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2010: Game of the Year

Another year rolls by, as we make our way through heaps of game-related delights. The industry continues to grow, while game experiences rapidly evolve to answer to the entertainment needs of a wider and wider audience. Although we still haven't seen any major genre breakthroughs, it was an immensely fun year and I hope development studios and publishers continue to pour as much effort and devotion into their projects as they have so far (even more so, in fact).

Not all games are great and we certainly don't feel they should all be mentioned here. As much as we feel that some games are objectively worthy of acclaim, it is also crucial to note that, at the end of the day, we all have our own tastes; hence, I'm sure there will be titles some of you are very fond of personally, which may not get any recognition from us. Also, you may notice that particular categories, like the 'Best MMOG' are missing this year. Well, we can't say much about that, other than the fact that the only two MMORPGs we've played this year are Star Trek: Online and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The first wasn't exactly God's gift to the MMO genre. We still haven't formed a solid opinion on Cataclysm (so far we are getting this hunch that it may not be the MMOG of the year... for once).

Another crucial category that's missing this year is "Game of the Year - People's Choice." This was more of a technical mishap on our part than anything else to be honest. As ActionTrip got a new makeover this year, we've excluded the traditional voting poll. I'm sure most of you are disappointed by this and I apologize if we have let you down in that sense. However, I can promise that the voting poll will return in 2011.

Anyhow, I think it's safe to say we had some disappointments in 2010, but there were some very good games as well, which is precisely why we look towards the year 2011 with optimism (even though no RPG received our GotY Award this time). Alrighty then, enough chitchat. Let's see who gets the top honors.

Red Dead Redemption
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar Games

We knew that, when the time comes, the names Red Dead Redemption and Rockstar would start popping up all over the place. Well, ladies and gamers, that time has now arrived. Rockstar San Diego has indeed delivered a game that's almost as encompassing as GTA. In its time, GTA has established itself as one of the most appealing and best-selling game licenses of all time. Red Dead Redemption reached the very top branches of the industry, allowing gamers to get involved into an exciting, Western-style open-world adventure with an incredibly detailed environment, amazing visuals, compelling characters and first-rate voice-overs. The entire story of Red Dead Redemption unfolds perfectly to give us a completely satisfying ending, which is something we see rarely these days in video games (and in movies for that matter). If you still don't know what we're talking about, I'd say it's high time you found out. Red Dead Redemption won't disappoint you.

Runners-up: Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Activision, Treyarch), Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Frictional Games), StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (Blizzard).

Red Dead Redemption
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar Games

It was touch and go in this category. We've been debating for a long time, until Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption finally came out on top as, really, the best action game we've seen this year. Now, make no mistake there are some aspects in games like Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops, which outshine RDR. For instance, we feel that the extremely well-polished AI in Halo: Reach and the entire epic single-player campaign in Black Ops are worth anybody's time and money. However, in the end, Red Dead Redemption is generally a better game (despite some of its many technical flaws). It has the potential to seize the attention of any gamer. The world is immersive, the characters are interesting and there's plenty of GTA-style action going on. You can always ask for more, but you'd probably be insane to do so.

Runners-up: Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Activision, Treyarch), Halo: Reach (Microsoft, Bungie), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (EA, DICE).

None of the Above
Publisher: n/a
Developer: n/a

By rights this award should go to Mass Effect 2. Well now, the thing is, Mass Effect has gone beyond what we normally associate with a good, traditional RPG experience. It is a fabulous game, but it cannot be called an RPG. We've thought a great deal about whether or not we should even include the Best RPG category this year.

Out of all the games in the RPG genre that got released this year, we simply couldn't single out a game that shines above all others - one that could be referred to as 'RPG of the Year.' Hell, if Red Dead Redemption was an RPG, I'd name it as king of the genre, but alas it's not.

The sad truth is that unlike last year (with the predominant Dragon Age on the scene), we just haven't seen anything remotely inspiring in the realm of role-playing games in 2010. Let us hope that 2011 proves to be different. Hey, at least we have runner-ups...

Runners-up: Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix), Fallout: New Vegas (Bethesda, Obsidian), Fable 3 (Microsoft, Lionhead Studios).

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Publisher: EA
Developer: Criterion Studios

EA and Criterion Games appear to have pulled off the impossible. After a series of disappointing additions to their much declining Need for Speed franchise, EA successfully returned to NFS roots. Everything that made some of these racers good (I'm thinking largely of Need for Speed: Most Wanted) has returned. This doesn't mean that it's a perfect racing game, but it's certainly the best one we've seen this year.

