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2008: Game of the Year

My, my, how time flies. Here we are at the very end of the year 2008 and we've witnessed a great many releases. As always, not all of them turn out as good as we hoped, but it sure as hell was a fun ride.

Looking back at the entire year, it's safe to say the industry has taken another sharp turn towards consoles and casual gaming, which is no surprise. We were still treated to plenty of fine titles both on consoles and for PC gamers.

The only thing we regret is that 2008 seems to have brought no real break-through accomplishments in any of the genres. There were some bold attempts such as Mirror's Edge and Left 4 Dead, albeit they haven't gone the distance (at least not in terms of truly innovative gameplay). However, this is a matter we'll be tackling on a different occasion.

Also, be sure to return in 2009 when we'll be looking back on some of the most disappointing releases in '08. It's gonna be tough decision, I tell ya. There were a lot of letdowns this year.

For now, let's just stick with the traditional GotY awards. So, without further ado, ladies and gamers, I give you AT's 2008 Game of the Year.

Fallout 3
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Bethesda Softworks

With so many action games and the likes of World of Warcraft, there's little room for decent single-player RPGs these days. Even so, Bethesda delivered its long-awaited post-apocalyptic RPG, Fallout 3. There's no doubt on our part that this has been one of the most enjoyable titles we've played in a long time and certainly one that feels more immersive and better polished than the development studio's previous achievement - Oblivion. The game will quite simply keep you occupied for hours and is equally appealing to average gamers and RPG buffs. We understand why most of our readers were taken by this game and we look forward to related content Bethesda is preparing.

Runners-up: Gears of War 2 (Epic, Microsoft), Left 4 Dead (Turtle Rock Studios, Valve/EA), Fable II (Lionhead, Microsoft).

Grand Theft Auto IV
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar North

In May 2008, when Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto IV on the PS3 and Xbox 360, we were completely sucked into the game thanks to the captivating setting, compelling characters and well-written storyline. The developers succeeded in pushing the series forward in terms of realism, vehicle physics and gameplay in general. The added gritty presentation of a realistic open-world, to us, represents a move in the right direction. Considering all the games that have gone by this year, GTA IV stands tall as the best. It symbolizes just how far games evolved and it pushes current game technologies to the limits. For that reason, we were most disheartened when the developers released an uncompleted and heavily-bugged PC version of an otherwise excellent game. As it stands, the Xbox 360 version, which we played, was by far the best game in 2008.

Runners-up: Left 4 Dead (Turtle Rock Studios, Valve/EA), Mirror's Edge (DICE, EA), Gears of War 2.

Gears of War 2
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Epic

Epic Games showed they are a talented development team yet again. We honestly didn't think they would be capable of creating something to top the original Gears of War game. Well, Gears of War 2 indeed proved us wrong. Not only is it a skillfully directed action game, but it also features breath-taking visuals. After playing GoW 2, every other game appears behind the times in terms of graphics. Apart from its tremendous visual appeal, Gears of War 2 boasts awesome gameplay, an exciting atmosphere, not to mention major improvements in the multiplayer - which is a great plus.

Runners-up: Dead Space (EA), Mirror's Edge (DICE, EA).

Fable II
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Lionhead Studios

The lack of single-player RPGs didn't make this a difficult choice. Although, I must admit it was touch and go there for a while, since Fallout 3 has been chosen as the first runner-up. In the end, it's not easy to compare the two because Fable delivers the kind of experience you'd expect from an addictive fantasy themed role-playing game. F3, on the other hand, is a different story. Still, overall, Fable II is something we'll remember for a long time. We liked nearly everything in this game, from the superb art direction, charming characters, thrilling narrative, easy-to-get-into combat system and great quests. We hope things will improve even further with the next installment in the series.

Runners-up: Fallout 3 (Bethesda), King's Bounty (Katauri Interactive, Atari).

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Do we really need to explain this? Blizzard achieved admirable success with the World of Warcraft franchise and have practically outdone themselves with the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Beyond sales, numbers and success, this is a great game and it comes highly recommended from AT.

For this one, I'd like to quote 2lions: "Bottom line, with the introduction of the Death Knight, Blizzard has done a great job of adding another element of fun in the game..." The game has a "phenomenal questing system with fantastically incorporated story elements," great art and music and is "a huge time sink for people with nothing better to do."

