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Aliens: Colonial Marines Announced

Movies that have inspired practically every single popular shooter on the market now await a direct video game adaptation. The spirit of the Alien moveis, particularly James Cameroon's flick Aliens, can be felt in every other modern-day FPS.

This time Sega and Gearbox Software are making Aliens: Colonial Marines. Naturally, it's a squad-based first-person shooter and a take on the mentioned popular movie series. Players are going to experience a story-driven single player campaign, which centers around a team of troops facing an alien assault.

Sega and Gearbox made it clear that the game concatenates on conveying the atmosphere from the films and they promised a tense squad-based FPS experience. Also, a 4-player co-op has been announced, allowing each player to assume a unique role within the squad.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is expected to arrive for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC platforms some time in late 2008.

While this can easily turn into an intense and fun sci-fi shooter if done properly, I have a nagging sensation many gamers are getting a bit tired of the whole squad-based, marines-with-guns-kicking-alien-ass thing.

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eph Feb 21 2008, 01:36 am EST
Console game. Goodbye expectations.
  WobbleyheadedBob: Stop your grinnin and drop your linen!!! time to dust…
FesterSilently Feb 21 2008, 01:39 am EST
Okay, so *first* of all, THIS is what they were talking about a few days back, and NOT Halo 4, yes? Or did I miss that in another day's announcement(s)?

Secondly...MAN, I hope (though I doubt) that this has at least a *taste* of "Ghost Recon (el original) In Space"

But if it's not, and it's "only" as good as Monolith's awesome and scary AvP2, then I'll still be very well pleased.

That is all.

Zolneirz Feb 21 2008, 01:44 am EST
Co-fucking-op, you got me to buy it.
  Cowflab: Word bitch!
Killer Klown Feb 21 2008, 01:45 am EST
Enh. I doubt anyone much remembers this, but the first AVP was, in fact, a console game. For the Atari Jaguar, of all things. Simply making it a console game doesn't necessarily make it 'bad'; especially since the AvP franchise (with the noteworthy exception of that utterly abysmal Predator: Concrete Jungle game from a few years back) were quite possibly the only _good_ games to make the transition from movie titles.
  The Bruce: Chronicles of Riddick is easily one of top 10 shooter…
Paul Feb 21 2008, 01:57 am EST
For Fester - this is probably NOT it, Aliens fps from Gearbox has been known for a few months now...this is just official disclosure of name.

And for Vader, yeah I am tired of stupid games like GoW, thats for sure, but not of games like AvP, because there hasnt been more atmospheric FPS since AvP2 in 2001.This is what I have been waiting for a very looooong time, real Alien fps, based on original movies.All that crap like Doom 3,Q4,GoW doesnt come even close to AvP yeah, I am looking forward to it.Hopefully console retardation wont damage it much..
hangphyr Feb 21 2008, 02:35 am EST
I'm so happy about the somewhat recent trend of coop game coming back. Fainally developers are remembering how much people love coop.

Coop can make a single player campaign infinitely more fun.
Pathfinder Feb 21 2008, 03:11 am EST
gearbox make quality titles, I reckon this is gonna be pretty good.
brothers in arms in space :)
Rafal Feb 21 2008, 06:09 am EST
Sounds like it's gonna be like AvP games, except not as awesome.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Feb 22 2008, 04:11 am EST
Oh boy, MORE unoriginality. What can be lamer than having to babysit when friggin aliens rush in from all sides ?
The whole thing will be watered down. The aliens will be a bunch of pussies so that your cool squad mates can live and continue to puke out macho bullshit. OR, the other way around, which will end up being a reload frustration fest.

An alien can almost kill you with one slap, they got that right in the AvP games. And thank god they let you play ALONE for most part of the marine campaign. Now, if we'll constantly be surrounded by brave american heroes, the fear of getting our faces clawed in the dark, will be replaced by the stress of having to look after Brad Eagle's (heavy gunner extraordinaire*) ass.

*heavy gunner = really long and really hard.


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