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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Progress Report Part 1

ActionTrip took part in a recently held conference call regarding EA Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We were able to learn a whole bunch of cool and interesting stuff about the game and how the development is going. Questions that were thrown around have been answered by EA Mythic Design Manager Paul Barnett, Content Director Destin Bales, Lead Character Artist Adam Gershowitz, Associate Producer Josh Drescher and Senior Producer Jeff Hickman. We'd also like to express our thanks to the always friendly Eddiemae Jukes from Triple Point PR.

The conference call kicked off. The devs. were definitely in a good mood and were more than eager to give us the heads-up on various aspects of the project.

Closed Beta Feedback

The first topic was the current state of the closed beta and the impressions of some of the folks who have been playing it. When asked about the closed beta Josh started to elaborate on the subject:

"We've just finished testing up some of our mid-level Elven Content." The rest of the crew at EA Mythic joined in, saying that they are "not just allowing people randomly walk around the game. We're opening targeted bits of the game and saying to them, 'we need you to press all of your energy on this one particular piece, so we want you to test it and break it and we'll repair it."

Jeff further explains: "We're currently testing the Campaign Game, which is the highest RvR sections of our game, where players are in, right now as a matter of fact, testing the fight between Altdorf and the Inevitable City, fighting for domination of the land between the two cities, testing the keeps and siege and battlefield objectives and scenarios and all things that happen in that area."

The next topic was if the developers were happy with the feedback coming from the closed beta. Jeff quickly responded:

"Absolutely." He then proceeded by quoting a few people who played the game the previous night, which was mostly positive stuff like "the terrain is incredible, guys, nice work." Others said "RvR is really fun, I enjoy it a lot," "using siege weapons is great" and "the art looks exactly as I expected, great job." Jeff wrapped things up by saying "we're very pleased with the feedback."

Learning from DAOC

What then followed was a question regarding the knowledge gained from their earlier work -- Dark Age of Camelot -- to which Jeff replied:

"A lot of the stuff that we're doing with Warhammer derived from what we did with Camelot. Warhammer really builds upon that great foundation that Camelot put in place for us. But it differs greatly also."

"We've learned a lot of great stuff from DAOC, like how to balance out realms, how to balance out population, how to balance classes, what's fun what's not. So a lot of the stuff that we're doing with Warhammer derived from what we did with Camelot. Warhammer really builds upon that great foundation that Camelot put in place for us. But it differs greatly also. While Camelot was one frontier with a set number of keeps and zones you can fight over, kind of mish-mash-altogether-go-anywhere-you-want, Warhammer really is three different battlefronts, battles raging across the world, not only in open-world RvR where you can fight your enemy in unmatched combat, never knowing exactly what you're getting into, fighting over open-world battlefield objective, keeps with siege, but also in scenarios which are evenly matched instanced combat. There's over 30 of these in the game, at least one in every single zone. So, you have all of these different ways of playing the RvR game and then it culminates in these great city sieges where you literarily can attack your enemy's capital city, ransacking the city, looting, pillaging, burning, kind of going through the ultimate prize, the crown jewel of your enemy's capital city."

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