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Battlefield 3 Beta Accessible to All Later Today

The Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta is going to be open to all players -- on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 systems -- later during the day. No registration will be required, just download the thingy from Xbox Live, PSN or EA's Origin (on Windows PC). For two days now, players who pre-ordered DICE's shooter were able to participate in the beta, but now it's open for the rest of us mortals. Now, I'm not sure if this relates to both gamers in Europe and in the US.

In any case, early reports about the BF3 beta aren't so good. Many users complained about performances issues, while others were just generally disappointed that EA and DICE allowed so many bugs for a game that hits stores very soon indeed.

Well, be sure to try it out... if you're keen on the multiplayer. If not, just wait for the retail version, which is slated to arrive on October 25 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Un Om Bun [STAFF] Sep 29 2011, 02:45 am EDT
The impressionable asshats who were shouting at every opportunity that BF3 will change life as we know it, are starting to realize it's really just the same shooter they've been playing since always.
Good job, asshats. Tone down the idiocy next time, mkay ?
  im_stardust: I want to stab each one of them 28 times in a single …
Vader [STAFF] Sep 29 2011, 03:25 am EDT
Careful, what you say about asshats. We wouldn't want a full-on asshat rebellion on our hands now would we?
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Sep 29 2011, 03:37 am EDT
You're right.

I'm sorry asshats, it won't happen again ASSHATS.
optimus slime Sep 29 2011, 04:21 am EDT
I'm a fan of the first Battlefield and Desert Combat mod, which I still play from time to time, so I'm gonna give this a go.

What I'm not looking forward to is the new gaming community. I really can't stomach the new wave of 'gamers' ushered in by Call of Duty and Halo, though they are mostly contained on consoles, the ones I run into make me put the game aside for a while out of sheer frustration.
I'm talking about the shits that spend their free time on their looks, sitting in coffee shops, pointlessly texting each other, but now play video games because it's publicly acceptable.
But it's the children mostly, the spoiled brats that are abound. The mentality of entitled kids seems to prevail on online FPS. I can already see them playing the demo in game shops, with their seemingly confused look and opened mouth, yelling to their moms: WANT!!
You can recognize those people easily in game, they stand around looking like unprogrammed bots and shoot at the nearest person available, because they think that getting as much kills as possible is the whole point of everything.

I don't know, it was probably the same when I was a kid and it didn't bother me at the time. But I'm older now and with at least 15 years of gaming experience behind me, so I allow myself to mount a high horse and be an arrogant douche.

Anyway, back to the point. Battlefield is a game with big tactical potential, at it's best when played with teams who are used to playing together and know what they're doing. A lot of people used to avoid it, because it didn't have the Counter Strike or CoD simplicity where to whole point is to shoot at each other.

Now that it's being advertised as Call of Duty with better graphics, the turds are gonna cross over and probably ruin the whole thing. EA has only themselves to blame. They wanted to compete with Activision so bad that they rushed the game, while aiming at the audience that isn't theirs.
But they're gonna earn a bunch of money anyways, so who cares.
Vader [STAFF] Sep 29 2011, 04:25 am EDT
@optimus slime

Yesyesyesyes, but where do you stand on asshats?
  optimus slime: I'm particularly fond of them.…
Un Om Bun: teehee !
Doomsday.: i hope its female cause i felt a tingly sensation dow…
Terminator Sep 29 2011, 05:28 am EDT
Sounds like they need to delay BF3 for a while. Polish the game before you release it, dammit!
Doomsday. Sep 29 2011, 05:32 am EDT
This game will put our GPUs to the test!
SpaceMonkey Sep 29 2011, 06:03 am EDT
For the love of god! I hope they stop making fps.
im_stardust Sep 29 2011, 06:07 am EDT
All multiplayer shooters are the same. And Call of Duty is a fucking joke. It's like fucking Chip&Dale running around. No realism whatsoever.

NOTHING has changed since Unreal Tournament.
  LongJohn: Lol. indeed, and i hear that there wont be mod suppor…
SeriousAlex Sep 29 2011, 09:26 am EDT
I've had early access (48 hour early) and its pretty cool. Somehow I expected more from the graphics, it looks like BFBC2. The audio and physics are top notch and I definitely feel more immersed in multi-player than anything Modern Warfare can do.
  Chunder: The beta apparently doesn't have the high or ultra te…
gray fox Sep 29 2011, 09:53 am EDT
I played Battlefield 2 for ages, the game was a blast, unless you were a sniper cause it always showed who killed you so sniping was very hard you'd have to move after every kill pretty much. I'm gonna have to try 3 and see if it's like 2 at all or if they'd changed it enough to hurt it.
Copperr Sep 30 2011, 01:59 am EDT
I love it ! Caspian Border is fantastic !
Fatty Sep 30 2011, 09:01 am EDT
Played on the 360. Game has the same graphics as BC2. Can't tell enemies apart from teammates. Crawling makes me glitch under the map sometimes. Bullet damage increased so you die before you realize you're hit. Campers, EVERYWHERE. No vehicles on the console map. DICE, I am disappoint.
  Tyler.Durden: lol... its a beta...
Terminator Sep 30 2011, 02:10 pm EDT
Good or not, I'm getting this on 360. I can't afford a GTX 570 or HD 6950.


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