I think that about sums it up.

Runners-up: None (I thought about putting Warhammer Online and AoC but... you know, they mostly suck).

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Publisher: EA
Developer: EA LA

No, it did not receive an Editor's Choice Award from us. No it most certainly doesn't come close to last year's best strategy game. Nonetheless, given all the strategy games we've seen in 2008, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 marked some significant contributions to the slowly declining genre. Unlike most PC games we've witnessed lately, it didn't treat us to any unwanted technical mishaps that would hinder the gameplay. It's a smooth and technically sound game. More importantly, it's the first title to effectively introduce the concept of co-op to the real-time strategy genre; something game designers ought to have done a long time ago.

Runners-up: Spore.

Rock Band 2
Publisher: EA
Developer: Harmonix Music

Rock Band 2 doesn't exactly elevate the genre of rhythm music games to new heights. What it does well though, is enhance all the good elements from the previous game and adds a range of new songs to boot. New features were included, while a number of annoying points were disregarded. As our buddy Vince says: "Jamming with friends to some classic tunes that span 4 decades and a variety of genres is a load of fun and a great way to waste an evening. The new features are not enough to convert anyone who can't stand rhythm games to begin with but to anyone who enjoys this kind of experience should go out and add Rock Band 2 to their library today."

Runners-up: Guitar Hero: World Tour (Activision)

Veronika Fasterova

This year the lovely and sexy Veronika Fasterova receives the ActionTrip Babe of the Year Award. Veronika is a fan of rock music and as we understand was born the same year when the Guns N' Roses released "Appetite for Destruction." She claims that this album changed her life and amongst other things it also inspired her to get a rose tattoo on her ankle (awwww, bless her). Apart from this eye-catching female specimen, let's not forget some of the others who also kept us company throughout 2008.


That's about it for 2008. Some of you may notice that the 'Sports Game' category was left out this year. Regular readers should be well aware that AT is understaffed. Regardless, we're doing our best to keep you lot up to speed on the various goings on in the world of video games.

We love you all. Thank you for sticking with us.

So, loyal readers, friends and rest of you who came here by accident or by typing 'Action Trip' in Google, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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Copperr Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Staff ? You mean there is anyone else left except Vader ?
  Vader: One web designer, one web programmer, one comic artis…
Fatty: i thought 2lions died playing wow
Vader: True. But he respawned.
Devoc: LOL!!!... respawned..
im_stardust: Lol
SpaceMonkey: lol, why not hire some new people?
benihana: I'm a Web Designer and Programmer! I'll take a job (h…
Amok: I wonder what other sites those may be.
Vader [STAFF] Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Last I looked...
finaleve Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Ya know...I like Fallout 3 a lot more than Oblivion. I can see it being game of the year even with its flaws.

And Fable 2...well I liked it a lot better than Fable 1. There was a lot of much needed improvements on the game, and with a few more I can see it being GotY when they release the whole "Lost Chapters" portion of the game.

At least Left 4 Dead was on there as a runner-up. The game is damn addicting.

mwmorph Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Did nobody play Sins of a Solar Empire? Red Alert 3 was fun but Sins was Epic.
  SpaceMonkey: yeah played sins of a solar empire, It's not a bad ga…
Vodoo: i can vouch for that assessment.
Vader: Yeah, I totally agree with spacemonkey on this.
rapideyemovement: it's not smth missing, it may be that it is pure over…
Hitman: Sins is an awesome game, just to hard for most.. for …
7aHk4et0 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
i know who miss July is
Lord.Ward Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Dear Actiontrip,

I have been following your website since 2003, when I cancelled my subscription to PC Gamer (US) because I was so disgusting with the game journalism industry, where shitty writing the norm, and corruption the convention (Gamespotís firing of Jeff Gerstmann in 2007, probably for his negative review that advertisers didnít like is still remains poignant).

This is the first comment I have ever made on your website. I felt it was necessary to commend you for your preface for the Game of the Year awards 2008, which contains an observation that may save the gaming industry.

Your idea that despite many solid game releases, 2008 was a lukewarm year for gaming because of the lack of innovation is critical if the game industry wants to recover from its slump in quality. While most other game journalism websites are busy slobbering over sequels (that have been successful generally due to the millions of dollars pumped into them, not creative genius), Actiontrip correctly touches on 2008 as one of the most depressing years in gaming history, a year when the idea of college kids turning a beautiful idea into a beautiful game is now a fantasy (except in the world of modifications, a world that the claws of the industry are quickly and quietly closing in on).