So, whether it's good, old-fashioned cop chases you're after (or if you prefer being the cop this time) or exciting multiplayer races, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit delivers. Just remember, if you really want to have fun with this game, don't forget to dive into its incredibly addictive online component. Way to go guys.

Runners-up: Blur (Activision, Bizarre Creations).

Civilization V
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Firaxis Games

Recent news that John Shafer, lead designer of Civilization V left the development studio Firaxis, made us rather unhappy and worried. This is a terrific game and a spectacular past-time for anyone who appreciates a decent strategy. As our editor Vince put it: "The gameplay in Civilization 5 is still as addictive as ever. The changes to the combat system make players focus more on planning and executing their attacks."

The point of the matter is that Civilization V isn't just a good strategy, but a great challenge and will put your tactical abilities to the ultimate test. What's more, it encapsulates everything we liked about Civilization IV and brings a variety of innovations, which made the experience more enjoyable than ever before.

Runners-up: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (Blizzard).

Rock Band 3
Publisher: EA
Developer: Harmonix Music

Even though we never got around to reviewing EA's third installment in the exceedingly popular rhythm/music game series Rock Band, we did spend quite some time playing it. Our entire staff agrees that the developers have actually managed to keep the spirit of previous music-themed games, while adding a few interesting new elements to make your jam sessions even more entertaining.

Rock Band 3 embraces what we love about rhythm/music games and we strongly believe this will continue to be one of the most powerful franchises in that particular domain of gaming.

Runners-up: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (Activision, Neversoft)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Publisher: Frictional Games
Developer: Frictional Games

One of the best surprises this year. Amnesia: The Dark Descent arrived on the scene in the knick of time it as it happens, breathing life back into the genre of survival horror games. We'll let this quote from our review explain the rest:

"It proves that you don't need a colossal Hollywood-powered budget and 300 people to make a good game. This is a classic first-person survival horror game, spooky enough to frighten almost any player. 'Spooky' doesn't quite cover it. Some scenes in the game will send shivers down your spine. So, 'terrifying' would be the best word. On the down side, we did notice a few occasional bugs, though nothing serious. There's also the question of level design. While the game varies enough in that department, it's nothing you haven't seen in other games before."

Runners-up: Super Meat Boy (Team Meat).

Alice Goodwin

Well, ehm, how does one put into words what all these lovely female specimens mean to us over the course of the sometimes extremely dull gaming year? This fine woman has so much we can admire. She began her modeling career in May 2008, when she was discovered by a photographer on Bournemouth beach. She has since, shall we say, expanded her career and has gone from glamour modeling to, well, other productive "independent business ventures." This award is well-deserved.

Babes of 2010 we salute you!



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Reader Comments
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 24 2010, 01:59 am EST
Alice Goodwin could be improved by having her drool white chocolate on her breasts. RPGs could be improved too, but that's a wee bit more difficult. Hmm, it wasn't a very good year for a snobbish PC gamer like myself, but at least I got to see some excellent movies and I found a lot of kick-ass music too.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 24 2010, 02:01 am EST
Well, at this rate, give us a few more years and we may start reviewing movies and music instead of games. Of course, things aren't any better in those two spheres of entertainment.
  Terminator: You got that right. I only bought 2-3 movies on DVD t…
BmmB: And the rest was on blue ray... :-D
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 24 2010, 02:25 am EST
There's no point in reviewing movies and music cause you'd only have time to check mainstream shit that thousands of other sites are also reviewing. Just keep improving on the gaming side, become more mainstream, be the first to release DLCs to news articles and reviews. We could read a review for free, but we'd have to pay $3 to see the score, and an additional $1 to comment.
  Vader: Next year, we'll just change the GotY Awards to DLC o…
Un Om Bun: I totally see that happening, but (hopefully) not on …
Sleek Dec 24 2010, 02:27 am EST
What happened to ME2?

Oh right. Read sleek, read.
  Vader: It's in there.
finaleve: That's what she said! BAM! There were other RPG's…
Cheddar Dec 24 2010, 02:57 am EST
Apparently "RPG" doesn't actually mean "Role Playing Game" anymore.

I guess you need to invent a new acronym, Vader. Something about inventory management and level grinding and shit like that, since apparently those purely traditional ACCESSORIES of the RPG experience have actually become the genre.


