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Un Om Bun [STAFF] Oct 03 2011, 05:17 am EDT
True. If they'd have made an Alien game where you're just a helpless colonist, with access to a weak weapon and a handful of ammo every now and then, now that could have been some fucking intense survival-horror. Playing as a killing machine will add nothing interesting to the experience. Most of us have killed tens of thousands of creatures in video games and now we're asked to do it again... meh. I won't be touching this until it's $15 or less.
Vader [STAFF] Oct 03 2011, 05:24 am EDT
Well, when it comes to survival horror, the industry should learn from Silent Hill, the early Resident Evil games and, of course, Amnesia.
  fenixfire: The dead space series is pretty freaking good too
Vader: Sure. No arguments. But the ones I named are truly sh…
eaze2011: Amnesia was definitely kickass and was pure horror. …
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Oct 03 2011, 05:36 am EDT
Yep. I saw a movie called The Tunnel yesterday. It had a few great and terrifying moments, reminded me of bits from Silent Hill, Project Eden, and others.
touretul Oct 03 2011, 05:40 am EDT
When it comes to horror the FPS industry should learn from Undying. I remember the time I was playing that in an internet caffe, surrounded by a pack of yelling Counter Strike playing brats, and shiting my pants.
  Un Om Bun: Yeah, Undying had many great bits and Call of Cthulhu…
touretul: right
PigMaster Oct 03 2011, 05:43 am EDT
this kind of games are not made for mature gamers.
just like the first alien movie, which was thrilling and great in every aspect, but by the last movie you knew what to expect and didn't get as thrilled.
the psychalogical aspect was put aside for fast action.

you're wishing for a helpless colonist because you've seen it in amnesia (for example) and - unless it would be unique, you'll say it's a copy with a 'alien' theme.

the industry is in trouble. they're running out of ideas for us gamers who've been on the scene for a few years (mid 90's here).
look at heroes of might and magic. 2 is a classic and 3 is one of the best games in history. still play it with freinds every now and again. now lets take a look at 5 and 6. meh.
  Un Om Bun: I haven't played Amnesia yet, but I've been wanting t…
Vodoo: Amnesia is the game that redefines the genre; it's wo…
optimus slime: I'm still playing Amnesia, but only when someone's pl…
S.Plissken Oct 03 2011, 05:57 am EDT
Best survival horror ever made was Windows ME and all you had to fight it was a keyboard and a mouse... if the drivers didn't get lost.
Vader [STAFF] Oct 03 2011, 06:04 am EDT
Yeah, that one was as scary as they come...
tei187 Oct 03 2011, 06:34 am EDT
I dunno... Windows ME was more like Hitchcock, it was unsettling most of the time... and you knew that something was wrong in there, waiting for the horrors to jump at you.
  Vader: There's always some logic in Hitchcock's work. Precio…
MajFauxPas Oct 03 2011, 12:10 pm EDT
Mostly, I'd rather play as Newt.
  Un Om Bun: I see what you did there.


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