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About the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Okay, I feel the need to correct myself after yesterday's report on the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut, which I still haven't played. After watching a few videos of the added endings, I wasn't impressed much. However, I seemed to have neglected the fact that BioWare's initial version of ME3 had utterly crappy endings with no closure at all and there was little resolution on all the characters in the game. With this new DLC, BioWare actually offers a lot of explanation on what happens after the end scene and after Shepard makes the final choice.

BioWare had a choice too. The could've just ignored the complaints from fans, like most developers would've probably done. Only they didn't. Instead they took all the criticism on board and they actually went back to the game to correct their mistakes, which is a commendable effort despite of what you may think about them as a development team.

I'll still say this again. I wasn't bothered too much by the ending in Mass Effect 3. True, I felt it left a lot things unexplained, but I wasn't as outraged as so many people were. They were pissed off because the player had very little impact on the ending and the closure of the story itself. This wasn't that much of a bother for me. Other things pissed me off about Mass Effect in general - like the decision to take a lot of the RPG elements out and to focus on action. That's bothered me ever since Mass Effect 2, but that's another issue.

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Marku5K Jun 28 2012, 02:53 am EDT
The original ending sucked donkey BALLS and ruined the whole franchise!! And that's that!!
  Terminator: Damn right!
Reikhardt Jun 28 2012, 03:07 am EDT
If these had been the original endings, I'd have been relatively happy in all honesty. It's just a shame that they had to release them as free DLC as an afterthought. When they story boarded the game, surely the ending is a huge part of that process?
  tei187: true. if those were the original endings, i'd be rela…
Terminator: Bioware didn't care about the endings. They only care…
Terminator Jun 28 2012, 04:08 am EDT
These extended cuts didn't change squat. Same bullshit but it's longer now. Bioware fucked the Mass Effect fans with these endings, which are basically all the same. Every choice we made, every romance we pursued, it was all for NOTHING.

What point is there in replaying the Mass Effect trilogy? No point at all, because our choices don't mean shit. Thanks a lot Bioware, you really showed how much you "care" about your fans. Fucking Biowhores!
SpaceMonkey Jun 28 2012, 04:33 am EDT
Yeah, the gameplay change bothered me more than the endings ever did. It felt more EA than ME. Don't know if you notice, but if you play enough EA games you'll notice they all contains certain designs and patterns and lack of charm.

Samething happening to Blizzard after they merge with Activision at the moment. As game companies gets bigger the game becomes worst, it's a pattern I notice. Just look at Kirosoft, they're a mobile games developer and their games like game dev story got more gameplay and charm more than alot of AAA games ever would.
Bubu Jun 28 2012, 06:21 am EDT
"commendable effort " no it fucking isn't. All they did was to incorporate some of the promises they made since ME1 and only a small percentage of those were included in the DLC. Still its a lot better that the original retarded endings. Artistic integrity my ass.
Sigma_100 Jun 28 2012, 11:31 am EDT
Negative hype is just as bad as regular hype you guys. Just sayin'.
Alchi Jun 28 2012, 12:38 pm EDT
All of you bitching assholes are missing the point.

Bioware delivered on their promises.
They listened to their fans after a shitload of flak they took from everybody.
It would've crushed a weaker company's spirit.

But they 'fixed' their mistake and did it for free.
For free bitches.

Are endings still bad? Yeah.
But fuck you, for bitching for more.
  Terminator: How can you say they delivered on their promise? Mass…
Marku5K: Yep, I was pleased with the ending of the first two, …
Reaper: They DID ad one more ending, Refusal, and seriously, …
Terminator: Refusal is just as bad, in my opinion. What is wrong …
Juxtapose: @Terminator You do realize that by game's end, regar…
Alchi: Again you focus on the fact that the endings are bad.…
Terminator: @ Juxtapose: Spare me your sarcastic bullshit. Of cou…
Alchi: That is a good question. They added several scenes …
Juxtapose: @Terminator It's not sarcastic bullshit, it's how th…
Terminator: @ Juxtapose: Sorry about the 'sarcastic bullshit' com…
Juxtapose: @Terminator No worries dude, I know it's a touchy sub…
Whisky Jun 28 2012, 05:00 pm EDT
I would have been happier with these endings. But why release them for free after the fact? So they can include them with their GOTY editions and all the other DLC. All about marketing.
im_stardust Jun 28 2012, 10:09 pm EDT
What are you people complaining about? The whole story was bogus. Reapers...yeah right... doesn't matter how it ends.

tei187 Jun 29 2012, 02:07 am EDT
endings are bad and will stay bad. they're not going to change them. yet fans wanted closure and bioware somewhat delivered (even if it's in a form of 5 more minutes of recolored explosions).
however, stay vigil. the last time i've heard bullshit about "artistic integrity" it turned out that it was actually "we didn't fkn know how to do that". "art sake" is the easiest excuse for having no talent or imagination or skills.


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