It was only a year or two ago that for the first time, Americans spent more money on gaming than on film. It is truly unfortunate that the quality of games and gaming journalism has not improved in conjunction with the increase of available monies for these enterprises. It was once the case the brilliant gaming ideas where overshadowed by buggy or poorly optimized games, simply because the humble cottage industries of fans who produced them did not have the money to polish them to perfection. Now I am nostalgic for those times. I see them as a period when despite smaller and more niche audiences, innovation and ideas ran free.

At this point, film has many exceedingly high quality publications covering the subject. I hope that one day videogaming will be treated with the respect from the criticism industry that the artform deserves.

For your balls to see the termites in eating away at the hull of the industry while others sip champagne and slap each others backs above decks, I commend you.

Thank you, and a Merry fucking Christmas to you all.

Lord Ward
  TERMINAL666: why you didnt subsrcibe in 2003
im_stardust Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
"2008 was a lukewarm year for gaming because of the lack of innovation" ; "2008 as one of the most depressing years in gaming history".

I do not agree with this statements one bit and i could bring tons of arguments. Happy Holidays.
  Lord.Ward: Then please bring your arguments forth, mine are ther…
The Heart Of Darkness: Please don't. I'm too smashed from yesterday to read …
im_stardust Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Ok, here are some best titles from the past 2 years.

2006 : Gears Of War, TeS IV : Oblivion , Company Of Heroes , Final Fantasy XII, Rainbow Six: Vegas.

2007 : Portal, Half Life 2 : Episode 2, Crysis, World in Conflict, God of War II, Halo 3, Call of Duty 4.

2008: Fallout 3 , Grand Theft Auto 4, Burnout Paradise, Resistance 2, Sins of a solar empire, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Metal Gear 4, Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2.

As you can see, every year, most best games are sequels.

Personally, I'm amazed and I enjoy many of the titles that come up every year, so I couldn't call any of the recent years "bad for gaming".

What they managed to do with some of the games this year is simply amazing.

I haven't played any other game that creates such a realistic atmosphere of a post apocalyptic and immersive world as Fallout 3.

The best coop multiplayer online game was also made this year: Left 4 Dead.

If you want innovation play Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space or customize your phone ring and theme in Grand Theft Auto 4.

But I get your point also. Most of the games are sequels. But there is nothing wrong in adding decoration to a tree that will always need more decorations.

As for really new ideas, the whole entertainment industry is in a big crisis, music, movies, you name it.

There is so much to talk about this subject, but I’m tired now. Sorry for the grammar if there are any mistakes, I’m still learning.

Hundreds of people work hard and with heart at most of this games, so think twice before criticizing.

As long as people will have a heart and a brain, good games will come.
SpaceMonkey Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
It's not the fault of the gaming industry, it's just how the world spins. We used to have songs and music that inspire and paints a canvas as we listen, now we have noise for songs, yes fucking annoying noise!

It's capitalism and sociology at work, when the music, movie and gaming industry first started out it was only available to a hand full of people. People with taste, the elites, and these products were cater for those people.

As the industry grow and achieve economy of scale thus improving efficiency which results in a cheaper product; the product is then becomes viable for the mass. The industry, capitalistic in its nature, naturally mold and blends the product that will satisfy the mass.

So which bring us down to sociology, human being in groups, the people. Let's face it - there are more stupid people in the world than smart people, it is also true that there are more people with poor taste than people with finer taste.

There's only one queen in a hive, but many many worker bees (probably thinking "work work")

Therefore in the industry's attempt to satisfy the mass, it now makes product that are cheap and less tasteful but still satisfy most people.

And why not? imagine the majority of the consumer unable to distinguish the difference of a high quality stake from a big mac, and you can sell the big mac for the same price of the stake. Restaurants would certainly just sell big macs.

That my friends is what the music and gaming industry is about, I see recently it's having an effect on literatures as well (twilight series).

Until the gamers with finer taste proves a better market than the majority, or the majority developed finer taste over time, we will continue having uninspired games. And EA will keep pumping sequels after sequels that is the same shit with a different number at the end.

