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If you guys are following Blizzard's Diablo III class-related videos, then you should know that they released a new one, showing off more skills for a variety of classes in the forthcoming action RPG.

Here's word from Blizzard:

Some of these skills are previously unseen; others are familiar abilities that we've presented before; still others have been slightly tweaked from their original function. The videos listed below show skills that are unmodified by skill runes; they're all depicted in their 'basic' form.

Make sure you check out the videos here.

"Hm! yeh, it's a tragedy... that I don't understand. Let's see. How would I feel if Gordon Freeman... - touretul"9

Good and unique art is important for a video game, especially if it's a big-budget project like, say, Bethesda's new title, Dishonored.

The latest bunch of screenshots have arrived:

click to view full gallery

click to view full gallery

Hm, BioShock-ish.

"I know one of the artists who did designed the vehicles and whatnot in HL2 is the same for this... - finaleve"7

Ironclad Games, the makers of Sins of a Solar Empire have released a bunch of screenshots from their latest game, Sins of a Dark Age. Check out the snapshots below:

click to view full gallery

click to view full gallery

Sins of a Dark Age is a strategy game, currently in development for PCs. To find out more, read the recent announcement.

"Oh, god... What's with the art direction these days? Cartoony and childish is the new gritty and... - Lazaroth"4

The so-called 'Heavy Hitters' series continues. Ken Levine and the folks at Irrational continue their series of introducing foes in the upcoming shooter, BioShock Infinite. Check out the 'Handyman':

Don't forget that BioShock Infinite is not going to be in stores for some time. Actually, if you had your heart set on playing it, you're gonna have to wait until October 16, 2012.

"Ġġġġ, the developers all look soo OLD! :S I don't like this game! - Marku5K"4

Started Silent Hill Downpour the other day, and boy was I surprised to discover that the combat still doesn't work properly ever since they released the first fucking game in 199-fucking-9. Am I missing something here? So, clunky and frustrating combat mechanics are part of the trademark now? Not saying the game itself should be tossed in the trash straight away, but... You should wait for the review. At any rate, the point I'm trying to make is that some developers and publishers do not seem to care about making their games less frustrating and more playable. I just know I'm not alone in this...
"Okay, even if you didn't like the endings, you still can't say a thing about the rest of the game.... - RenegadeCZ"47

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