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Battlefield 3 - 1.25 Million Pre-Orders Made

Electronic Arts CFO Eric brown reveals that the forthcoming first-person shooter has been getting a lot of attention from gamers, who were evidently keen on pre-ordering the game.

"The game has come off of a very successful Gamescom," said Brown. "As of two weeks ago it won game of the show."

"To date we have about 1.25 million preorders on Battlefield 3, so it's still well ahead of its predecessor title, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, in regards to preorders in the same number of weeks till launch. So it's doing very well," Brown confirmed.

"We have a pretty extensive campaign planned for Battlefield 3," Brown stated. "We have the advantage of a two-and-a-half week early launch window versus our competitor, and we intend to use that."

Battlefield 3 is, as it turns out, one of the most anticipated titles for 2011, which puts it right in the neighborhood of games such as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Assassin's Creed Revelations, Rage and Batman: Arkham City. And judging from the current results of our ongoing voting poll, Battlefield 3 is right behind Skyrim (btw, sorry about not including Batman Arkham City in that poll - that just shows how you should never mix work with alcohol).

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Un Om Bun [STAFF] Sep 08 2011, 02:58 am EDT
I love to kill people in video games because it gives me the illusion I'm in control of life and death. It's way more fun than meditating on my own mortality. I'm sure that my maxed out e-peen will jump out of the screen and take care of whatever "real world" problem might come my way.
  EricHalfBee: Me too. When I kill someone my favourite things to sh…
mmacarthur Sep 08 2011, 03:16 am EDT
Um, okay. :-/

I'd love to see this game outsell MW3 sadly I don't think that'll happen but these figures are good news for DICE / EA.
Neath Sep 08 2011, 08:22 am EDT
I may not have pre-ordered, but I'm way more exited for this than I am MW3. (but you just know that EVERYONE will be playing MW3, which kinda sucks)

Also, watching an interview with one of the devs, it sounds like system specs will be ridiculously massive. It does look good though...
Darkthor Sep 08 2011, 06:49 pm EDT
"...EVERYONE WILL..." =including you :)
but let's throw the FACTS out the window and dare to dream...right?

It boggles the mind that THE FIRST game i ever reviewed in my smoehwat short-lived existence as a game reviewer was COD4....and i was amazed of how awesome the game was,so much that i had to argue with the WHOLE staff to accept my over 9.5 rating at that time, being MY FIRST review.....and how CoD:MW transformed the CoD franchise into a SUPERSTAR.
What can I say...we can dare to dream to have a straight up competitor TO SOMEHTING WE KNOW that its gonna rock our underwear better than the first lay that laid our virginity to waste....right?
dark_Vulture Sep 08 2011, 07:42 pm EDT
It's about time Console get a shitty port and not the other way around.
EricHalfBee Sep 09 2011, 01:23 pm EDT
COD4 was a great game and actually MW was a better one. So I'll likely give MW3 a go as I expect it will provide about an eight hour playthrough that will be very entertaining. It will be solid, cinematic and professionaly executed. But will it be great? I somehow doubt it. For a start it will have a plot that's almost offensively dumb, an engine that is now noticeably lagging behind it's main competitor and a deeply flawed Multi-Player. It will in short be good throw away fun. Like any blockbuster.


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