You want the gaming industry to change? look in the mirror and start there - stop buying crap.
  Vodoo: mediocrity is the tree that shades hypocrisy. i ap…
SpaceMonkey: think nothing of it, it's just a rant. I was high whe…
Lord.Ward: Hey man, Respect for putting your opinion out there (…
The Bruce: I feel the need to respond to this statement: "We use…
SpaceMonkey: To each their own indeed, they still sounds like nois…
dxm16 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
This year really was a sad one. I, of course was mostly left behind, me being to much of a cheap bastard to by a next-gen console and all.
Lord.Ward Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Stardust and Spacemonkey, thank you both for your thorough responses.

Stardust, while I agree that many sequels are good games, a company can very successfully create a unique, polished game each time and still make a shit ton of money.

I like to point to Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of FZero, DK, Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, etc.) as a shining example. Each game he has created is a completely new franchise, with unique, polished gameplay. I feel that any sort of analogous gaming genius would have a difficult time in the US, where a publisherís eye for money so supersedes an eye for quality.

That being said, It was great to see Left 4 Dead, and Mirrorís Edge, and I think for their innovation alone are GotY contenders. Valve is really stepping up, and I am inspired to see that they know how to put a bunch of gamers together and come up with unique franchises and execute them well. Valve is also fortunate enough to be able to put tons of money into support and advertising for their games.

I voted with my dollars this year, and I purchased both Left 4 Dead and Mirrorís Edge, while I pirated Fallout 3 and GTA IV (also to make a point about how fucked up SecuROM is).


You correctly identify the motivation for creative stagnation, money money money.

I look at it this way, say you have Developer X who has two options. They can either make:

A- A brand new creative franchise that would cost 5 million to make. There is a chance people would love the game and become a massive hit, earning them hundreds of millions. There is also a chance that the game is a flop, and they only earn a couple of million and lose money.

B- The can make the new CatWoman game to coincide with the movie for 2 million dollars. While they know the game will never be a huge hit, market analysis shows they are guaranteed to make 10 million dollars and make money.

It seems pretty obvious which option a developer is likely to choose.

In conclusion, the best thing we can do is keep voting with our dollars, and keep bitching online, and maybe we can achieve a paradigm shift in American Game development.
  SpaceMonkey: Well fallout 3 may not be innovative but I think it d…
TERMINAL666 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
I play games for 20 years and my opinin as gamer really matters,and i say that one of the best games ever is The Witcher enhanced edition!Other best games are Morrowind and KOTOR.So if you are truely not corrupted gamers site where is The Witcher???Maybe noone didnt even played it becouse it is Europian game.
  dxm16: Wow. You really think people give a shit about your …
TERMINAL666: dont fuck with me,or my 0.44 makes all your children …
SpaceMonkey: You don't need people to give a shit about your opini…
rapideyemovement: ..shit, you're right !
ChristmasInJuly: Witcher is awesome
blitsie Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Now this is what I call awesome,Vader!!!

Thanks,I totally agree with the choices,really good games you chose over there!.

I really hope this great,great site stays here for a long time!
  Un Om Bun: Me too. It's like a second home that's filled with bi…
Vader: That statement just made me cry... I love you guyz...…
Doomsday.: me too
Burning Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Let's take the year 2009 off from gaming and dedicate it to making the Internet English error-free. Please!
  TERMINAL666: who tha fack care abaut englis,i onli care abaut rapi…
dxm16: Some people to care, because not everybody speaks in …
SpaceMonkey: Good luck with that. We would sooner create a light s…
DarkKnight: Aha, but there upon you hit the problem... dxm? ANYWA…
Doomsday. Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
The WItcher EE = Pure Awesomeness! and lots of game sex, wohoo!
  TERMINAL666: i was thinking about fantastic story,graphic and game…
TERMINAL666: and whats even more important that game it very addic…
Doomsday.: i concur.
S.Plissken Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
I dont see it much as lack of good games more lack of creativity, i havent seen any real original ideas in a long time even Fallout 3 though i loved the game and will probably play it a few times through again wasnt original. The Industry tends to fall on tried and tested blueprints to make games and just change a few of the elements.
Just because a movie has great special effects doesnt make it great and just because a game has the latest in gaming tech doesnt make it a good game.
  Lord.Ward: Indeed.
SpaceMonkey: Unfortunately some gamers lack perception to distingu…
Vodoo: i think you skidded a bit at there at the end.....def…
im_stardust: Yes... WTF is true Greatness? lol..
SpaceMonkey: Poor games are highly depended on tech and graphics, …
im_stardust: I agree with you spacemonkey, but there are games mad…
SpaceMonkey: well....true, it's not an overall "great" year but fa…
thestewieman Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
2008 was a shitty pc gaming year.
nobody even tries any more, Microsoft in the console market is a bad thing for pc gaming with all the poor and crappy ports...

we should really all applaud everyone who bought a crapbox for killing PC gaming (with ugly ports of even uglier (xbox360) games)...