Look, It is profoundly stupid not to classify ME2 as an RPG. Basically, Vader, BioWare cut the roses off a rose bush, and then somehow in your mind, that made the blooms in your hand no longer roses.

Molding a player-character's personality, determining what's right and wrong in the story, and making decisions based off those judgments which directly affect variable plot resolutions is exactly what you do Mass Effect 2. EXACTLY.

So how is that not a "role playing game"? Isn't that exactly what it is?

Seriously, this whole topic feels like I'm having to carefully explain something as basic, obvious, and inarguable as 2+2=4. It pisses me off that I even have to make the effort.

Have the genre labels like RPG, FPS, and RTS become so bastardized now by thoughtless usage that people don't even bother to note that they are only abbreviations for a three-word term with a specific meaning? Because confusion over something like this -- that is, the term "RPG" apparently morphing into meaning something different from "role-playing game" -- really seems to suggest that.
  Vader: No inventory, no items, simplified leveling and chara…
Cheddar: I see you didn't actually read the post. Explain t…
Vader: Oh boy, I hate to pursue this further, but I'm going …
Cheddar: Here's a simpler way to put the point that doesn't us…
Vader: Maybe we're talking about two different things here. …
Vader: Also, more complex RPGs, those with intricate gamepla…
Un Om Bun: It's not just about ME2, it's about RPGs in general g…
Vader: un om bun makes several good points here Cheddar. I'm…
Cheddar: I've said my 2 cents. I don't even think this is deb…
Un Om Bun: The thing that actually proves a game is a (good) RPG…
Alchi: Un just made a perfect point here. Apart from cosme…
Fatty: How does Vader consider Fable 3 a RPG but not Mass Ef…
Vader: That's a very, very, very good question actually.
Rafal: This reminds me of that puritan bit from a few days a…
Vader: You know, the main story in ME 2, now that I think ab…
Rafal: Not only was ME story more interesting, but it also i…
Nameinuse: I think we're looking at 2 different points of view h…
im_stardust: ME 2 is a shitty tentative of a role playing game. Th…
optimus slime: Weather or not the choices we made in it have any con…
finaleve: Wait til ME3. The choices will become more apparent …
MajFauxPas: Cheddar running his mouth off in defense of... nothin…
optimus slime: finaleve, the point of my post is that ME 2 story is …
Tastysanchez: Don't worry about these fools Cheddar. I know exactly…
Un Om Bun: Zzz... you haven't been paying attention to what the …
Cheddar Dec 24 2010, 02:57 am EST
Well, anyway, at least AT didn't blow the GotY choice.

Although counting Black Ops as a runner-up (and not even mentioning ME2, genre confusion or not... it has the highest metacritic score of any game in 2010, and in the TOP 10 OF ALL TIME) is almost as profoundly stupid as not classifying ME2 as a role-playing game.

Black Ops was a good game, but it wasn't Game of the Year caliber, Christ. What, just because it made a billion dollars? The game was good, with a better story than CoD has managed before, but you have to remember that particular bar was pretty fucking low to begin with, people.

I mean seriously, who didn't know Reznov had become a figment of Mason's imagination almost immediately? The hints were thrown at the player all game long with the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. When a story's big twist can be seen coming from a continent away, it's clearly not all that amazing a story.
  Vader: ME 2 isn't strictly an action game, not in the standa…
Fatty: So if ME2 isn't RPG, and it isnt action, then what is…
Un Om Bun: It's a story heavy third person shooter with dyeable …
Rafal: It's an adventure game which has action instead of pu…
optimus slime: Agreed with Cheddar here. RDR is indeed the best game…
Tastysanchez: ME2 is a great example of how RPG has evolved as a ge…
Un Om Bun: Getting dumbed down is one helluva way to evolve.
Tastysanchez: It's just a new branch on the RPG tree. Yes it is lig…
LostPcGamer Dec 24 2010, 03:57 am EST
I only agree on three of your game of the year awards.For Rpg of the year should of gone to fallout NV. Starcraft should of been best strategy game of the year. John Shafer leaving feaxis is a good sign he bastardized the series and I cant find any enjoyment from that game anymore.

As for ME2 I'm glad you didnt give it rpg of the year. People need to stop kissing bioware's ass all the time. Enjoy there action cinematic watered down Rpgs. Hell bioware even mentioned part two was less an rpg and more on action with choices.

