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Depeche Mode comic

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TrevorOreius May 06 2013, 08:34 am EDT
That song was awesome!
Although, I didn't play the game, I just watched it on youtube...
Nice comic too by the way.
  Vader: That song was the smartest PR move I've seen in recen…
TrevorOreius: I don't know much about Depeche Mode, but damn I sear…
Vader: Yeah, you and every other video game superhero-obsess…
TrevorOreius: Vader, the only comics I read is yours... And I'm not…
Vader: Fair enough, kind sir. Appreciate the fact that you o…
tei187 May 06 2013, 08:56 am EDT
Kinda feels like me falling in love with Martina Topley-Bird's "Sandpaper Kisses" after playing Indigo Child / Fahrenheit...
  BmmB: Yes, me too! Edit: It's Indigo Prophecy.
tei187: Probably, I know it by Fahrenheit anyway :) Saw he…
BmmB: Yeah, it was Indigo Prophecy in US and Fahrenheit els…
PigMaster May 06 2013, 09:17 am EDT
kinda feels like this comic is lame,
even though its got a good point
  Vader: Sort of the same thing I was thinking about your comm…
PigMaster: i shall take that as a compliment, sir no offence,…
RenegadeCZ: Like the videogame industry, right?!
Vader: Right. Trying to improve, of course. Not always easy.…
tei187: Well... I think it's time to revive the plotting sofa…
kreep69 May 06 2013, 09:23 am EDT
Its an alright song, there are better Depeche Mode songs and other moody sexy songs that could have been used for the end credits.
  Vader: Actually, the one they chose suits the end credits pe…
Cheddar: Personally, I don't think the end-credits song is any…
kreep69: It suits the credits well ... except for the Angel Of…
BmmB May 06 2013, 10:26 am EDT
Vader, the comic is lightly funny. Keep improving.

I must say that nowadays more and more I start listening to music I hear here and there, in games, anime, elsewhere... This is exactly how I first started to listen to Godsmack, after playing PoP: Warrior Within.
  Vader: That's pretty sweet. And thanks for the support a…
BmmB: I meant what I said, but the comic is actually much b…
daver18qc May 06 2013, 12:41 pm EDT
Most of my music collection can be attributed to NFS Underground 1-2, NFS Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit 2.

driving a real car while listening to "Bush - The people that we love" can lead to gigantic speeding tickets by the way...
  BmmB: Those NFS games got amazing soundtracks! I still list…
Reikhardt May 06 2013, 01:32 pm EDT
I remember really liking 'M4 part 2' by Faunts from the credits of Mass Effect. Shame that the rest of their music is cack.
  Breedy_Mcfluff: I like that song too. Their newer album has some g…
BmmB: Don't remember that song, but I like "Das Malefitz" (…
Reikhardt: I couldn't hear anything on the credits of Mass Effec…
Breedy_Mcfluff May 06 2013, 03:36 pm EDT
What's a Depeche Mode?

  Killer Klown: It's kind of like God Mode, but with snazzier hair.
Whisky May 06 2013, 05:11 pm EDT
Tie. Music for the masses and Violator. Really enjoyed Sounds of the Universe... the new one (which I boinked from the net ) sucks except for 3 songs out of 17. Not unprecedented, they have released a couple crappy albums here and there. Shit happens.
Cedtsmk May 06 2013, 06:28 pm EDT
Kinda weird that Depeche Mode, an old band, is hot right now
Cheddar May 06 2013, 07:14 pm EDT
Depeche Mode is wierd for me. They have several songs that are all-time classics in my book that I really, really like. And then entire albums I am completely indifferent to.
  Vader: Yep, that's Depeche Mode alright. I have to say a lot…
tei187: Well... Steve Vai wrote a superb "For The Love of God…
WolfGod May 07 2013, 12:44 am EDT
Just a lil off topic FarCry3 Blood Dragon is freaking awesome...ok back to topic I dont really know much about music
  Bubu: I want to lick your avatar sir.
Vader: That's what we're all here for.
Vodoo May 07 2013, 02:00 am EDT
Playing the Angel (2005) and Delta Machine (2013) are the best they've ever made in my opinion.

Dave Gahan's voice goes extremely well with the newer darker tone of the songs. an older example: Dream on (Exciter 2001)
tei187 May 07 2013, 02:05 pm EDT
AAAANYWAY. May I remind you folks once fkn more: NOMAD SOUL / OMIKRON! David fkn Bowie!


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