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Dragon Age: Inquisition PreviewE3 2014 Coverage » Dragon Age: Inquisition Preview

Seeing Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay footage at E3 reminded me I have one major task to undertake this summer: finish Dragon Age: Origins. Wasn’t that open world fun? Wasn’t it colorful? Weren’t my party members just fantastic? The Inquisition is coming, and I don’t want to be left behind. This is one game I have to have on day one, in my hands, ready to play. I thought that what I saw with The Witcher 3 was amazing, but Dragon Age Inquisition may have blown it out of the water.

I wasn’t able to play it, but I watched live gameplay footage at a presentation rather than a prerendered trailer. It wasn’t ideal, but it’s definitely better than nothing. From my presentation, they chose a female Qunari mage to show off one of the new races players can pick in character creation. This particular mission was to stop the war between the mages and the templars, something that has been brewing since the original Dragon Age. The game world in DAI has opened up considerably. Players are no longer restricted to Ferelden, and like The Witcher 3, if you can see it in the world, you can go to it (Hell yeah, bring on the open-world gameplay - Ed. Vader). There are no invisible boundaries here either. And just how big is it? The game’s executive producer said that the area our demo was in was three times larger than the part of Ferelden shown in Dragon Age: Origins (That does sound impressive. DAO was huge. - Ed. Vader). At least there are various mounts you can acquire to help you travel through it as quickly as possible instead of just walking.

Even more importantly, everything you do in the world has an effect, no matter how slight it is. For example, if you decide to hunt down all of the bears in the wilderness for their pelts, the bears will go endangered and disrupt the ecosystem. Every decision you make will alter something in the course of the plot, the characters, and the state of Ferelden. It’s both daunting and amazing, and that’s just a sample of why there are over 40 possible endings to the game. The combat has also been reconfigured to be a bit more tactical, ideal for players who like to have more control over their party and miss the tactical strategy combat of the original Baldur’s Gate. By switching to a tactical view, the combat pauses and the camera shifts to a top-down angle. From here, players can dole out orders to each party member and analyze each enemy’s weaknesses. After you’ve given everyone their marching orders, once you unpause, the game goes back to the original point of view seamlessly.

While fighting and completing missions, as the Inquisitor, your character’s main purpose is to close all of the breaches that have opened up between the real world and the Fade. These breaches are allowing demons to spill into Ferelden, wreak havoc, and thus tear open more breaches. The Inquisitor has a special ability to use magic to close all of these tears, which will be crucial in protecting Ferelden and discovering why the world is literally coming apart at the seams.

It was more than clear from this demonstration that BioWare wants to wipe away the stain caused by Dragon Age 2 and give everyone the Dragon Age game they really want. October 7th cannot come here soon enough.


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PotatoMuncher Jun 13 2014, 05:50 am EDT
Could you cry any harder, Vader? Jesus - what a pathetically whiny, annoying post. You didn't like DA2, that's your right, but to make a comment as stupid as "if they just made a turd-floating sewer simulator and just slapped the DA logo on it" just makes you sound like a childish, hyperbole-spewing moron.

Was the game as amazing as DA Origins? No, in the opinion of most, it was not (including mine). But was it this terrible, irreparable failure of a game? No, it wasn't. If it didn't have the Dragon Age name on it, it would have likely fared better with critics and gamers - living up to Origins was a monumental task.

Seriously though, next time spare us the emo 'lemme say this is gay to sound cool' BS and just post news. Thanks.
  Dick_Swet: Chill out, guy. Eat a potato.
Vader: "But was it this terrible, irreparable failure of a g…
Terminator: Calm down dude.
Vodoo Jun 13 2014, 06:01 am EDT
is this franchise finally getting interesting characters and a VILLAIN ?

probably not.
  Vader: Let's just wait and see. I could never related to any…
Terminator Jun 13 2014, 08:07 pm EDT
I think Bioware will redeem themselves with Dragon Age: Inquisition. The fans made themselves VERY clear about how pathetic DA 2 was.
DRAVNT Jun 14 2014, 12:42 am EDT
Vader, don't listen to PotatoMuncher's opinion about your opinion. It's like comparing armpits or sense in comparing them to each other or finding fault with shape, size, etc.

BUT I totally agree with you 100% Vader.

And I really hate that I got suckered into buying it via pre-order and it had such piss-poor design; obviously pushed out to "capture the market" while it was hot.

So angry still......


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