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Raven's upcoming action game, Singulariy, features a Time Manipulation Device glove, which allows the main character to perform all sorts of nasty tricks against enemies. Check out the Singularity 'Impulse' trailer:

"i throw crap at people Yian, like other monkey's.. - thestewieman"9

Electronic Arts confirmed that the company's racing MMOG Need for Speed World (PC-only) will be available as of July 20, 2010. The free client is going to offer "access to all races, pursuits and career progression up to level 10" and there will be a $20 'Starter Pack' which grants "full access up to level 50, a bundle assortment of power-ups... and an exclusive limited edition vehicle" plus $20-worth of 'SpeedBoost' virtual currency - apparently, this currency is used to rent cars and buy power-ups (hmm, interesting).

Check out the recently released teaser for the game and the new screenshots.

I must admit I am intrigued by the idea of an MMO racing game. Considering what EA has done with the franchise so far -- never really managing to bring back its former glory -- there isn't too much excitement in the air about this one.

"Hear my words ''This is the WoW killer right here'' lol - Marku5K"4

This Saturday -- at midnight (ET) -- Fox is going to air a 30-minute short film based on Red Dead Redemption. The short was created using in-game assets and was directed by John Hillcoat (The Road). Announcing the short, is this little trailer:

"The Road is a great movie, but I think The Proposition is more relevant to mention here, since it's... - Ftmch"11

The PC version of Mafia 2 will include NVIDIA PhysX (wait, wait, let's do this right, maybe I should Caps Lock everything - NVIDIA PHYSX). Got that?

Word from the devs and NVIDIA is: "Particularly, the Windows PC version of Mafia II will feature a thorough integration of NVIDIA PhysX and 3D Vision technology into 2K Czech's Illusion Engine. The integration of PhysX and NVIDIA APEX technology, including the APEX Clothing and Particle modules, enable the city and personalities of Empire Bay to truly come alive on Windows PC. With the implementation of NVIDIA APEX Particles, players are engulfed in lifelike explosions that are bigger and brighter, including weapon fragments, in-game debris and destructible environments that are amplified in both quantity and realism through the integration of APEX Particles."

"M for Mafia II. B for Bring it ONNN!!! - Marku5K"9

Namco Bandai Partners VP, Olivier Comte. commented recently that Ubisoft's controversial DRM system is "a good strategy" - albeit only because there isn't a better alternative at the moment he said.

Namco stressed that until something better is brought to the table, Ubisoft DRM scheme - which requires a constant Internet connection - is what's best. "I will be very honest. I think it's a good [approach] for one reason: I have no alternative today," he said. "Is the best one? Certainly not but as of today if I can make something else I'll do it, but it's better to do something than not do something."

Read the full report over at CVG.

"Just because of this statement I would downloading AC 2 and instal it on my beloved. I am not... - gameX"19

The lads and ladies at Southpeak have sent along the first gameplay trailer from their upcoming RPG, Two Worlds II:

"Still going to play it. - Marku5K"12

People, it's not too late to offer any suggestions on AT's new design, which is coming soon. Pretty soon. Please feel free to post anything that you think might improve the web site overall. And before anybody asks, I refuse to post pictures of hairy, naked, oily men.
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