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BioWare's Shadow Realms Game Official

Following a series of damn-near retarded teasers, EA and BioWare finally lift the curtain on their new project. They've officially confirmed Shadow Realms, a "4v1 story-driven online action RPG" that takes place in a dynamic, evolving world, putting 4 heroes against another player who controls "a malevolent force called The Shadowlord."

BioWare says that in-game co-op missions and battles are never the same. "Players will have the choice to play either as – or against – The Shadowlord, building experience and progression whether they have chosen good or evil. The over-arching narrative will be released episodically, playing out over time like a great TV series, providing players the ability to experience story-driven adventures as a community," unveils BioWare.

“This game brings us back to our roots in the realm of classic Pen and Paper RPG, but also delivers something that’s completely new and innovative for our fans,” said Jeff Hickman, General Manager and Vice President at BioWare Austin. “Shadow Realms is a new BioWare RPG that has the hallmarks of all BioWare games with a rich story, a unique world setting and deep combat progression, but built as an interactive experience that evolves the genre and broadens the appeal to online gamers all over the world.”

Trying to download the media, but all press sites are fucking jammed with heavy traffic. Until then, all we were given is the above-shown crappy game art. Stay tuned.

In Shadow Realms, Modern Heroes on Earth are being awakened and recruited, because of magical powers they never knew they had, to fight in a new and dangerous war against the Shadow Legions of Embra. The Shadow Legions, who have been battling on Embra for years against the members of the Radiant Empires, have gained new strength with the coming of a powerful, unknown force that we call the Shadowlords. And, they have just figured out how to leave Embra and invade Earth.

Join the battle with three other modern-day Heroes to fight the demonic Shadow Legions and a player-controlled Shadowlord to save all of humanity. Build both a Hero and Shadowlord that are deeply customized to the way players want to play.

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Reader Comments
Doomsday. Aug 13 2014, 03:25 am EDT
Another online game!! Go fuck yourself BioWare!!
  CJ_Parker: ^ YES!!! GIMME 5!!! :D
finaleve Aug 13 2014, 03:30 am EDT
Basically Evolve but with story?
Vader [STAFF] Aug 13 2014, 03:43 am EDT
Basically it's going to amount to none of us care. At least I don't. But maybe a miracle will happen and I'll suddenly fall in love with this game the moment I start playing it.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Aug 13 2014, 03:58 am EDT
Couldn't have been more uninteresting.
Vader [STAFF] Aug 13 2014, 04:03 am EDT
You never know. And don't give em any ideas.
Vader [STAFF] Aug 13 2014, 04:09 am EDT
To be fair, we may have hoped on the pessimism boat too soon on this one. Let's give it a chance.
dyrcosis Aug 13 2014, 08:23 am EDT
Online doesn't phase me that much but being a single-player gamer, the word "co-op" pretty much killed any interest in this game for me.
  BmmB: Then play The Shadowlord and annihilate those sociali…
Terminator Aug 13 2014, 08:30 am EDT
Yet another piece of trash from Bioware. It's sad to see how bad they have become since EA got them.
Vodoo Aug 13 2014, 01:14 pm EDT
Dungeonland already exists on Steam and it's free.

thanks Bioware for discovering D&D....much appreciated.
ZeroWolf Aug 15 2014, 12:58 am EDT
'Following a series of damn-near retarded teasers'

Ugh there's nothing worse than teasers on top of being retarded, barely represent the final product.


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