I dont care if I was given dialog choices at certain times the game was a third person shooter cheddar. Deal with it.
PainZero Dec 24 2010, 04:00 am EST
How come NFS: Hot Pursuit got the Best Racing game award, we've seen that shit over and over again in the past 15 years. Why not choose for example F1 2010, we haven't seen a formula 1 racing game in 7 years or so, and it was made pretty good.

Or if you are giving an award to NFS than why not give an award to let's say Fallout New Vegas, it has certainly done more for that genre than NFS did for Racing.
  Vader: It wasn't that good. That's all I can say. Score 7.5.…
BmmB: OMFG who cares what game do for what genre, I don't e…
Alchi Dec 24 2010, 04:54 am EST
I would disagree that ME2 wasn't an RPG, but I've got to give you respect for you opinion and for saying that there's no good RPG this year :) Bold.

Next year, my friend, next year there will be something good in that department (Fingers crossed for Deus ex)

  Vader: Here's hoping, my friend.
Cheddar: If AT were to consider Deus Ex an RPG but not ME2, th…
Alchi: Wait Deus Ex is not an RPG? -Edit - shit you're righ…
Vader: Deus Ex is a shooter series, Cheddar's right. But it …
im_stardust: Comparing Deus Ex to ME 2 in anyway is a MASSIVE STUP…
BmmB: As is ME2
Terminator Dec 24 2010, 05:17 am EST
Compared to Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 is NOT an RPG. Red Dead is still on my buy list, but I wish the price would come down.
Dick_Swet Dec 24 2010, 05:38 am EST
We didn't have a vote you bitchy bitch.
And Happy New Year.
Cheddar Dec 24 2010, 05:47 am EST
ActionTrip should put up a poll. Simple question. Is Mass Effect 2 an RPG.

We'll see what the public thinks.

In any case, not choosing an RPG of the year at all reeks of a lame cop-out.

If you have the gall to declare that ME2 doesn't belong to its genre, then you should be man enough to take it all the way and choose something else.


Oh, who am I kidding. I'm beating around the bush.

The reality here is that that the three or so guys at AT that chose these awards didn't want to look ridiculous by picking something clearly out-classed by ME2 like Fable 3 or New Vegas, especially when they knew every internet and print publication of any significance will be picking Mass Effect 2 (since Dragon Age was a 2009 game).
  Un Om Bun: In a time when even the extremely few RPGs we get are…
Doomsday.: u tell em un !!
Fuckd__4_Life Dec 24 2010, 05:51 am EST
Those are exactly the choices i made on another voting process.

I was torn between ME2 and RDR for GOTY but RDR does take it away. A simple breath taking game that was perfect from start to finish...and what a finish it was. Truly cinematic, engaging and extremely moving. Text book on making a video game. One of the greatest games of all time. I could kiss Rockstar guys.

Agree on RPG part as well, though come on man, ME 2 deserves something. It was a brilliant, brilliant game. And it was part RPG as well.
Alchi Dec 24 2010, 07:03 am EST
I checked on other sites and man do moments like these make me want to buy a console. A bleeding RDR is winner everywhere.
Damn it sucks being poor :)
  trickynick: i'll sell ya one of my broken 360s, you can get em fi…
hiryu Dec 24 2010, 07:26 am EST
Anyone know the name of the BOTD for June?
Terminator Dec 24 2010, 07:50 am EST
When is RDR coming to PC? It is RIDICULOUS that they won't port it yet. Haven't they made enough money on the console version?
  Fatty: No.
Fuckd__4_Life: If i were Rockstar...i wouldn't invest in a PC versio…
LostPcGamer: Of course we will get GTA 5 a year after the con…
Darkthor Dec 24 2010, 08:55 am EST
Two words: Halo 3.
  trickynick: more like Gaylo....
Rafal Dec 24 2010, 09:18 am EST
Damn, I feel like I'm missing out with Red Dead Redemption.
Also, nice to see you guys giving Amnesia a nod.
Shpongle Dec 24 2010, 09:57 am EST
I don't do consoles. I'm loyal.
  Fatty: More like LOLal.
im_stardust Dec 24 2010, 10:55 am EST
Mass Effect 2 doesn't taste like a rpg, doesn't smell like rpg, doesn't feel like a rpg. It just says it's rpg.

