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Avatar In Three Panels comic

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mmacarthur Dec 28 2009, 07:51 am EST
Damn it you've ruined the film for me now! ;)
Superastic Dec 28 2009, 08:25 am EST
Not funny. Quite awful actually. Is this 2lions' idea of comedy?
  Towndrunk: Less whine
SGMRock Dec 28 2009, 08:28 am EST
I found the movie to be very good though the story was like many we have seen in the past. The acting was very good for that type of movie not to mention the whole thing in 3D was pretty stunning.
  im_stardust: Hello Mr. Stupid.
SGMRock: Very intelligent rebuttle moron.
PanteraFan666 Dec 28 2009, 08:46 am EST
drshabink Dec 28 2009, 08:57 am EST
Hahahaaha, Yeah that pretty much sums it up.
WereGerbel Dec 28 2009, 09:24 am EST
b4XT3r Dec 28 2009, 09:26 am EST
Master Chief is in AVATAR?!?!?! xD
good one :)
Vodoo Dec 28 2009, 11:27 am EST
so what you're saying is i should buy a ticket and arrive an hour later for the porn.

now that's my kind of movie.
Jedrus Dec 28 2009, 12:59 pm EST
I hope that wheelchair comes with some good hydraulics.
Towndrunk Dec 28 2009, 01:26 pm EST
Spot on Vader!
Thrash Dec 28 2009, 03:00 pm EST
You pegged it Vader. Great effects story was total crap.
PanteraFan666 Dec 28 2009, 08:45 pm EST
no news today, nothing.
Whisky Dec 28 2009, 09:41 pm EST
One wonders what blue alien vagina smells like.
  Neil: Your breath?
Copperr: Like blue fish of course.
antonphd Dec 28 2009, 09:42 pm EST
what the fuck?! why isn't she topless in the cartoon? is this action trip or a disney website?
mmacarthur Dec 28 2009, 11:37 pm EST
All flash no bang welcome to 'Hollywood' films be sure to switch your brain off as you walk into the cinema. Sad really.
kawasakiguy37 Dec 29 2009, 12:58 am EST
Seriously, shit sucked. And I wasnt even expecting it to be good.

yea, I guess the graphics were great but.... meh
Breedy_Mcfluff Dec 29 2009, 01:59 am EST
Come on, we all know he can't get a boner. Hello? Paraplegic?
KeepSmilin Dec 29 2009, 02:51 am EST
Damn it! You ruined the plot! I was going to see it tommorow!
  Neil: They all die at the end!
Sh4kl3z Dec 29 2009, 05:18 am EST
hehehe stupid critters
Zoe Dec 29 2009, 06:05 am EST
Just like most “action/adventure/sci-fi” movies.
Men fight … make em’ peace …have sex with women of plunder.

Sequel will be “Avatar-Human Offspring”.
They just won’t live in harmony.

Wheelchair, spaceship, horse, motorbike …
In the air, on the sea, in the stratosphere …

We have come full circle.
All is as it should be.
Fuckd__4_Life Dec 29 2009, 08:12 am EST
I went with great, GIGANTIC expectations to watch Avatar yesterday. People were going nuts over the special effects and the 3D 'experience'. I was excited and paid complete attention to the story and gawked at the 3D-ness of the film (my first 3D film; Toy Story 3 trailer was awesome in it!).

After an hour though, i found myself dosed off and continued finding myself dosing off at random intervals. Everytime i would wake up, i would find vital 'plot' mechanics missing and not understood. Maybe it was the fever and sore throat, or the 3D goggles, or the weak-ass cliched to death story.

It was a decent film which relied HEAVILY on it's magnificent CGI effects. And it worked. It clicked with the audience. Cameron managed to create a world people could dive in for that lame-ass 3 hours and explore the wonderfulness of it. That's what made the film such a success. The story was shit, the characters - most of them - one dimensional and the film was too LONG. 2.5 hours? Come on! Chop it to 2 hours man.

