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Alienware Uncovers X51 - A Small, Console-like Gaming PC

Alienware reveals its small, new gaming PC, which they say is relatively cheap. It's called the the X51 and its current price in the UK is 699 (US price tag hasn't been confirmed yet). The PC is almost the same size as an Xbox 360 and is designed to work upright or laid on its side.

Word is: "With a rather slicker and (relatively) unassuming design, the X51 looks like it wants a home near a TV or a neat desk space. There's three different specs currently available ' 699, 849 and 949 ' with a choice of Core i3, i5 or i7 processor accordingly. Each has a terabyte hard drive, no SSD and 4GB or 8GB or RAM. You get an Alienware keyboard as part of the bundle, but no monitor or mouse."

"It's taking enthusiast-class PC gaming and putting it in a small form factor. This is something that has never been done before; there's no other small form factor PCs out there that offer any sort of a significant gaming experience," Alienware senior product manager Eoin Leyden informed Eurogamer. "We're constantly pushing it; pushing the boundaries. We're certainly exploring new avenues all the time. I certainly wouldn't say innovation has stopped or anything like that."

Hm, that's 700 quid and that's around 1000 bucks. How the fuck is that relatively cheap? It's like buying seven Xbox consoles or five PS3s!!

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Thanks PC Gamer and EG.

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Vader [STAFF] Jan 18 2012, 04:45 am EST
Hm, they could've thrown a nice monitor with this thing. Then maybe I'd consider buying one.
  Dean_Demon: hell you could get a 360 and ps3 together for less th…
Vader: You could...
finaleve: ...but I already own a PS3 and a 360...
LostPcGamer Jan 18 2012, 10:07 am EST
What do you think your PS3 and XBOX are? Mini pcs with less powerful equipment hence the lower cost.

Read the title Console-like Gaming PC. Its a mini PC thats why it cost more. Your also paying for the Alienware brand. They have always been overpriced.
  Dean_Demon: It's also not worth the money,build your own system f…
EricHalfBee: Well the 360 is more or less a mini-PC but the PS3 is…
LostPcGamer: I know its been disscused before but people still thi…
Vader [STAFF] Jan 18 2012, 01:26 pm EST
So by their standards, it's cheap then. Great.
  LostPcGamer: There cheapest pc is $1500 and you should see there g…
Vader: It is, isn't it
Terminator Jan 18 2012, 04:01 pm EST
When I look at that Mini-PC, I see nothing but cooling problems. Can't wait to see how many of them die from over-heating. Alienware should have stuck to their Micro-ATX models.
  LostPcGamer: It could be sloved with water cooling but as it is I …
MajFauxPas: Maybe they were smart and did it right, but I doubt i…
MajFauxPas Jan 18 2012, 05:14 pm EST
My two year old pc has better specs and cost half as much. And it has a monitor.
Vader [STAFF] Jan 19 2012, 01:04 am EST
Tell me about your PC. And...
Can I have it?
PerfectXtreme Jan 19 2012, 04:07 pm EST does "builds" every few months and they build 600 and 1000 dollar machines that run games perfectly...

No, they don't have a stupid alien on the front or a custom case... Wait, actually you can select whatever case you want so technically you can!


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