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Despite its post-released issues, Diablo 3 has done more than okay sales wise. The widely acknowledged action RPG shifted 3.5 million copies within the first 24 hours on sale, as officially confirmed by Activision Blizzard. These sales figures do not include the 1.2 million copies given through the World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion. What's more, the official word is that 6.3 million players purchased the hack'n'slash RPG during the by the end of the first week of availability.

"We're definitely thrilled that so many people around the world were excited to pick up their copy of Diablo 3 and jump in the moment it went live," says Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime.

He adds: "We also regret that our preparations were not enough to ensure everyone had a seamless experience when they did so. I want to reaffirm our commitment to make sure the millions of Diablo 3 players out there have a great experience with the game moving forward, and I also want to thank them for their ongoing support."

"For a bunch of gamers that come online to read and talk about games, you people have a perplexing... - QuickBrownFox"32

2K Games and Firaxis games have confirmed that their strategy XCOM: Enemy Unknown will hit stores in the US starting October 9, 2012 and October 12 worldwide.

"As we reimagine XCOM, one of our goals is to evolve the experience while recognizing what made X-COM one of the greatest PC games to date," said Sarah Anderson, senior vice president of marketing for 2K. "It's important to create an experience that is appealing to both existing fans and newcomers to the world of XCOM, which is what we're doing with XCOM: Enemy Unknown."

Gamers looking for the ultimate XCOM: Enemy Unknown experience can pre-order the game to guarantee the launch bonus of the Elite Soldier Pack. The Elite Soldier Pack will provide the ultimate tools for soldier customization in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, including:

- Classic X-COM Soldier: Players will instantly receive a new recruit in their barracks inspired by the original X-COM: UFO Defense. The iconic soldier with the blonde, flattop hairstyle will return in his full glory, modernized with the rest of the XCOM universe.
- Soldier Deco packs: Players can customize their soldier with several aesthetic upgrades to armor suits, including the new Hyperion and Reaper soldier armor kits.
- Complete color customization: A variety of colors and tints for all armor sets in the game allow players complete control to customize their squad's look.

They've also sent a new trailer, so check it out:

"hey that's cool - tei187"3

Here's a nice little bit of into for you folk. Relic Entertainment and THQ are actually working together to bring us an official sequel to the excellent strategy game Company of Heroes. Here's what it's all about

Company of Heroes 2 takes the fight to the snow-filled fields of the Eastern Front as players command the Soviet Red Army during the World's darkest hour. It is the year 1941, and the forces of Germany have just begun Operation Barbarossa, as they push East to conquer Russia in what would become the costliest conflict of the war. It is up to you, commander of the Russian Red Army, to push back the Nazi invaders and free Mother Russia!

Company of Heroes 2 raises the bar of the standard in PC Real Time Strategy. Powered by the new Essence 3.0 Engine, Company of Heroes 2 features incredible graphic fidelity and cutting-edge technology. With the unprecedented new TrueSight™ system, fog of war is no longer a guessing game as unit visibility on the battlefield relies on true and proper line of sight.

You can learn more on the official Company of Heroes 2 web site.

We also have some screenshots, so enjoy:

click to view full gallery

click to view full gallery

"are the tanks cell shaded?? - MiguelZatoichi"7

Following the report of Diablo 3 accounts being hacked, Blizzard issues this massage to their customers and all the people of the world... everywhere (just kidding, it's only for those who bought their game(s), of course):

We'd like to take a moment to address the recent reports that suggested that and Diablo III may have been compromised. Historically, the release of a new game -- such as a World of Warcraft expansion -- will result in an increase in reports of individual account compromises, and that's exactly what we're seeing now with Diablo III. We know how frustrating it can be to become the victim of account theft, and as always, we're dedicated to doing everything we can to help our players keep their accounts safe -- and we appreciate everyone who's doing their part to help protect their accounts as well. You can read about ways to help keep your account secure, along with some of the internal and external measures we have in place to help us achieve our security goals, at our account security website here:

We also wanted to reassure you that the Authenticator and Mobile Authenticator (a free app for iPhone and Android devices) continue to be some of the most effective measures we offer to help players protect themselves against account compromises, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of them. In addition, we also recently introduced a new service called SMS Protect, which allows you to use your text-enabled cell phone to unlock a locked account, recover your account name, approve a password reset, or remove a lost Authenticator. Optionally, you can set up the SMS Protect system to send you a text message whenever unusual activity is detected on your account, keeping you aware of important (and possibly un"?wanted) changes.

Buy, blast you all, buy!

They're still not buying...

"Buy, blast you all, buy! They're still not buying... No thank you vader I will rot in hell... - LostPcGamer"6

Wow, according to the data we have, it seems that there won't be a lot to play during the summer. Following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, the only other interesting release is Darksiders II and the upcoming PC version of From Software's Dark Souls.

The Fall of 2012 is going to be crammed, mind you:

  • Borderlands 2
  • Far Cry 3
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Dishonored
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter
  • Assassins Creed 3
  • Halo 4
  • Black Ops 2
  • Hitman Absolution

Holy shit, that's a lot of games.

"Civilization V : Gods and Kings releases June 19th. Pre-ordered and waiting. Man I hope it... - Whisky"8

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