I am awaiting the Blu-ray release. Anyone know a release date?
  Whisky: Now showing at an internet tube near you...
kill4fun Dec 29 2009, 10:36 am EST
nicely done.
The Bruce Dec 29 2009, 05:19 pm EST
Everyones bitching about how the story was cliche, but what matters is not how original it was but how well it was executed. With the exception of the main bad guy(s) being a bit TOO one-dimensional, I thought they pulled it off perfectly.

For me though, the visuals made the movie. Everything was so seamless, except those panther'ish things, which looked a bit odd. The motion capture of the Na'vi and their faces were pulled off perfectly. Nothing about them seemed unnatural (once you accept blue skinned noble savages).
coldhearts Dec 29 2009, 05:45 pm EST
Fuck just watch pocahontas instead
  Stick!: Except, this was a way cooler, more kickass retelling…
im_stardust Dec 29 2009, 05:50 pm EST
Dances with Wolves rip off. You want to see a good movie? check this one out.
PigMaster Dec 29 2009, 08:03 pm EST
here's a list of words:

LittleChief Dec 30 2009, 12:04 am EST
They should have given Kevin Costner a cameo.
  Amok: Fuck Kevin Costner.
Amok Dec 30 2009, 10:31 am EST
Lol, Master Chief wheelchair'd.
But, heh, this is unfair. I watched Avatar in 3D a couple of weeks ago. It was very good; definitely worthwhile. The visuals, the audio AND the story.
  mmacarthur: Yes but your under 25 right?
Amok: You're under being worth answering.
GrgoljBlaster Jan 01 2010, 06:31 am EST
Happy New Year, if anyone is not drunk to read this :)
Vodoo Jan 01 2010, 08:38 am EST
PS. love and happy things to all.

no not just saying that to make you feel better.
PanteraFan666 Jan 01 2010, 09:12 am EST
happy new years! DAY.
Stinke Jan 02 2010, 06:40 am EST
Get back to work dammit
Vader [STAFF] Jan 02 2010, 11:41 am EST
Not on your life.
jimmy Jan 02 2010, 11:21 pm EST
shut up hippie
Mauvais_Karma_X Jan 03 2010, 03:33 am EST
There has been too much "promotion" around this movie, and i won't see it.
Even if it's in "3D".
Cameron seems (right, he almost told HE inventend the motion capture, at least it is as it was traducted in France) to be the inventor of all :
-the blue creatures seem to be the Na'li in Unreal
-chips are almost the ones from Halo
-the story is always the same : beat the vilains, be seen as a hero by the villagers and the most important by the "girl", and f** her and be happy.

When will someone do a good movie with latest technologies, and not a melting pot of several movies instead ?

By the way, nice Comic, i think it sums the movie up, but it could be applied to a lot of other movies from Hollywood (and anywhere)
  Fuckd__4_Life: I think Avatar was sort of a testbed for the new tech…
Alchi: That's what happens when art is done by businessman. …
Amok Jan 05 2010, 12:32 pm EST
Only read a few of the comments now. Good lord, how much people bitch for the sake of bitching.
I know there's a lot to criticize in the gaming and movie industry, but you folks do it so regularly that your perspectives have gotten blurry.

This wasn't a flawless movie; none are. And it can be smelled as a Holliwood flick a mile away.
But, overall, it was a great freakin' movie. Bottom line is it was fun.
It certainly isn't 'deep' like Requiem for a Dream, but, goddamn it, I watch a movie for fun, not for a lecture. While I enjoyed Requiem for the thought put into it, it didn't really teach me anything I didn't know and the movie wasn't very tasteful. It's not something you come out of feeling better. In fact, it was disturbing and, again, to no end - tho I appreciate it for its execution quality.

I've seen noone criticize Batman or Transformers since they're based on something that the older audience, who would otherwise criticize them, hold dear from their childhoods.
And they are, indeed, good flicks, especially Dark Knight. But I found Transformers to be lackluster apart from it's eye candy and SFX and I can clearly judge it since I'm not a biased fan of the old cartoons.


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