The Heart Of Darkness Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
I sense Uwe Boll is among us......or someone is heavily channeling his spirit
  im_stardust: Why? is he finally dead?
rapideyemovement: I imagine where he would go , his talents would be...…
Vodoo: Hell is not really on a holiday flight ticket so i ha…
ChristmasInJuly Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Thanx for running this site, it's really cool.
soverign Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Holy Shit!!! Intelligent discussion!!!
  The Heart Of Darkness: Where?!
Vodoo Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT​iesso8.jpg

i have nothing else to say :))
  im_stardust: lol
Un Om Bun: hehe
agentid36 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
does anyone know the name of miss september?
  Neil: Her parents? I suspect they know her name...
finaleve Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Thestewieman, I don't think M$ is to really be blamed (though I can at least give a part of the blame to them for crap ports), but the industry themselves.

One of the biggest reasons why we don't see many PC games being released these days is piracy. The more the game is pirated, chances are, the more money is lost. And from there, they lose the interest in that market. Now the Industry is given 3 choices to continue making money out of that market.

1)Release VIA Steam. Everyone know Steam by now. It is probably one of the most successful DRM's out there, and because of that, keeps PC gaming alive.
2)Release VIA SecuROM or some other underhanded DRM. I believe that is probably the worst idea the industry has pulled, and it was a shame to put it on some good games.
3)Release on a console. You know the chances of getting a pirated copy? Not high enough to worry about. Sure, there are ways to get a pirated copy, but you can't find them as easily as a PC copy of the game, and that is why people consider PC gaming a dying breed.

We see games being released on consoles first possibly because that would get all the people to pick up that copy first, and hope that all the piracy people will give in and wait. Usually the PC announcement isn't until afterwards or late in the game. Of course, it doesn't change much, but it at least guarantees sales for their IP and helps contribute to funding their next IP.

PC is also losing its support because of all of this. The biggest PC game that is played practically everyday is either WoW, Counterstrike, or Starcraft (I'd say Sims but that doesn't count as a game). Blizzard and Valve, the only companies that I know of that support the PC market to a greater degree (though Valve has tasted the Console waters, though hasn't drowned like most industry heads have). Of course, thats is all speculation but honestly...what other game company you know of that actually supports the place they were born at, the place that lifted them off the ground to being the super giants they are?

It isn't the gamers who are at fault, but the industry that makes the games. With all their panties in a bunch over their job, its no wonder why the PC is losing grip on the market.
  TERMINAL666: do you know any good torrents?
Vodoo: we are talking about quality NOT quantity genius boy,…
Burning: World of Goo rocks.
finaleve: Haven't played World of Goo, but I've been meaning to…
SpaceMonkey: I beg to differ on the subject that gamers are to be …
KeepSmilin: I don't entirely agree that piracy is at a fault for …
Vodoo: true that monkey-man :) btw. fine taste does not a…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
I wish yesterday's babe had won cause then I would have found out her name.
I love her so much :((
  daver18qc: I thought you were a gay construction worker ?
Un Om Bun: Wherever I go, I turn into something else. I try to f…
future man: Just go on the forums and make a useless thread askin…
im_stardust: Un om bun, you look like you need to get laid big tim…
Doomsday.: wot was yesterdays Babes name un?!? i looved her too!
Nameinuse: If you guys mean the dec 23rd babe, it's Jennifer Lam…
Un Om Bun: Thanks a lot ! She is the darndest thing isn't she ?
Doomsday.: she sure is
The_Reverend76: I found her myspace lol here it is http://profile.…
Vodoo Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
@ spacemonkey

(3DD - Father's Son....ive deleted it because i kept crying)

that is irony my friend, sentimental sodomy i call this thing, when the beauty of art is the metaphysical pain itself.

