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BioWare Calls This A Sex Scene?
So, um, this would be the famous alien girl on girl "sex" scene from Mass Effect, courtesy of IGN. I don't want to sound too crass here, but this is little too implied for my taste. In fact, so much of this "sex" scene is implied, one could easily argue it's no sex scene at all.

I think that game developers are too timid. For crying out loud, people, any of you seen Halle Berry's work in Monster Ball? That gal knows sex scenes.


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Zolneirz Nov 08 2007, 01:30 am EST
So... they tripped in slow motion, or what.
2Lions Nov 08 2007, 01:34 am EST
That was my thought exactly. What the fuck was that?! That was the least amount of sexual content in a sex scene ever. In fact, as I said, what fucking sex scene?!
BodomBeachTerror Nov 08 2007, 01:37 am EST
What in the fuck?
Supcic Nov 08 2007, 01:45 am EST
That is just fucking pathetic.
How does someone label this as a sex scene?
Sword Fight Nov 08 2007, 01:46 am EST
By definition a sex scene has to have sex. This scene doesn't have any sex, so it's not a sex scene, but just a scene. IGN probably made a mistake.
King Speedy Nov 08 2007, 01:58 am EST
Took me three runs through it, but I got one off.
  Cheddar: *high five*
McSwifty: And you call yourself speedy? You should be ashamed o…
pavarotti_reloaded_ Nov 08 2007, 02:08 am EST
Vodoo Nov 08 2007, 02:17 am EST
nice video title you douche bags, "steamy alien/human love"....ive seen more steam on taco night in winter time if you know what i mean.

but hey, as the optimist that i am i will consider this as an indication that maybe there's more but it requires unlocking in-game or something like that.
Killer Klown Nov 08 2007, 02:35 am EST
Maybe it's like those weird Star Trek aliens that have sex by touching each other's fingertips or something.
RC2080 Nov 08 2007, 02:36 am EST
That.. was disturbing.
NiteX Nov 08 2007, 02:39 am EST
I don't get it, what did they do? Did they scissor?
  BodomBeachTerror: Scissor me timbers
albundyhere: ROFL! ummm...its called tribbing.
Cheddar: I did not know that.
burnart Nov 08 2007, 02:42 am EST
rated Adults Only!
patches Nov 08 2007, 03:13 am EST
wtf was that. The titanic atleast had some boobies
McSwifty Nov 08 2007, 03:19 am EST
re: Patches - yeah I saw the 'Titanic' hand on the window.....lame huh?

There must be some pretty weird people out there if thats a sex scene.
I think i saw one of their blue kids on the smurfs, or was it star trek?
HuKuS Nov 08 2007, 04:04 am EST
LOLSOME scene. Any idea what they did together when camera wasn't looking? I say we let Nancy Drew investigate (we might get lolsome threesome later on).
Stick! Nov 08 2007, 06:20 am EST
Fuck man, there is more raunch in a mormon, wet-snowsuit competition then there was in that fucking scene. What the hell was that?! Aren't these supposed to be sexually frustrated computer nerds making this game? how could they not understand?!

I guess Hot Coffee spilled onto more than just Jack Thompson's pants here.
Fatty Nov 08 2007, 06:23 am EST
Annihilator Nov 08 2007, 06:39 am EST
LOL the Halle Berry comment.

At least the game will kick ass.
Zilor Nov 08 2007, 06:50 am EST
I just picture the rest of her team standing around watching in awe and excitement as their commander has lesbian sex for the first time.

