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Amalur - I Expected More comic

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Terminator Feb 13 2012, 04:32 am EST
I've said that countless times in games. I open or smash containers, and there is only a couple pieces of gold or some junk item inside.
Vader [STAFF] Feb 13 2012, 04:43 am EST
Yes. But this is sort of how I feel about Amalur in general. So, I guess this particular comic symbolizes my 'mehish; attitude towards the game. Its presentation promises a lot, albeit the package delivers less... a lot less than I had anticipated.
Doomsday. Feb 13 2012, 05:55 am EST
Hehehe! Nice! I really dont care for this game! TOR is just too awesome!
Loraxxe Feb 13 2012, 07:34 am EST
Half Life was about the only game to make this make sense: a bunch of junk would spill out of every box. Only sometimes was there something useful. The junk was just a sprite that faded quickly.
Ftmch Feb 13 2012, 08:45 am EST
I have no idea whatsoever why people expect things from Amalur, or why it's been so hyped at all, to me it just looks like a random EXTREMELY generic fantasy action-rpg, what's the deal? Seriously, I want to know.
  Vader: You'll know in a minute. I'm just finishing the review.
Vader: Reviews up. Check our reviews section.
LostPcGamer Feb 13 2012, 10:08 am EST
Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks its a average generic fantasy. It keeps getting praised from the large review sites.

I'm disappointed with the talent that was wasted to make it.
BloodAngel Feb 13 2012, 10:32 am EST
Spot on. I had high hopes for this game and I too feel I was short-changed.
blitsie Feb 13 2012, 11:21 am EST
Am I the only one that's enjoying the heck out of the game? Its simple, its a ton of fun and it will keep me busy for a long, long time. That's honestly enough to make this game worth purchasing for me.
  Vader: If you're just into the mechanics then, yes, it's fun…
barasawa Feb 13 2012, 11:23 am EST
I got bored of Zelda Bashing crates and pots for pocket change, or having to run back to town and sell crud 4 times a dungeon. So I just loaded up a cheat program and gave myself a 90k.

Yeah, I admit I cheated on a single player game to remove a monotonous time waster, and now I can actually afford equipment repairs and sleeping. Those taverns and inns charge you about 2000 boxes to throw a bedroll on an empty spot of floor. (Only about 200-1200 monster kills, depending on monster for the same gold.)
deplorable Feb 13 2012, 01:21 pm EST
still better than the darkness 2, which is a 4 and a half hour romp that you kinda feel you did already minus the cool WW1 parts, the phone numbers, the darkling costumes... basically everything about the first game that was good.

still you can turn on the taps.. and see a water animation that looks about 2 years old.

KoA kinda reminds me of Baldurs Gate: DA in that aspect "the water animation" is half decent - the rest is mindless be it "mind numbing inducing hours into a pretty eh rpg"

go get a sub for WoW, cheaper - more content and about the same experiance (plus it has other people). KoA an Offline MMO (still better than FF12 though)
KraGeRzR Feb 13 2012, 03:19 pm EST
And I expected nothing, due to the meh look of the first screenshots... And now it's out, my expectations are exactly right :)
omegavondoom Feb 19 2012, 06:07 pm EST
I didn't expect much from the game and got exactly what I expected. Played it for 10mins past the well of souls bit... killed a few villages then went back to Demon' Souls.
  Amok: Ah. So, you went back to another equally overhyped ga…


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