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BioWare Co-Founders Leave Company, No Longer in the Video Game Business

Didn't see that one coming, now did ya? That's correct, BioWare co-founders and bosses Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka made, what they call, a difficult decision to retire from their development studio and from game development altogether.

"This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make; after thinking about it for many months, I made the decision to retire from videogames back in early April 2012," Muzyka commented in his blog post.

Meanwhile, Zeschuk said: "After nearly twenty years working at BioWare I've decided it's time to move on and pursue something new."

"This decision isn't without significant pain and regret, but it's also something I know I need to do, for myself and my family. I've reached an unexpected point in my life where I no longer have the passion that I once did for the company, for the games, and for the challenge of creation," added Zeschuk.

Hm, this maybe the right decision indeed. It's not like they've pushed the envelope with some of their games lately and they definitely managed to screw up one of their franchises entirely (Dragon Age).

At the same time, however, we do respect and acknowledge what both of these guys have brought to the industry. Certain titles that came from BioWare remain some of the most cherished gaming memories we have; not the least of which are Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights and Mass Effect. For that, we will surely miss you guys.

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Moesha [STAFF] Sep 18 2012, 01:15 pm EDT
Nice job EA. The cynic in me assumes this is directly your fault somehow and you've destroyed another pillar of the industry.
  Terminator: Agreed.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Sep 18 2012, 01:24 pm EDT
Well, you know what they say. Developing video games is like sex. Do it wrong and it'll make you sick.
  Vader: Yeah, it's like sex. Or like marriage. Or like marria…
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 01:27 pm EDT
Seems they have finally done the right thing as they have lost their way in the last 18 months
Cheddar Sep 18 2012, 01:28 pm EDT
If this were a repeat of the Activision vs Infinity Ward founders fiasco, I'd think the two dudes wouldn't be choosing to completely quit video-game development, and there'd be other employees leaving with them.

We'll see if they suddenly 'change their minds' and re-enter the industry elsewhere, but for now, I'll take their word for it that they are moving on just to move on, as that is the conclusion which makes the fewest assumptions.
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 01:41 pm EDT
They have been at odds recently with consumers about where BW has been heading so it seems they have fallen on their swords before being pushed,times change and you have to move with it in the gaming industry,something had to give.
Breedy_Mcfluff Sep 18 2012, 01:42 pm EDT
Job must have become something like just simply pushing a button with the label, "sequel."
  Vader: I hate that fucking button.
EricHalfBee: Good call. If we're going to assume anything that's a…
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 01:48 pm EDT
Ha,now that's rather quite funny.
jungi Sep 18 2012, 02:14 pm EDT
EA killed Bioware.
  Vader: They didn't just kill BioWare. They killed a lot of t…
Doomsday.: Westwood! :(
Terminator: Bioware, Westwood and others. I hate EA so much!
EricHalfBee: Kittens I don't mind but did you have to mention West…
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 02:18 pm EDT
Yeah it sent it in the wrong direction,i've worked on a few products for EA back in the late 80's early 90's,that's when they were minor players and still normal,it was fun back then but now they are slave drivers and a little bit arrogant.
Vader [STAFF] Sep 18 2012, 03:08 pm EDT
Maybe it just has to do with the way every publisher behaves these days. It's all about business and numbers and very little about creativity, unless you're part of a small and independent team and BioWare hasn't been that for a long time. The fact they left may not be strictly related to EA, but to the current state of the industry. Triple-A games are being cloned one after another. I'm not saying there aren't any good games out there, but they are just too few. What I am saying is that I think I get why these guys left.

They quite simply had enough.
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 03:11 pm EDT
Your not far wrong Vader and hence why there are many new indie groups currently breaking through and gamers are loving it.
  Vader: There's no other way. Thanks to things like Kickstart…
Doomsday. Sep 18 2012, 03:45 pm EDT

EA has consumed another studio!! Westwood all over again!! Fuck u EA!!

I hope these 2 find another studio and make something as awesome as Mass Effect and NOT fuck its ending up, lol!
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 04:09 pm EDT
Hell they could go and walk into ACTIVISION,now they are completely different,lol.
CJ_Parker Sep 18 2012, 04:31 pm EDT
Surprised it took them so long. If I were Muzyka or Zeschuk I would have retired a decade ago and spent a fortune on la dolce vita, baby! :p
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 04:47 pm EDT
To be fair to the pair of them they did have good intentions but have lost sight of what they set out to do,some good idea and products which unfortunately isnt enough right now and EA teeth have been sharpening which isnt great for gamers.
Terminator Sep 18 2012, 04:50 pm EDT
I've said it before and I will say it again: Bioware died when EA bought them. They used to be one of the best developers, but now they are greedy slaves to EA. Now that Muzyka and Zeschuk are leaving (EA probably forced this), it is finally complete.

Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 05:14 pm EDT
Too true Terminator- maybe they can get involved in the ME movie and screw that up.
SGMRock Sep 18 2012, 05:42 pm EDT
You guys are all knocking EA for ruining companies, you forget that these companies sold out for the money to EA. The could have remained independant but they sold out for the money and in turn ruined themselves. Nothing to do with EA in my opinion. They are all sellouts.
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 05:47 pm EDT
Does that make EA saints then?
Shpongle Sep 18 2012, 06:45 pm EDT
the new bioshock better be good goddamnt! FUCKSTICKS!
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 07:33 pm EDT
I didnt see the need to expand bioshock personally but sequels are all the rage this year.
EricHalfBee Sep 18 2012, 11:31 pm EDT
I'm hopefull that the new Bioshock will be a genuinely new game with some similar themes but mostly just carrying the name. I know.. hopelessly optimistic.
run_like_snot Sep 19 2012, 12:21 am EDT
Aren't they medics? Maybe they'll go back to that. Or maybe they'll live off the fat of the land. Or maybe... whatever. Bioware was krap after KOTOR 1.


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