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Game Director Eiichiro Sasaki revealed to NowGamer during Captivate 2012 that their game Resident Evil 6 is going to be three times lengthier than the previous title in the series - Resident Evil 5.

"The three characters each have their own story and you can choose whichever one you want and play that story, experience that character's story," Sasaki says.

"In terms of length, each character's story is a little bit less than RE5 but when you combine them together you're getting something that is much longer. While each character's story stands alone, all of the characters wind up in the same area of the game, in China, so there is a certain level of overlap. They stand on their own but they do overlap in certain areas. You don't have to play them all, of course," he added.

The single-player campaign in Resident Evil 5 was pretty long. Well, by today's standard anyway. So, if Resi 6 is three times that, then I'm a happy man.

"That's Ada Wong, I believe. If I'm not much mistaken, she never had big boobs. - Vader"2

Capcom's RPG, Dragon's Dogma, is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360 and is going to hit stores on May 22. In the meantime, Capcom releases these lovely screenshots from the game:

click to view full gallery

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In addition, they also sent two gameplay trailers. This one:

And this one.


Ubisoft releases a new gameplay video for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, giving us a chance to see how the Ghost units use stealth to compete their mission objectives.

"They look okay. What are you going on about now? This one looks crappier than the others. But you... - Vader"2

Accompanying the media we've been receiving from Capcom's Captivate event. This time we invite you to have a look at

click to view full gallery

click to view full gallery

Check out the DmC Captivate 2012 trailer:

DmC is slated to arrive later this year for PS3 and Xbox 360.

"poo - Towndrunk"3

More media from Captivate 2012 has arrived. Capcom releases the first screenshots from Lost Planet 3, the next installment in the company's popular shooter series.

click to view full gallery

click to view full gallery

Lost Planet 3 is currently scheduled for a 2013 release. You can expect PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Now, we do hope that this turns out to be better than Lost Planet 2, which was crammed with lousy design decisions and intolerable bugs.


The folks at Capcom have decided to speed up the release of the highly anticipated shooter Resident Evil 6. Instead of late November, the game now has a new launch window set for October 02, which is nice, you'll have to admit. One of the most obvious reasons for this is pushing the title ahead of other AAA games that are scheduled to arrive during November. That's according to the Resi 6 'Captivate 2012' trailer:

Cool. Damn cool. I'm a Resident Evil whore, so I'm totally into this. ORC was disappointing, but I hope this should be just the ticket.

"Ah, I see they wanted to release it before games like BioShock Infinite, Medal of Honor: Warfighter... - Vader"3

It looks as though the trailer for the upcoming remake of Total Recall has begun to inspire a generally common feel among audiences. That feel begs the question: why the fuck make this movie? That is most frequent question I see across the Web; mostly asked by people who have seen the trailer, but also by those who haven't. The simplest and most obvious reason for making such a movie is obvious - cash. We all know that. On the other hand, a lot of people seem to be keen about the fact that this movie fell into the hands of director Len Wiseman (of Underworld fame). I dunno, is that, like, an important thing here? What makes the fucking direction in the Underworld series so special? Most of the Underworld movies were crap in my book. Nothing unique or special about them.

As for Recall, yeah, I'm not excited about it. The Arnie version was cool to me, but I was a kid back then, so maybe this one looks cool to teenagers and kids (if kids are actually allowed to see this). So again, what's the point? I don't feel like watching this.

"I have no hope for this Total Recall remake. Too bad they couldn't leave it alone! - Terminator"17

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