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An inFamous Recap for the Newcomer

A new chapter in the inFamous series drops this week for PlayStation 4 owners. If you didn't play either of the first games from the PlayStation 3, you may not be half as excited as I or other inFamous fans are. Considering the PlayStation 4 doesn't have the largest library in the world, it's likely many console owners will pick up the game just for something new to play. While it's true you don't have to have played either of the first games before jumping into the inFamous-ized Seattle, sometimes it's nice to know a little bit about a game's backstory.

What do I need to know from inFamous?

From the first inFamous game, there were numerous characters, but you only need to know five names: Cole McGrath, Zeke, Trish, John White, and Kessler. Cole and Zeke are best friends, and Trish is Cole's girlfriend. While Cole was making a delivery in his hometown of Empire City, his package explodes, wiping out a good chunk of the city, crippling the rest of it, and giving Cole powers of electricity. The government steps in almost immediately and puts the city on quarantine as a way to help the people of Empire City and the rest of the country, but it's mostly a way to contain all of the gangs that suddenly surfaced wielding crazy super powers.

As Cole tries to figure out what happened, who is behind it, and why a government operative wants him to track down a man named John White, he is presented with a number moral choices that affect what abilities he learns, how Empire City treats him, and how his story goes. Oh sure, the ending is ultimately the same, but how he gets there is slightly different.

Okay fine, call it Mass Effect 3 if you want. Moving on…

When Cole finds John, he learns that John was deep undercover in a criminal organization called the First Sons. The leader of the First Sons is Kessler, and he developed a device called a Ray Sphere, which is the explosive device Cole was carrying. The Ray Sphere is what gave Cole his powers, and John begs Cole to help him destroy it. In the process of destroying it (or using to increase Evil Cole's powers), John is disintegrated.

Of course Cole confronts Kessler in a lengthy final boss battle, and in Kessler's final moments, like any great Bond villain, he tells Cole of all of his plans. Cole learns that--just brace yourself--Kessler is a future version of him. In Kessler's future, he was happily married to Trish, and when the Ray Sphere was developed, something he called the "Beast" entered the scene and annihilated most of civilization, including Kessler's family. He decided to use the last of his powers to go back in time and push the creation of the Ray Sphere sooner, so his past self could be prepared to fight the Beast sooner.

Still with me? Let's move on to inFamous 2, where the endings between the moral alignments truly are different.

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