we devolve as beings of heart and soul while we evolve in matters of body and mind....that is our future, past and present.
it’s those sudden fleeting moments when we become "beasts" that we should be thankful for.
  SpaceMonkey: if you say so.
DarkKnight Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Jesus christ, those essays are too fucking long.
TERMINAL666 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!
DarkKnight Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Downloaded GTA IV, the game runs relatively fine on my PC, I just left everything on defaults.
Although, considering I'm rolling with a 8800 GT, 4 GB of RAM, 2x3GHZ on Win XP, me thinks the game could be optimised more. They won't be getting my money, because this rig, which managed to hold crysis on High with an avg of at least 30 FPS, should be able to handle far more of this game than it is, suggesting a poorly optimised game, therefore unworthy. It's a fun game so far however.
I might buy it in a few years, but I'm still angry at the lack of optimisation and the R18 rating on what is now a mature game for us(I live in NZ, so as you'd know, we get the Aussie M version, while still get slapped with the R18), plus the expensive price tag(like 51 USD)
SpaceMonkey Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
happy new year mates! I'm prepare to pirate my first game of 2009. hmmmm what will it be?
TERMINAL666 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
i totally agree with monkey,the first game in 2009 must me special one,for now my favorite is diabllo 3.
Pantsoffski Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Did 2lions respawned or actually was revived by a spirit healer? Also how much did he paid for repairs? Thank you!
Amok Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Only typing this one now, been putting it off for a long time.
Better than never.

As much as I am a fan of Fallout, I wouldn't have selected Fallout 3 as the game of the year as the majority has. It's a good game on its own, but in my humble opinion, doesn't do justice to the franchise. I guess this overall look at it may be exactly because I'm such a fan of the originals.

Yet to try out the other best of 2008, save for C&C 3. This one being the "worst of the best", apparently?
Well, I tend to like to save the best (of the best, in this case) for last.

This much is certain - I definately aim at playing Gears of War 2, GTA V AND Fable 2 when it's finally landed on the PC.

As for the babes, good picks. Not a good look at the winner there, could do with a link as with the others, but seems she's gorgeous from what's shown.

I'll say this now then, welcome to 2009, AT!
PanteraFan666 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
gta 4 sucked dick all gta suck fuck i hate that fucking game its fucking boring best game of the year, fuck off retards
Vader [STAFF] Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
im_stardust Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Unquestionably Gta 4 is the game of year and Gears of War 2 best action game.

Personally, I liked Fallout 3 more then Fable II, because of the atmosphere, story, content and modding. And i liked Mass Effect then both, wich was release at the begining of this year, if i remember corectly.

As for RTS, there werent so many this year, but i would have choosen the CoH expansion instead of the crap C&C was.

What about Best Racing Game? Best Adventure Game? Best Sports Game? Best Multiplayer Online Game? If they were any.

A pretty dark year for pc gamers, with missing titles like: Halo 3 , MGS 4, Fable II, Mirror's Edge, Saints Row 2 and others. Also a bad porting of the year's best game, also Devil May Cry and i think there were others.

It seems like mostly MMO's are keeping and will keep the PC gaming alive. And also, screw Games for windows live.

  Hurion: Mass Effect was released last year, and I think is a …
im_stardust: I was talking about Mass Effect for PC, wich was rele…
TERMINAL666 Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
what about staff of the year:)
The Heart Of Darkness Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Fasterova you say? is that like Onatopp?

And how the hell did I miss Miss February?!!
DarkKnight Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Miss February happens to have a nipple out, naughty naughty.
I refuse to play RTS's until they incoperate the W,A,S,D keys like WiC did.
S.Plissken Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Just saw the trailer for tim burtons new movie and it has a definate Deja Vu feel towards it in the direction of the Peoples Choice winner...

Go have a look its on the apple trailer site called 9....hmm Mr 101?
SpaceMonkey Sep 03 2009, 12:00 am EDT
Miss February was my choice for babe of the year.

Sexy with a hint of elegance and a touch of sweetness, the other girls look good; their photos mostly screams "fuck me! fuck me!" and I would be happy to oblige, but they ain't some girl that I would want for a girlfriend for example. (just happy fucking)

Miss february on the other hand seem like more than mere moments of pleasure.

I agree with most of the other choice, I only wish fable 2 was out for the pc.


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