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Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Downloaded 3 Million Times
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The February 19th launch for Crysis 3 is just around the corner and EA has given out some pieces of information about the shooter, including the fact that pre-orders are 35% above those seen for Crysis 2 in 2011. As for the recent multiplayer beta, it was downloaded over three million times worldwide across all systems, with the Crysis YouTube channel garnering over 16 million views.

Pre-orders are still ongoing for Crysis 3, with the PC Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin coming with Crysis 1, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, a franchise soundtrack, early unlocks, and more. Xbox 360, PS3, and PC pre-orders of the Crysis 3: Hunter Edition from or Wal-Mart will come with a digital copy of Crysis 1 and $20 credit.

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TrevorOreius Feb 16 2013, 01:29 am EST
I get the feeling that the next Crysis will only have a short single-player(like 5 missions). 'Cause the game will focus on multiplayer.
Vader [STAFF] Feb 16 2013, 07:18 am EST
Regarding a new Crysis game (if we're talking about a potential game after Crysis 3), I have absolutely no feeling whatsoever.
RenegadeCZ Feb 16 2013, 07:24 am EST
I don't see what's the problem with Crysis 2 and 3. C2 was one of the best FPS ever. I don't miss the open environment at all. To be honest, I have a thing for destroyed cities.
TrevorOreius Feb 16 2013, 09:23 am EST
Crysis 2 was good for me too. But, seeing as how the story shifted on trailers on Crysis 3. Bringing Prophet back? That's a dick move right there, and Nomad getting killed off-cam, that sucks big time. I think Crysis died with Crysis 2.
  RenegadeCZ: Prophet wasn't just "brought back". SPOILER ALERT…
TrevorOreius: Yeah, i know that part, but are we just suppose to fo…
RenegadeCZ: Really? I mean, would the soldiers of Prophet's task …
TrevorOreius: Prophet and his team weren't told about the suit's ba…
FesterSilently Feb 16 2013, 11:40 am EST
@RenegadeCZ: it's not that Crysis 2 (and, assumedly, Crysis 3) are *bad* games, per se, it's that they have NOTHING to do with the aesthetic and gameplay that made Crysis 1 the well-received game it is.

(Which, for the record, is my problem with Dragon Age 2, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and any Ghost Recon-named game that came out after the original 1999 game)

Crysis 2 is a great on-rails shooter in a nano-suit. (Although with way too many quicktime-event cut-scenes, imho) Call of Duty in a Nano-Suit, if you will.

What it is NOT is: a slow, thoughtful, tactical shooter in a more-or-less open (and open-ended) environment...which is why I think they should have named it something other than "Crysis2", because grognards like me were expecting, you know, moar Crysis 1!


I'm non-plussed after pre-purchasing Crysis 2 and not getting what I expected, so, as far as Crysis 3...I'll pirate it and see what happens.


I know I'll DEFINITELY be replaying this:
  RenegadeCZ: I see your point, but it continues the story of the o…
FesterSilently: Eh...the *story* of Crysis 1? Lol...there *was* …
izihbo Feb 18 2013, 03:58 am EST
So... you guys are okay with forever respawning enemies and little to no physics destruction and hovering bulletholes and the fucking annoying suit talking to you all the time, holding your hands and telling you how to play the game...?

Okay cool...


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