat. When cooking becomes a chore, the food quickly becomes crap and starts tasting like crap. That's why I never liked my mother's cooking (not all of it, but some of it). My late grandmother was from Split, Dalmatia, and she was one badass cook. Her Mediterranean style of cooking certainly rubbed off. So, yeah, I can cook pretty good. This should make my wife happy, but it doesn't. It just makes her jealous... Daft, old mare.

"hey i'm a good cook too! when we're talking about red meats - Morkrul"23

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