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Lords of the Fallen Hands-onE3 2014 Coverage » Lords of the Fallen Hands-on

Lords of the Fallen is a brand new IP from CI Games and Bandai Namco that is a bit of a mix between Dark Souls and Darksiders. It’s like Darksiders because the protagonist and all of the enemies are massive with slow-swinging attacks, and it’s like Dark Souls because the gameplay is unforgiving. I can’t say it’s punishing, because it doesn’t exactly punish the player for making a mistake, but every mistake is costly, so costly. I don’t play Dark Souls or Demon Souls, so I was not used to such gruesome and perfectionist prerequisites. I played the hands-on demo for nearly 30 minutes and I could only reach the third room available before dying yet again.

This game is definitely not for me, but I bet it would appease you masochists (I’m looking at you, Vader.) (I just love torment. And being cranky about it. - Ed. Vader)

I realize that the title, Lords of the Fallen, is rather generic, but it actually has a meaning behind it. The world in-game is overrun with monsters and demons, and instead of fighting the evil themselves, the nobles have decided to release their prisoners and make them battle on their behalf. They’re sentenced to die anyway, so why not have them die trying to save the world?

Each prisoner has a brand on his or her face to show just how horrific their crimes were before their capture. Our hero has a massive brand on his face, but the demo didn’t show enough to dive into his background. According to one of the game’s developers, his back story is one that will be explored throughout gameplay, so he did not want to give any additional information other than to say he is a bad, bad man.

Like Darksiders, the game is a bit of heavy-hitting hack-and-slash with some magic abilities mixed in. Since every enemy is a hulking mass of murder, you can’t just run in swinging your own giant sword and expect to live longer than three steps. I know, because I tried. Every room must be entered with caution, every enemy observed and noted where they are hiding, what they are wielding, and how much armor they are wearing. And even then, I can almost guarantee you that you won’t see that one little guy hiding underneath the stairs, who makes so much noise, two brutes with insanely large shields will come running to make you the jelly in their shield sandwich.


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Vodoo Jun 20 2014, 12:37 pm EDT
i don't understand the point of these games; the Souls franchise had many things to be proud of but holy crap the story and rigid gameplay, truly disgraceful.

i have a feeling this is becoming a trend, let us all make games filled with fantasy babbling and HARDCORE combat because old gamers loved Golden Axe and kids nowadays are super competitive and eager to show off their e-penis.

i can stand in front of a brick wall until it erodes completely but that is neither fun nor impressive.

chess is impressive....i still have no clue how to play that game.


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