I'm GLAD and I stand by Actiontrip's decision of not choosing any RPG of the year. If 3 people run a marathon, should there be a winner if none cross the finish line? For once you can say, fuck all of you, you all lost.

im_stardust Dec 24 2010, 10:59 am EST
The colors always shine brighter on the PC. And we grew up with certain games that gave us certain emotions and unique moments, games today fail to deliver.

Some of us have expectations and standards now.
Bubu Dec 24 2010, 11:39 am EST
New Vegas and Two Worlds 2 are good RPGs (Dragon Knight Saga also, but it's just a remastered version of the original)
Paul Dec 24 2010, 11:44 am EST
New Vegas is not only RPG of the year, it is also Game of the year.

Divinity 2 would be second best game of the year, Amnesia third.
optimus slime Dec 24 2010, 11:51 am EST
Red Dead is the only console game I completed. And I hate consoles. Agreed with GOTY.
archangel5 Dec 24 2010, 12:09 pm EST
Next year will be better for RPGs with Deus Ex 3, Elder Scrolls 5, Witcher 2, Dragon Age 2 and yes Mass Effect 3 for those of you that think it's an RPG.
MajFauxPas Dec 24 2010, 01:37 pm EST
ME2: the bastardization of RPG. But yeah, crappy year for gaming.
Sujet Dec 24 2010, 02:28 pm EST
Dude! you forgot about Split/second
GrgoljBlaster Dec 24 2010, 03:07 pm EST
My games of the year:
- Starcraft 2
- Amnesia Dark Descent
- Metro 2033

any order, I don't care, these are the games that were really worth (for me, at least) during this year and stand above the rest
  im_stardust: I agree. I'd choose the same games.
RenegadeCZ Dec 24 2010, 04:14 pm EST
I´d select F1 2010 as a best racer this year. Sure, NFS might be good, but I don´t enjoy those simple track, simple driving and childish layout. F1 wasn´t very realistic, but at least it required me to brake.
  BmmB: F1 2010 and F1 games in general are boring as hell, a…
CJ_Parker Dec 24 2010, 09:48 pm EST
Big phat yo muthaphucka 'spect for not picking a RPG of the Year. Most other sites woulda chosen to either give Beth/Obsidian or EA/BioWhore a free blowjob by awarding GOTY to either FNV or ME2 without any regard for the shittiness of those games. But my AT homies showed 'em some spine and all. Big phat 'spect indeed broz!!!11!!
  LostPcGamer: What??? Is that even english.
Fatty: No.
CJ_Parker: phuck off 's 'boutz 's english as it getz broz
Cheddar Dec 25 2010, 01:24 am EST
(One of) the problems with not picking an RPG of the year at all is that it demonstrates a double-standard.

On one hand, they arbitrarily decided ME2 isn't enough of an RPG to get the award...

...but on the other-hand, they also clearly think that ME2 *is* enough of an RPG that they feel embarrassed picking some other game for the award.

You see? Even as they declare ME2 isn't worthy, they allow ME2's shadow to condemn any other candidate.

There's nothing 'bold' about that. It's just hypocritical.
  Un Om Bun: "...but on the other-hand, they also clearly think th…
Tastysanchez: I think they remain hypocrites until they rename RPG …
Un Om Bun: Then NOLF is an RPG because you play as Cate Archer a…
LostPcGamer: Don't bother I see and hear people like them them all…
Doomsday. Dec 25 2010, 02:02 am EST
My GOTY = ME2!!
Strategy = Starcraft II (edited!!)
FPS = ME2 hah! have not played black oops!
RPG = agree with Vader, none!
Terminator Dec 25 2010, 05:56 am EST
GOTY = Mass Effect 2
Action Game = Call of Duty: Black Ops
RPG = Final Fantasy XIII
Strategy = Starcraft 2
  Doomsday.: FFVIII !??
im_stardust: IOTY = Terminator & Doomsdsay
Terminator: Whoops, I meant Final Fantasy XIII.
Doomsday.: ATOY = Stardust & Doomsday! thats Assholes of the …
im_stardust: Wait, there are so many people I wanna thank...
im_stardust Dec 25 2010, 09:02 am EST
Let’s take the best RPG’s from the past 10 years or so and see what they all have in common:

Planescape Torment
Fallout 1, 2
Baldur’s Gate 1,2
Icewind Dale 1,2
TES 2: Daggerfall and TES 3: Morrowind
Gothic 1,2
Diablo 1, 2
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
Neverwinter Nights
Deus Ex
Final Fantasy VIII
Divine Divinity
Knights of the Old Republic 1, 2
The Witcher

They are probably a bit more, but all I could think of, right now. SO, what do these all have in common? Or, better yet, what’s the secret behind their succes? Would it be the great story and the funny, smart dialogue in Planescape Torment or the great exploration and feel of the Gothic and Fallout series? Maybe the huge world of Morrowind or the powerfull soundtrack from Deus Ex, Morrowind, Final Fantasy, the great puzzles from Kotor or the great hack&slash gameplay from Diablo.

