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The first wave of reviews for id Software's Rage has hit the web and while the console versions appear to be running smoothly, PC gamers are complaining about major graphical issues in the freshly launched shooter.

The bugs appear to be no joke and are most apparent on systems with ATI graphics cards. Users continue to complain on Steam forums here and here, in addition to the official Bethesda forums. This evidently prompted ATI to release new drivers, to iron these problems. For those of you who are caught in the middle of this, you might want to stop by and download the AMD Catalyst - Rage Performance Driver.

Thanks Blue for the heads-up on this.

UPDATE: Further suggestions on how to improve your performance in the PC version of Rage can be found on the Steam Users' Forums.

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Last week, we've learned certain details about the third installment in the survival horror series Dead Space. Before that, we also had some leaked artwork. Although it's still very much in the rumor category, word is that Dead Space 3 will take place on an Icy Planet and not within the confines of a space ship (like the previous two games). Today, Siliconera, continues with more details about the game.

Well, here's the word and (if true) it's a major SPOILER, so bear that in mind before reading on:

In the beginning, Dead Space 3 is set aboard a command center where Isaac talks to the Captain. He sends Isaac on a mission to rescue a woman on Tau Volantis and bring her back to Mars. Isaac accepts the mission because there is a warrant out for his arrest and his alternative is to deal with EarthGov. He reluctantly descends on to the iceball along with Ellie.

Isaac has a split personality in Dead Space 3 and "Shadow Isaac" taunts Isaac every chance he gets. For example, Shadow Isaac calls Isaac an idiot after he falls into a tunnel late in the game. Isaac complains this rescue mission isn't his mission and the shadow retorts and tells Isaac he turns his back on the wrong things. Isaac shouts to the shadow to shut up, who replies to Isaac by saying he's making all of the noise. Dead Space 3 is going to have this kind of banter ' a sarcastic shadow and Isaac crossing tongues. Players will be able to see the shadow as a separate on screen character.

Dead Space 3 has no release date at this time, nor have we received any official info and media on it from Visceral and EA.

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The people at Mojang are keeping themselves busy with a new title called Scrolls (in addition to still working on Minecraft, of course). Anyway, they've hit a snag when Bethesda sued them over the 'Scrolls' trademark. Bethesda's latest move in the company's legal action against the independent studio shows that the company may not really be interested in the trademark at all. Kotaku has the story.

Here's what the studio head had to say on the subject.

I feel the need to clarify a couple of things:

We realized we should apply for the trademark "Minecraft" to protect our brand. When doing so, we also sent in an application for "Scrolls". When Bethesda contacted us, we offered both to change the name to "Scrolls: " and to give up the trademark.

They refused on both counts.

Whatever reason they have for suing us, it's not a fear of us having a trademark on the word "Scrolls", as we've offered to give that up.

Now there are many reasons why Bethesda's move seems cheap, but this is so far the cheapest. So, they're suing Mojang over the 'Scrolls' trademark, but they don't really care about the trademark? Subtle, guys. Real subtle.

No matter, some sleazy-ass lawyer is working on an explanation for this one, I'm sure. If not, who the fuck cares. Someone wants to step on Mojang badly and looks like they found the legal means to do it.

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A single screenshot from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Yep, just one shot, but worth looking:

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Wow, it's gonna be a crowded two months ladies and gentlemen - Dark Souls, Rage, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Forza Motorsport 4, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Might & Magic Heroes VI, Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Silent Hill: Downpour, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Saints Row: The Third, Need for Speed: The Run, Rayman Origins and L.A. Noire (PC).
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