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Assassin's Creed 3 Patch

There's a Thanksgiving patch available for Assassin's Creed 3, as revealed on the game's official website. The patch updates the title to version 1.01.

We are committed to making sure people playing Assassin's Creed III get the best possible experience and will be delivering a patch update this week which contains over a hundred fixes and enhancements. Here are just a few of the issues we are addressing:

  • SINGLE-PLAYER - Returned Connor's hood to normal behavior at the end of the game (hood remains up when in Frontier or Cities)
  • SINGLE-PLAYER - Reduced difficulty of certain chases
  • SINGLE PLAYER ' Fixed Various visual glitches
  • SINGLE-PLAYER - Fixed player spawn points to reduce desynch on spawn
  • SINGLE PLAYER ' Fixed rare occurrences of glitches blocking your progression in the main story & secondary missions
  • MULTIPLAYER ' Tweaked settings to improve connections
  • MULTIPLAYER ' Tweaked some of the abilities and other gameplay elements
  • MULTIPLAYER ' Fixed some issues with ranking For a full list of fixes, click this link (CAUTION SPOILERS MAY BE PRESENT IN DESCRIPTIONS).

And in other Assassin's Creed 3 related news, if you haven't heard already, nasty thieves stole an entire truckload of AC 3 copies.

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Ftmch Nov 24 2012, 03:58 pm EST
I sure hope they release another patch soon which improves performance. It's pretty much unplayable in the cities (at least in boston) despite meeting the recommended specs and playing on the lowest settings available, in fact, the graphics settings hardly have an effect at all on the performance.

(not alone here:​ssassin-s-Creed-III-fps-drop-in-Boston )
Rondo Nov 24 2012, 04:40 pm EST
I find it weird that ppl are having such trouble. My video card (GTX 295) is 2+ yrs old and Im running the game smoothly at MAX settings.
  Ftmch: The problem here is that hte performance is most like…
Chunder: You have one of the older generations of CPU's?
im_stardust Nov 24 2012, 10:54 pm EST
Shut the hell up. The game is full of bugs and the A.I is retarded.

On the other hand, the game still adds some very interesting new mechanics and the voice acting is well improved....And great atmosphere as well. Too bad they are keeping the same core gameplay...
  Cheddar: He didn't say anything about the bugs and AI.
im_stardust: shut the hell up!
thestewieman: the ai is retarded, but that's because it also has to…
Cheddar Nov 25 2012, 02:29 am EST
The game certainly is full of minor bugs and glitches. It's obvious enough playtesting wasn't done, no doubt to fit with the tight release schedule Ubisoft insists upon nowadays with almost all of their titles. So far none of the bugs I've encountered have been game-breaking, but suffice it to say they're pretty fucking annoying.

As for performance... just speaking for myself, the game runs fine on my system that is very mid-range at this point (my GPU is only a HD5770). FPS in Boston does drop to 30-ish quite often, but obviously that's still very playable.
  Ftmch: What's your CPU? I believe my FPS-problems in Boston …
Cheddar: Quad-core i7. Think we may have found the issue, y…
thestewieman: also, perhaps the amd dual core optimizer is installe…
Shpongle Nov 25 2012, 05:08 am EST
I'd play it but it's not for XP. So....Them bitchez didn't get muh maney! :D
Rondo Nov 25 2012, 05:39 am EST
To me, this one was the most boring out of the 3 Assassin's Creed games. Im still gonna play the game till the end; just not enjoying it as much. boring missions like playing hide and seek, hunting and all should have been made into little cinematic/movie clips through the game. That would suffice (for me).
  thestewieman: what the fuck are you talking about? this was a bet…
Rondo: pshh
Cheddar Nov 25 2012, 03:47 pm EST
Yes, because watching a game is so much less boring than playing a game.


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