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Battlefield 3 Premium Gets Buttload of Subscribers

​Who the hell cares about Medal of Honor? EA has other ways to put cash in their pocket. As yet another sign that gamers are gleefully and willingly selling themselves out further to evil publishers for content that should be part of the initial game purchase, EA has let it be known that their Battlefield Premium service ended 2012 with 2.9 million suckers, err, subscribers. That’s up by almost a million more than what was tallied in October. This brought Electronic Arts an additional $108 million in sales.

While most of those subscribers came from the included bonus with the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition, some of that number was from players purchasing the premium service for $50.

Subscribers who sign up for Premium get access to DLC, offers for in-game items, the ability to reset their Battlelog stats and gain priority in server queues for online games. Which to me translates to gamers being incredibly impatient when waiting to play online and apparently have way to much disposable income. Thankfully EA is always trying to find a solution for both problems.

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260077 Jan 31 2013, 08:11 am EST
Well I'm not one of those suckers
RenegadeCZ Jan 31 2013, 08:34 am EST
Why does that crossbow have a RIS rail on the side? What would you mount there? A laser, or a flashlight, just to be obscured by that huge lath? Yeah, friggin ridiculous.
  Ftmch: EVERYTHING needs RIS rails! it looks sooo coool, I'm …
RenegadeCZ: Ah, now I see. It's some kind of a M4 based gun trans…
Cheddar: It's an Aftermath addition, and crude jury-rigging of…
NJC2 Jan 31 2013, 01:05 pm EST
I bet a buttload of that buttload came from the end of year sales. Amazon had the Premium Edition on sale for $30 and the Premium service upgrade was $20, which also worked with those $5 credits.
Cheddar Jan 31 2013, 02:24 pm EST
I'm a big BF3 fan, but I won't pay for Premium, and neither should anyone else that has more sense than money.

Not all expansions are created equal. B2K and Aftermath, yes. Close Quarters (because if I want CoD, I'LL JUST PLAY COD) and Armored Kill (good idea, not so good execution), no.
Chunder Jan 31 2013, 02:52 pm EST
I would never buy a "premium service" like BF3 or COD has. But that $50 fee isn't really that much money if someone has a better job then working at McDonalds.. Definitely saves people money from buying additional content each time separately, or paying a monthly subscription so you can actually play the game you already bought.
  Cheddar: Small but unsound expenses become a habit, and then t…
Khaos Jan 31 2013, 03:04 pm EST
Its not a subscription, its a one time fee... it shouldn't be that hard for a journalist on a gaming site to comprehend the difference. The fact you refer to it as a subscription at least 3 times in this article is actually baffling.

For 5 DLC packs it works out to $10 each which is pretty much exactly what they did with the boosters for Battlefield 2 and I don't recall there being many issues with those. You could also look at it as an episodic expansion pack. Expansions cost about the same and would have about the same amount of content as all the DLC combined.

Fucking gamers are such drama queens these days...
  Cheddar: None of this counters the simple point that the major…
Khaos: That's their choice though, it has nothing to do with…
im_stardust: Khaos, why don't just go suck some more juice from EA…
Khaos: Thanks for that enlightening argument stardust... you…
im_stardust: suck my dick as well, while you are at it
Cheddar: "That's their choice though, it has nothing to do wit…
GrgoljBlaster Jan 31 2013, 03:09 pm EST
In what paralel universe is paying for maps considered a "good deal"? If I want more maps, there should be a way to get them for free, or even make my own. No map editor? No problem, I won't buy that game.
I'm pretty much done with BF series after Bad company 2, the game they abandoned after just a few patches.
Reikhardt Jan 31 2013, 03:32 pm EST
Agreed. I remember COD4 dropping a few free maps as part of a patch and the community were able to mod the game too.
Sadly the death of dedicated server support and mod tools has wrecked PC clan gaming. That's the real sad side of this money grubbing.
  GrgoljBlaster: That's why we still have Valve :)
im_stardust Jan 31 2013, 04:04 pm EST
This is an absolute scam and it was so from the beginning. Pre-order and get this DLC for free ? How about, fuck you?

Let the people spend their money. If they save it, they're probably buy similar trash anyway.

You know, I find it ironic how some people are so strictly against piracy but are oblivious to the fact that they get robbed almost on every occasion they buy something.
  stochinblockin: There is actually no correlation between outright ste…
im_stardust: you obviously don't understand shit
Breedy_Mcfluff Jan 31 2013, 07:16 pm EST
Never felt it was a good deal. Didn't even take a trip back to Karkhand.

DICE is dead to me.
Avus Feb 01 2013, 05:39 am EST
I just don't like games that don't support mod. Specially a PC shooter...


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