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Biggest Letdowns of 2011

Each year treats us to some good moments and bad ones. With the Game of the Year Awards behind us, we now take a glimpse at all those games that were below par and didn't quite meet our expectations. Of course, while certain games didn't meet our expectations, others were just total turds. You can't run away from these colossal giants, these towering mountains of dung as they rise, ever spreading their deadly fumes and choking every last one of us. We waste money on them, we try to play them and instead we get a shit-pie in the face. Instead of entertainment all we get is frustration, severe headaches and hours of swearing (not the fun kind either).

Before we go any further, it's important to make one thing absolutely clear. We couldn't single out any particularly bad strategy games this year, which is why we left out that category. Might & Magic: Heroes VI was slightly disappointing, but it would be unfair to brand it as the worst strategy in 2011. In addition, don't get too worked up about Dead Island being the 'Buggiest' game. It's just one of those games that feels like it could've been so much better, if it had go through more rigorous testing.

Duke Nukem Forever
"Bloody hell, how fucking awful."

Why it sucks
What can you say about a game that launches after a 15-year development cycle? Obviously, you can say: "Wow, this was worth the wait!" And yet, I'm pretty sure none of you will say that. Waiting for this game has raised expectations to ridiculous levels, until the game was inches away from being completely scrapped, but was salvaged thanks to Gearbox Software. Unfortunately, Duke Nukem Forever has little that would possibly make it stand out in a market overcrowded with shooters. Everything on offer in DNF feels outdated, from the gameplay mechanics and the visuals, to the lousy humor aimed at a crowd that doesn't exist anymore - teenagers from the 90s, mostly. So, on top of being crap, the game was released too damn late.

Contenders: Thor: God of Thunder, Dragon Age.

Duke Nukem Forever
"Not worth the immensely long wait."

Why it sucks
We've said everything we possibly could about this lousy excuse of a game. To make things easier for both you and me, here's a snip from our review:

Trouble is, the overly burly, macho-oriented self-obsessed muscle-head hero archetype lost its appeal about 15 years back, so the character's shallow image may not attract players, even once they leave their brain functions on the shelf. Some games are just meant for fun and relaxation. However, DNF tends to take things overboard in almost every way conceivable and again, this is entertaining for about a few minutes and then it gets old and just plain stupid. In short, the developers may have missed the target with the humor and characterization in this game. It's unlikely to appeal to even the youngest members of their audience.

Contenders: Thor: God of Thunder, Red Faction: Armageddon.

Dragon Age 2
"BioWare takes a completely different and utterly wrong turn."

Why it sucks
Dragon Age is a franchise which we hoped would dominate the RPG scene by this time. BioWare decided to turn things upside down, so to speak. Dragon Age: Origins treated players to an amazingly complex role-playing game, a vast and rich world with a wide range of beautiful locations to explore. The sequel has fundamentally changed everything we enjoyed in the previous game. Hurling us into an uninteresting story, boring and cheesy characters, was one thing. The biggest mistake was oversimplifying the gameplay and making players go through generic and repetitive areas, with plenty of backtracking. On its own. Dragon Age 2 isn't exactly a total disaster. However, compared to its predecessor, it's a disgrace.

Contenders: Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

Dead Island
"Not too bad, but far from perfect."

Why it sucks
Before the bonfire begins, I'd like to emphasize that I don't think Dead Island was utter crap. It's a solid enough game, if you're after survival-horror games in co-op. But it's still an experience without substance, not to mention that there was a range of nasty little bugs throughout the game. Nothing major, but certainly enough to piss you off at some points. Alpha Protocol was last year's buggiest game and I can safely say that Dead Island is not as disastrous as Obsidian's action RPG. Still, we're not just talking about bugs and technical problems, here. Dead Island's combat mechanics and the gameplay in general aren't exactly well-polished. The combat is usually frustrating and the vehicle physics are awful. So, to be fair, this shouldn't be called 'The Buggiest Game in 2011' but rather something like 'The Game With The Drunkest Q&A Team' or something like that.

Contenders: none.

Miss May

Why she sucks
To be completely blunt, I'm never really certain about what exactly I'm supposed to say about the babes that have not received as high a score as we hoped. They're still babes. And we love 'em!



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Reader Comments
film11 Jan 13 2012, 04:46 am EST
DIsappointment of the year for me was Red Orchestra 2. Was hoping for a prettier version of the original but got a very buggy game that was neither hyper realistic or acceptably arcadey, but an annoying mix between the two.
  stochinblockin: Oh yeah thanks for reminding me. By the time they got…
Vader [STAFF] Jan 13 2012, 05:35 am EST
Well, golly, gee, tits and ass. We didn't play that one. Still, it got relatively solid scores on Gamerankings and Metacritic...
MoCus Jan 13 2012, 06:03 am EST
I Agree completely on all occasions.
DNF was boring as heck
DA2 was repetitive as heaven
Dead island was so buggy i couldn't press Q anytime, anywhere without getting a CTD
and yeah, Q is the button that goes into rage...
  Vader: glad to see we agree :)
Cheddar: Wow. I never had any problems with Dead Island anyth…
Vycka Jan 13 2012, 07:04 am EST
Sorry dudes, but the buggiest game was Skyrim.
  Vader: Not really, no. Buggy, yes. Not buggiest.
Vycka: Significantly more buggy than Dead Island, either way.
BloodAngel: Uh no.
finaleve: I might have to agree, Console wise anyways. See, …
Neil Jan 13 2012, 07:04 am EST
How did Miss January get in the bottom of the pile? Wow!
Cheddar Jan 13 2012, 09:00 am EST
Hmm. I don't really recall any particular bugs or glitches or what have you with Dead Island.