If you played at least a couple of this titles, you’ll now that, none of them are based on cheese, cliché dialogues, nor do they need fancy graphics to atract or impress the players.

IT’S NOT what the term “RPG” means on wikipedia or whateverpedia, sure even the first RPG on the PC were based only on a small story and a bunch of written yellow words on a blue screen, but I used to like to think, that they have evolved in the games I have mentioned above, that can usher the player in a fantasy world, with much more then dialogues and extravagant looks.

Mass Effect 2 does not have any pillars of it’s own to stand on. A game so close to Star Wars that you might even see a lightsaber in the 3rd installement. Doesn't come up with anything new to impress the player. A game that’s forgotten in time. A “B movie”, which is fine to watch, but that’s it. Made with the single purpose of making money, because that’s what sequels (with minor exceptions) are made for.

I admire this classic RPG so much, some who have define and redefine the genre, that makes it hard to include ME 2 as one of them, it’s roots going deep into the 3rd person action-adventure genre.

  Alchi: So to put your post in couple of words - RPG is an im…
im_stardust: Are you a fucking retard or are you just imitating one?
Alchi: I'm just recapping what you said, so in a sense - yes…
trickynick: i see both points really. not about the retard shit, …
Khaos Dec 25 2010, 09:11 am EST
Pretty much the laughable choices i would expect from this site and its past choices and reviews. New Vegas isn't RPG of the year and ME2 isn't an RPG at all? I honestly don't think most people on this site know what an RPG is after reading the awards and the comments.

Do you get to influence the story in ME2? Choose your dialogue? Choose your class and skills? Choose your weapons? Gee that all sounds like RPG shit to me, I guess because combat isn't turn based it couldn't POSSIBLY be an RPG then...

I would love to know what the 'pillars' of RPGs are since they apparently don't include character customization, story choices, or equipment choices. Goddamn video game genre purists make laugh, what a sad life to lead.

Oh well, at least this site continues to be good for news.
  Un Om Bun: I influence the story in nearly every game, choices i…
Un Om Bun: And another thing. If I had a gaming site, I'd create…
Alchi: I dunno bun. If you can project yourself to this an…
Vodoo: ive been in Lancias and except for the top racing mod…
Alchi: Okay, what I wanted to say is that despite all the te…
Terminator Dec 25 2010, 10:39 am EST
What equipment choices? Mass Effect 2 has a PITIFUL amount of equipment, compared to Mass Effect 1. ME1 had tons of weapons and armor, and tons of upgrades. ME2 doesn't have jack shit. Mass Effect 2 also has very few skills, compared to ME1.
  Alchi: And they were all redundant. It's ridiculous. S…
LostPcGamer: You know some of us want different equipment and …
Vader [STAFF] Dec 25 2010, 10:43 am EST
That's completely true. It has the same skills as in the original and only a handful of new ones.
albundyhere Dec 25 2010, 01:50 pm EST
I've seen more nudity in a sears catalog. you guys used to have hot girls but now all i see is granny panties. wtf?
Khaos Dec 25 2010, 05:20 pm EST
So ME2 had RPG elements but not enough to make it an RPG? Where do you draw the line there then? Oh its got skills, but not enough to make the cut? And so what if there were only a handful of new skills, how many new skills were there in Fallout 2 compared to Fallout 1? Not many. I've read the comments, all I see is genre elitists whining. I don't think ME2 was the greatest RPG ever, I don't think it deserved to win RPG of the year, but to say it isn't an RPG at all is just stupid. Didn't like the RPGs put out this year? Make one yourselves.
  SpaceMonkey: The doctor accidentally castrate you during a circumc…
BmmB: C'mon don't be so close-minded. What he actually says…
LostPcGamer Dec 26 2010, 03:54 am EST
People wake up Bioware is trying to enter the action field there is more money in that genre. In the words of Mike Laidlaw the complainer's are just wrong and will love there changes they make. Its typical marketing to make your games sound great so everyone believes it. If you don't well your just in the minority and they will spit on you.If for want more inventory pay for there useless $5-10 armor and item upgrades. See you get more items but you have to pay.
Doomsday. Dec 26 2010, 09:54 am EST
People Wake Up! Why dont u Fuckin' WAKE UUUUUUUUUUPP!! WHYYYYYYYYYY!!
k1LLzyar Dec 26 2010, 02:02 pm EST
Why is everyone so touchy about ME2?

