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Wasn’t that Mortal Kombat X trailer from last week just glorious? I could not believe how far this series has come from that trailer. Unfortunately, that was not actual gameplay, BUT I can assure you that those X-ray hits are all part of the game and the fatality moves are as visceral and graphically violent as that trailer showed. After the presenting team showed us various finishing moves throughout the demo, I did have to turn away at one point because it was just too much. Typing it up here would not do it justice at all; you have to see how horrific this is to just understand.

While violence and finishing moves are an awesome part of Mortal Kombat’s vast history, Mortal Kombat X has a bit more to offer than just photorealistic finishers and bone-crunching moves that the player can see with X-ray vision. The big new feature with MKX is all of the variations the player can use for each character. Each fighter has three different variations that can give the fighter different abilities, different moves, and different vulnerabilities. For example, Scorpion’s hellfire variation allows him to summon demons in battle, whereas his ninja variation calls on him to rely on his swordplay. In this way, each character has even more variety for players to experiment with and find out which play-style best suits them.

There are also four new characters to join the battle arena, and we only got to see two of them. D’vorah is a n insect-like woman who can summon swarms of insects to aid her in battle or make all of her punches poisonous. The other was Ferra/Tor, who was two fighters in one. Ferra is a small girl who controls a large brawling beast named Tor. I instantly thought of Big Daddy and the Little Sisters upon seeing this combination. I also thought of the giant zombie from Plants vs. Zombies who had the little tiny zombie on his back. Ferra/Tor isn’t unlike that last comparison, and their fatality is quite disturbing in true Mortal Kombat style.

While visually the game did not look as photorealistic as the reveal trailer did, it still looks pretty darn amazing, and I can promise that the finishing movies and X-ray bone crunches from the trailer are directly in the game. If visceral, bloody combat is what you’ve been missing from fighting games, you will joyously welcome Mortal Kombat X with open arms. I haven’t played a Mortal Kombat game since Mortal Kombat 2 for the Sega Game Gear (I just severely aged myself there), and even I want to check this new one out for the new generation of consoles.


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Vodoo Jun 11 2014, 09:34 am EDT
to quote the great american philosopher Paris Hilton: "That's hot !"
Vader [STAFF] Jun 11 2014, 01:56 pm EDT
Hilton does have some interesting points of you on life. One of the best philosophers around.
RenegadeCZ Jun 11 2014, 03:50 pm EDT
"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in." -Paris Hilton

You gotta love her take on all this ontology shit.


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