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Blizzard Uncovers Gamecom Line-up

In case you haven't heard, folks, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed its line-up for the upcoming Gamescom event. Those who visit Blizzard at the show will be able to try the next addition to StarCraft 2. Yes, Blizz is going to showcase StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, allowing people to control new Terran, Protoss, and Zerg units.

Here's what Blizzard also had planned for visitors:

  • Meet with Blizzard developers at signing sessions throughout the event
  • Witness some of the world's best pro gamers battle it out in StarCraft II matches
  • Watch top guilds navigate dungeons during live World of Warcraft raids
  • Listen to a live orchestra perform some of the music from Blizzard games
  • Participate in costume and dance competitions
  • Take part in quizzes, giveaways and more

Hm, I wish they'd announce a Diablo 3 add-on as well.

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Mr. Furious Jun 30 2012, 09:31 am EDT
A great add-on would be a single player offline mode, but the asstards at Blizzard won't do that.
shaneh39199 Jun 30 2012, 09:31 am EDT
Yea really, coming from the same company that chugged out WoW you'd think there would be more than just grinding 5 classes 5 times each. doing the same exact shit and content. I think they were counting on the randomizing of environments to stimulate people..... -_-

As of right now if ur 60 and in inferno you have nothing to do. seriously. try and find/buy best gear...but then what? pv.... oh wait. not there yet...
Duffey Jun 30 2012, 11:07 am EDT
StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm an expasion pack that is taking so low to come out. Its practically catching up to HL episode 3. I got bored of starcraft in about 2 weeks i got bored of Diablo 3 in 5 days. I couldnt possibly care less about what blizzard does next
Terminator Jun 30 2012, 11:08 am EDT
I wish Blizzard would give us a RELEASE DATE for Heart of the Swarm. All I ever see is "TBA 2012", which will probably end up being "TBA 2013". I want to continue the campaign damn it!

As for a Diablo 3 add-on, I'm with Mr. Furious. Give us an offline mode for Single Player, and I will happily buy Diablo 3.
  crimanysakes: s/buy/pirate Sorry Terminator; you're making it ea…
im_stardust Jun 30 2012, 06:37 pm EDT
The story in Starcraft 2 was fairly well written
  jungi: lol it was more cliche than the d3 story.
Lazaroth: Nah, the D3 story was probably the worst I've played …
im_stardust: Cliche is one thing, well written is another. But I u…
KraGeRzR: SC2's story was well executed and written. Who gives …
Alchi: I can't remember it right now actually, so it's obvio…
Terminator: Starcraft 2's storyline was VERY well written, compar…
Cheddar: Well written, but not particularly good storytelling,…
LostPcGamer Jul 01 2012, 06:50 am EDT
Well given there development schedule I would say 2015 at the latest. Sorry Vader. As for Heart of the Swarm sometime later this year or next so they say.

Remember its 99% done the extra 1% will take another year or more.

"Speaking to lead designer Dustin Browder in a phone interview this afternoon, I asked how close the team was to completing the game.

"We are 99% done," he told me, "but that last 1%'s a bitch."

The missions are all playable and the units are all in place, Browder said. "There's something in for everything—it's whether we like it or not that's an open question. It's the tuning and polish that really takes us a long time, and that's where we get into the unknowns.

"Like we could do a play-through next week that we're like, 'Wow this is really great.' Or we could do a play-through and we still have 250 items we wanna fix. You know, historically speaking we're doing pretty well. We're getting there. But I don't know for sure yet when we'll be done."

In other words, they're still on Blizzard Time. But at least they're almost done.
Cheddar Jul 01 2012, 01:01 pm EDT
From what I've seen of Heart of the Swarm, it appears Blizzard is being somewhat more ambitious with it than they were with Wings of Liberty. Some of the new units being introduced seem like they could drastically alter traditional gameplay.
  KraGeRzR: True that. I saw a conference with Dustin Browder a w…


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