I say ditch GotY Genre Awards, just make a top 5 or 10 list of games you enjoyed the most that year.
Doomsday. Dec 29 2010, 11:26 am EST
Black Oops is one of the most mediocre piece of crapp everr!! What a waste of money! Fuck!!
  Bigolli: Yarr!!
Juxtapose Dec 31 2010, 07:06 am EST
Just to chime in on the whole RPG of the Year bit: I personally consider Mass Effect 2 to be an RPG, it's an action RPG. Most genres are a mixture these days and BioWare's titles are no exception.

For the most part, I agree with Cheddar's panty-twisted fanboy assessment, however I also see where you're coming from, Vader. I disagree with you, but I respect your opinion.

I'm just surprised you didn't do something similar to what was done in 2005. Jade Empire was a great action RPG, however due to it's lack of what's considered more traditional RPG elements, it was ActionTrip's 2005 RPG Runner Up and another title was chosen in its place.

Ironically that title was the PC version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords. Aside from the fact that the game itself was a 2004 release, it's PC version not only shared the unfinished state of its Xbox predecessor, but it was also buggy beyond belief. And yet it made ActionTrip's 2005 RPG of the Year.

Personally, I think you should have given Mass Effect 2 runner up for the reasons you stated, and given another title RPG of the Year. Even though something like Fallout: New Vegas, as an example, wasn't an amazing title, it would certainly fit the same criteria that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords did 5 years ago. Just as Mass Effect 2 has genre similarities to Jade Empire.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!
SpaceMonkey Jan 01 2011, 10:55 pm EST
Anyone who were born born around the 80's and played some real RPGs know that games like ME2 and FFXIII isn't an RPG. Why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T BLOODY FEELS LIKE ONE!

Each genre of games gives us a specific "feel" or satisfaction that distinguish itself from other genres. i.e. the satisfaction of playing street fighter is different from the satisfaction of playing tetris.

ME2 can have all the elements of RPG for all I care and it still wouldn't be an RPG if it doesn't felt like one.

So what should an RPG feels like?

Explorations. Loot. Story. Tactical gameplay. Character customizations and the freedom to fool around.

Some games that provides the satisfaction of a true RPG are Baldur's gate series, Fallout 1&2 and Betrayal at Krondor. This is not to say ME2 isn't enjoyable, some people may actually prefer the satisfaction it provides to true RPGs, but personal preference will not make non-rpg an rpg.
  BmmB: Exactly! So, your personal preference won't make ME2 …
SpaceMonkey: My preference doesn't make or not make ME2's genre, i…
BmmB: Obviously, you don't care what I say, and I most defi…
BmmB: Also, most people saying it's not an RPG doesn't mean…
Cheddar Jan 02 2011, 12:19 pm EST
I was born in '84 and cut my gaming teeth on the computer RPGs that actually put the genre on the map (the very ones SpaceMonkey mentions, actually), so I guess that particular assertion fails.

Btw, I agree that FFXIII isn't an RPG. No FF games have been actual RPGs, actually. For very specific reasons.

Which leads me to something highly ironic about your post...

So you say FFXIII isn't an RPG.

And then you specify what an RPG is by the aspects of "Explorations. Loot. Story. Tactical gameplay. Character customizations and the freedom to fool around."

And yet...

FFXIII has most of the aspects on your own list.

(and actually, so does ME2... every one, in fact... well, except the highly ambiguous "freedom to fool around" bit)
Cheddar Jan 02 2011, 12:41 pm EST
Btw, I still say AT should put their money where their mouth is, and put up a poll.

The only applied labels, names, and classifications that actually matter are ultimately the ones determined (or acknowledged) by the consensus.
  BmmB: That will fail, too, 'cause this discussion is alread…
SpaceMonkey: they shouldn't put up a poll because most people in t…
BmmB: Thank you, monkey.


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