I mean, sure, there were a lot of rough edges to Dead Island that kept it from being a truly elite-tier game, but the Quality Assurance didn't seem the issue so much as the developers' execution not being quite good enough to take Dead Island to the next level.

Are we counting aspects like terrible voice-acting, a bland narrative, and laughably cliched characters as criticisms pertaining to the realm of QA?
Cheddar Jan 13 2012, 09:09 am EST
I have to agree with Vycka. I love Skyrim, but it's pretty silly not to hand it the mantle of Buggiest Game when it has the sort of videos it has all over youtube right now.

I mean, mammoths that fall out of the sky?

Backwards flying dragons?

NPCs that run a treadmill while riding horses?

Ragdoll physics that send the player rocketing into orbit? LITERALLY?

There's really no comparison here.

As a Skyrim FAN, I almost feel... well, affronted... that it didn't receive the 'distinction'.
  Vader: Skyrim had a lot of bugs. But it's Skyrim. Even with …
Cheddar: Dude, youtube! It's not like Skyrim's hilariously aw…
LostPcGamer: Its good to see I can agree with cheddar on this Vade…
finaleve: Playing the 360 version, encountering most, if not al…
Xmortis: Oddly the bugs I found had to do with a couple quests…
archangel5 Jan 13 2012, 10:15 am EST
Skyrim was buggy but its bugs were silly, they didn't break the game. Dead Island was almost unplayable for some people.
im_stardust Jan 13 2012, 10:26 am EST
So must buggiest game which ruined the game experience or just most buggiest game?

In skyrim buggy were the finishing moves. They were unpolished and they ruined some of the gaming experience for me. Most other have been fixed with patches, released just a couple of weeks the game was launched. And of course some community patches were release even sooner.
BloodAngel Jan 13 2012, 12:04 pm EST
Skyrim had bugs, but not like Dead Island. Let's see, before I uninstalled that piece of shit, here's a little list of what I experienced;

1. Changing resolution crashed me to desktop
2. Choosing a character at the selection screen sometimes caused a desktop crash.
3. It lagged if I used the keyboard, so I had to use a 360 controller.
4. Game crash if you alt+tab.
5. Game freezes all over the place!
6. Fucking doors are more deadly than the Zombies! In one two hour gaming period I died 5 times to doors.
7. Don't even bother trying Co-op, it crashed and crashed and crashed and crashed, oh and it crashed!

This door-infested pile of crash definitely deserved the "win" in Buggiest Game this year.
Doomsday. Jan 13 2012, 12:16 pm EST
I would also add Crysis 2 for me! It Suckd!! Consolized bullshit!
Terminator Jan 13 2012, 03:56 pm EST
Dragon Age 2 gets my vote for worst game of 2011. Words can't describe how angry I am at Bioware and EA. The first Dragon Age is one of the best RPG's ever made. How they could fuck the sequal up so badly is beyond me.
  Cheddar: 1.) David Gaider revealed himself to be a shit writer…
Terminator: Good points Cheddar. It seems EA also rushed DA2 out …
Cheddar: Well, EA just doesn't really know the first thing abo…
Cheddar Jan 13 2012, 07:54 pm EST
I guess I just somehow lucked out on Dead Island. It seriously ran perfectly fine for me. I don't recall EVER crashing to desktop with that game. Not even once! I never even knew it was happening to anyone else before now.

I have a lot of criticisms of the game, don't get me wrong. But as far as technical stuff goes the game was very stable and the performance was very good. For me.

You guys who had problems... were you using pirated versions of the game? A lot of CTDs and other sorts of problems with warez'ed games are caused by bad cracks or missing files.
  BloodAngel: I don't know about anyone else, but I bought mine thr…
Zenmuron: I didn't get Dead Island until December and it was pa…
kiadimundi Jan 13 2012, 11:58 pm EST
Dead Island rocked...ok it has what, it has a better combat model than any game released last year (on pc) and that`s enough for me!
  Vader: Fair enough... or is it fair enough. Is it just fair …
Breedy_Mcfluff Jan 15 2012, 02:59 pm EST
Got Dead Island a little under a month ago. Game is very fun, but I can only play it in small doses due to it making me nauseous. And the animations are a bit terrible, but whatever. It's a better zombie game than Dead Rising could ever be.

It's never crashed and I haven't noticed many big issues. Yet.
eaze2011 Jan 21 2012, 08:49 am EST
Hm. Dead Island was certainly buggy, but not really crap.
i mean it could have been a lot worse and not fun, but it was ok id say though a bit boring at times. ;)
well this is only my opinion though


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