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100 People Working on Blizzard's Project Titan
Although Blizzard Entertainment has kept a tight lid on their secretive game, Project Titan, company VP Rob Pardo commented that they have a rather large development team currently devoted to that.

"I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that it's around the corner or anything," Pardo said. "It's a big project, it's got a long ways to go. Don't know yet when we're going to start releasing more information. We're definitely dead in the middle of development at this point. I think we're over 100 people on the team, now, working on it."

Hm, maybe we'll know more at next year's BlizzCon? If they are, Pardo says in mid-development, I guess they might release some info in the near future. Here's hoping.

Thanks, Shack.

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im_stardust Sep 28 2012, 11:31 am EDT
Buying some time with Mists of Pandaria while they develop a new grindfest? Most probably.
optimus slime Sep 28 2012, 11:54 am EDT
I wonder if "Project Titan", the working title has got anything to do with the game or is it just like some pompous name given to a secret doomsday project by an evil scientist who wants to control the world, but is foiled in the end by James Bond.
Whisky Sep 28 2012, 12:31 pm EDT
CJ_Parker Sep 28 2012, 02:39 pm EDT
If they are in the "middle" then going by Blizzard's track record the game must be ~5 years away from release so we'd have to use a pretty loose definition of "near future" for expecting more info.
Trancer Sep 28 2012, 03:19 pm EDT
It's WOW 2
Terminator Sep 28 2012, 04:37 pm EDT
EDIT: Just what we need, another fucking MMO. Damn it anyway, there are far too many of them on the market now!
IcedEarth Sep 28 2012, 05:27 pm EDT
Unless they're creating a new IP or resurrecting an ancient one, or making a single player WarCraft (and those are all long shots), it pretty much has to be WoW 2. Diablo III is covered and StarCraft universe is covered with Heart of the Swarm. What else takes that many people to create?
Miliowilix Sep 28 2012, 05:58 pm EDT
Nah, it's a Golf simulator.
KraGeRzR Sep 28 2012, 06:00 pm EDT
I definitely want another WarCraft game, and none of that MMO bullshit this time.
MoCus Sep 28 2012, 06:33 pm EDT
Zag zag!
Trancer Sep 28 2012, 07:04 pm EDT
Or maybe Blizz is re-making Diablo 3 from scratch..! xD
im_stardust Sep 28 2012, 07:13 pm EDT
It will be a new IP.
Breedy_Mcfluff Sep 28 2012, 07:59 pm EDT
I'd keep an eye on it, too see what the artists pump out in ways of concepts, but other than that: pass.

I'd rather not have another auction house/leash.
Vodoo Sep 29 2012, 12:47 am EDT
i find myself recently playing indie titles and relatively old games.
all of these made by 10-15 people or less....usually less.

the factory will churn out rubbish as it always has while the artists continue to make graffiti on its stale grey walls.
  EricHalfBee: I was going to say that that's almost poetic but why …
Kurio Sep 29 2012, 09:34 am EDT
I do seriously hope it fails, badly, they go bankrupt and activision drops them, they are forced to dump all those horrid devs they caught over the years and get the old guys back, then are forced to become again the good old blizzard we knew, that loved its costumers over the profit, was fun and friendly and made quality games.

Biggest example of how it has turned is diablo 3, with its RMHA, they started to, literally, farm people for money, even the AH is fixed so that drops take in account what is already available, if a casino did that they would be shut down, but this are still murky waters...

it is, sad.
So little good companies remain *sigh*
Vodoo Sep 29 2012, 11:16 am EDT
the gaming world doesn't need companies, it needs PEOPLE.....collaborative individuals with a working brain.
PerfectXtreme Sep 29 2012, 09:54 pm EDT
WarCraft = Orcs, Goblins, Humans, Elves and shit...

StarCraft = Space/Future shit...

Diablo = Demons, Mages, Magic...

If they do create a "new" IP it's not going to be very different from the other 3 they already have unless they go for modern world (not likely) or sports/race sim (again, not likely)...
barasawa Sep 29 2012, 11:21 pm EDT
They haven't said much, but a while ago they said it wasn't Diablo, Warcraft, or Starcraft related. Other than that, it's just random guessing unless you have a secret ninja army that has infiltrated the Blizzard development site. :)

Hmmm... Blizzard does Mythical China Romance of the Three Kingdoms setting. ( Why not, the Asian developers seem to do that with 60% of all their games.)


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