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optimus slime Jan 25 2010, 04:52 am EST
optimus slime likes this.
Vader [STAFF] Jan 25 2010, 04:54 am EST
Two people like this.
zenx Jan 25 2010, 04:58 am EST
Make it 3:)
JamesPC Jan 25 2010, 05:09 am EST
I've got a friend at work who is addicted to Facebook. She spends all her free time there, it's just as addictive as an MMO.
  Vader: More than that actually.
defensem Jan 25 2010, 05:27 am EST
I hate facebook, this comic should be used to open the eyes of addicts LOL
Vodoo Jan 25 2010, 06:05 am EST
i love facebook, it keeps stupid people off the streets.

only rat poison works so well.
defensem Jan 25 2010, 06:17 am EST
But if they dont get on the streets, they wont learn anything, and so they will stay stupid
Nameinuse Jan 25 2010, 06:33 am EST
Facebook addiction?​lous-moments-from-cnns-report-facebook-addict​ion.html
Jedrus Jan 25 2010, 06:44 am EST
Aaah, Facebook. The OTHER gaming "alternative".
Oh wait! There is a social aspect to this???
PanteraFan666 Jan 25 2010, 08:48 am EST
slimey_smiley Jan 25 2010, 09:47 am EST
The 'waste'/'waist' thing had me puzzled for awhile.

But it's funny cuz it's true.
jimmy Jan 25 2010, 10:20 am EST
I fucking hate facebook it took my peaceful life with people that rarely used my computer to living with fucking assholes always using my computer for facebook.
  Alchi: Put on a password. They will never figure a way aroun…
tei187 Jan 25 2010, 11:19 am EST
i really dunno why social networking is considered to be so fun and all... and how is that 'social' anyways? sitting in front of the screen with probable darkness around (if not counting the screen luminance), watching pics is 'social'?
Vader [STAFF] Jan 26 2010, 03:17 am EST
For me, FB was getting in touch with people I haven't seen or heard from in a long, long time. Now I'm in contact with them and that's cool. Everything else on FB is pure classic Internet noobagery.
GrgoljBlaster Jan 26 2010, 10:08 am EST
Never liked FB, still I have account on that crap. I only use it to update page for a gaming store I work in and announce stuff about my Team fortress site. And I agree - almost everything on FB is freaking annoyance, not to mention that thing loads at sluggish pace and hogs ram.
fringe Jan 28 2010, 05:04 pm EST
It works somewhat to keep you in touch with people you care about.... and unfortunately those that you don't care much of too.

Amok Jan 30 2010, 08:52 pm EST
As the World of Warcraft friendly loading screen tip says: take everything in moderation (etc).

Personally, I cooked up an account for a friend of mine who wouldn't stop inviting me. Now I got to interact a bit with certain people when otherwise I couldn't.
Still, I easily keep it to a minimum, checking in on it from once a week to months.
Depends on the person. No worse than a gazillion things out there, really.

I like the comic, however. I do /facepalm when friends speak playing mafia wars and farmville on that crap. I check my notifications and I expect a clickfest on the Ignore button awaits, due to all the group/cause/game/pokes/whatnot invites and such.
Mainly, I see use in it for the photos.


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