Cause of that which they did alude too, changing location was not one of them.
Hero Nov 08 2007, 07:51 am EST
lol wtf was that
Yian Nov 08 2007, 08:40 am EST
Huh? where was the sex?
Dragen Nov 08 2007, 08:41 am EST
What the fuck was that?!
It certainly wasnt fucking!
GLForce Nov 08 2007, 08:44 am EST
I want my lesbian sex scene now !
stooge4444 Nov 08 2007, 08:55 am EST
It actually made me a little teary....
Hitman Nov 08 2007, 09:04 am EST
My lady did the same thing the night before she dissapeared, she threw her hands into the air just like that.. the only difference is that she was fighting for her life and blue from a lack of oxygen.
skribb Nov 08 2007, 10:32 am EST
I suppose they don't want to show the sex, but perhaps they only want to convey the fact that these two individuals did have sex, without flashing big red letters on the HUD "BTW there's been lesbian sex in this game, just now". Maybe they want a little "class" to their game. Though why sex is wrong I'll never understand...
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 08 2007, 10:37 am EST
bla-bla-bla............ bald head, blue head.........................................​........... the haaand !!!!!!!
That was hilarious. Ed Wood could have directed a better sex scene. In fact, I'd rather see Ed Wood in his angora swetter rubbing against a rubber octopus.
TheShamelessOne Nov 08 2007, 10:55 am EST
Not so much what the fuck, more like "Where the fuck?"
Hurion Nov 08 2007, 11:00 am EST
TommyB Nov 08 2007, 11:53 am EST
That was just sad...
Mauvais_Karma_X Nov 08 2007, 12:13 pm EST
Didn't see anything ! no tit, no butt, no kiss ! they are only making yoga with music (don't remember the exact name of this) ! :p
Pantsoffski Nov 08 2007, 01:02 am EST
WTF you all whine about?! That was pure lesbian teen porn hardcore insertions masturb.classy.amateur sex scene. It's all in the details.

And if you want something else, like erotic sensual delicate sentimental bullshit go buy a movie with Briana Banks...
Templ Nov 09 2007, 03:57 am EST
Lesbians suck anyway.
  Vodoo: HOW DARE YOU !!!!
GLForce: I tend to agree. Real lesbians suck. You know the one…
Blitzkrieg Nov 09 2007, 07:12 am EST
I read comments on other sites, and have to agree with the fact that the dialog leading up to the scene is so f'n vauge, you'd never f'n know you were in the 'sex scene' if we weren't shown it online!!!

But ya, the game will rock, so meh. :)
Xmortis Nov 09 2007, 08:15 am EST
So much hype over 'sex'. If it was some big muscled dude shooting up an alien nursery, there would have been zero response. But add some vague inference that two females have intention to 'swap fluids' and the Jesus-nuts start screaming. Well.... NO SPERM WERE KILLED in the making of that scene for sure (except for maybe King Speedy, see above LOL). So nothing was 'wasted'. Thus 'God' would not be irate. I know. Because 'he' (yes God has a penis, which infers there MUST be a female counterpart somewhere) talks to me personally. Why? Because I am better than all non-believers. PRAISE! HALLELUJAH!

gekido Nov 09 2007, 10:42 am EST
wow that was fucking terrible. If the entire game is full of such drawn out boring monologue's, it is going to be fucking terrible.
  Cheddar: So, some of you are finally starting to see what I've…
skribb Nov 09 2007, 11:01 am EST
To be honest that whole dialogue was a bit stiff.
  Cheddar: Agreed.
craigww_22 Nov 09 2007, 11:32 am EST
That made me :( Also, Cheddar better not be right. I'm just praying that was the only indecypherable, boring conversation in the game.
Amok Nov 10 2007, 03:44 am EST
Uhm... I don't dislike the dialogue, or monologue if you prefer, but I did find the end part lacking.
I understand why they don't have it like in The Witcher, this is a greatly hyped american game, it'd get bombarded with complaints.

But frankly, I'd rather they implied the sex with a little talking and walking into a private room.
Welll... maybe it's just the 1 centimeter-long blonde hair on that black commander that bugs me.
I never liked women with too short hair.
film11 Nov 12 2007, 10:24 am EST
KoshTheKoala Nov 12 2007, 01:24 am EST
There was a longer version of the sex scene released recently...

But it was taken down from It was MUCH longer, and frankly better, than what was posted by ign. IGN probably censored it, not bioware.

It was on:​esbian-love-scene-321340.php


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