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ActionTrip Tagline - Reigniting an Old Flame!
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Holy crap, just what the fuck is that on my forehead? I swear, didn't have one of those since high-school. Why did I start this post again? Oh yeah. You guys remember the time when we were trying to come up with new taglines for ActionTrip? Sure you do. And I've just dug up a few of them from our news archives. This was also up on AT FB, but you don't know that, because you are probably avoiding our Facebook page like the plague.

Here are the suggestions I've reposted - few are mine, others are from you guys. Some of these are true gems. 

  • AT - Your daily gaming fix.
  • AT - The only place where games and babes meet.
  • AT - The center of resistance against EA.
  • AT - Did we mention boobs?
  • AT - If You have an opinion You're gonna have a bad time!
  • AT - A filthy mind in a healthy body.
  • AT - We bring action and boobs. But mostly news.
  • AT - Mediocrity is our game, and we play it with one hand on the controller
  • AT - The home of cockslapping.
  • AT - Move along, nothing to see here.
  • AT - Throwing hissy fits when it matters.
  • AT - Always understaffed, never outgunned!
  • AT - We've got games, you bring the boobs!
  • AT - A gay site for non-gays.
  • AT - We have all kinds of beer.
  • AT - because fuck you that's why
  • AT - Full of ideas, not all of them wrong.

Feel free to offer new suggestions, I'm putting up a new tagline for sure. The one we have right now sucks sloth testicles.

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Reader Comments
Marku5K Jun 27 2014, 03:25 am EDT

We tried this once didn't care!
  Vader: Well, we've respawned so now let's try again.
Vader: And, nope, it's not true that I didn't care.
Doomsday. Jun 27 2014, 03:28 am EDT
The one right now sucks Michael Bay balls!!
Nothing can beat this one:What we lack in quality, we make up for in stupidity!!
Bring it back!! :)
  Vader: Yeah, nice. But we need something new.
kera33: Actually this was the quote that hang me to this sit…
Vader: Yeah, it's a powerful line :)
araczynski Jun 27 2014, 04:45 am EDT
AT - Hoes before bros.
AT - Hoes and gaming bros.
  Vader: Love the first one.
GrgoljBlaster Jun 27 2014, 04:54 am EDT
"Fun with joysticks in the dark"
"All aboard the pessimism boat!"
"Powered by boobs and grumpy nerds. But mostly boobs"
this one's probably cliche: Come for the games, stay for the babes
  Vader: Somehow, I just have a soft spot for the second one
Reikhardt Jun 27 2014, 04:58 am EDT

"All aboard the pessimism boat!" for me.
Although 'AT - A gay site for non-gays.' is pretty apt too.
  Vader: Yeah, that's a beaut.
Morkrul: that one's great
RenegadeCZ Jun 27 2014, 05:03 am EDT

AT - For your GDA of pessimism look no further.
AT - We don't need news to feel shitty, we have this site.
  Vader: Nice :)
RenegadeCZ: Not really. I was in the mood to say something dickly…
Vader: Sorry? Why sorry. We take the piss out of each other …
RenegadeCZ: You're gonna tell me what I can and cannot do now? Fu…
vanguard Jun 27 2014, 05:03 am EDT
Always understaffed, never outgunned!!
PigMaster Jun 27 2014, 06:05 am EDT
At - we ruin movies by posting trailers

Also - AT - some of us aren't virgins

Also. - AT - Gaming balls deep

Also - fuck you. I first came to this website because of 'what we lack in quality, we make up in stupidity.
  Vader: The last of is rather nostalgic, but I see the truth …
asmail Jun 27 2014, 08:25 am EDT
AT - The frustration of growing old playing games.
optimus slime Jun 27 2014, 08:50 am EDT
"We hand out free games! (Once)."
"Mornin'. We mean it."
"Bored? Depressed? So are we."
"Bringing you down to our level and beating you with dicks."

As for the list, "Throwing hissy fits when it matters" and the last two, but for the love of god, put anything but the first one.

Also your first reply to Marku5K is good.
  Vader: Enhancing boredom and depression then.
Killer Klown Jun 27 2014, 11:39 am EDT
AT - We Don't Suck Sloth Testicles
  Vader: That one's almost a keeper.
kreep69 Jun 27 2014, 11:59 am EDT
Actiontrip - Video Games and babes; what we lack in quality, we make up for in stupidity!
  kreep69: You could also replace 'in' with 'with' (works better…
Vader: A bit long. And also, that's the old one. Like I said…
Vader [STAFF] Jun 27 2014, 12:36 pm EDT
"Well, we've respawned, so now let's try again."

That one came about accidentally. Doesn't sound too bad either. Thanks Slime. Not saying we'll put that, but just a cool thought.
touretul Jun 27 2014, 12:54 pm EDT
The only place where games and babes meet.
  kreep69: This one has potential ... instead of 'the only' how …
cracker101 Jun 27 2014, 02:25 pm EDT
AT- Gamer tested, Glen Beck approved!
Whisky Jun 27 2014, 02:40 pm EDT
I like this one: AT - Full of ideas, not all of them wrong

If I had to come up with one on my own...hmmmm. How about:
AT - You'll hate yourself for reading Stardust's posts
KraGeRzR Jun 27 2014, 02:48 pm EDT
I still like my own:
AT - Mediocrity is our game, and we play it with one hand on the controller

Because it's a double entendre - playing with one hand would result in a mediocre game, and it also refers to fapping obviously.
  Vader: Well... obviously. Yep, that's one of the top candida…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jun 27 2014, 04:35 pm EDT
Underachievers Fleeing Reality
  RenegadeCZ: Painfully apposite. I like it.
Vodoo Jun 28 2014, 03:49 am EDT
you're welcome for the 6th one; however after all these years, i think Dante Alighieri foresaw the future and the coming of Actiontrip.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
  Vader: I'm all for dark and depressing. That one's too c…
Morkrul Jun 29 2014, 10:12 am EDT
un's one is good
also full of ideas, not all of them wrong is good too
antonphd Jun 29 2014, 12:03 pm EDT
random game news site i found years ago and have been visiting daily since, cause i am too lazy to look for any others.
Breedy_Mcfluff Jun 29 2014, 10:01 pm EDT
AT - This finally changed from the former cliche', lifeless piece of shit!

Would that be k?
  Vader: Yes.


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