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Crytek CEO Says Graphics Are 60% of Crysis Experience
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Did you know that Crytek thinks grahics matter?

Crytek's CEO, Cevat Yerli, seems to think that graphics matter, so much that he said to X360 Magazine that it's 60% of the Crysis 3 experience. He said

People say that graphics don’t matter, but play Crysis and tell me they don’t matter. It’s always been about graphics driving gameplay. In Crysis 3 it’s the grass and the vegetation, the way the physics runs the grass interact and sways them in the wind. The better the graphics, the better the physics, the better the sound design, the better the technical assets and production values are—paired with the art direction, making things look spectacular and stylistic is 60 percent of the game.

Some games, such as Crysis 3 and BioShock: Infinite, rely on their superb visual presentation to immerse the player. The feeling of being lost in the game's world is something that requires great execution in regard to how the game looks and feels for the player.

Graphics don't make the game, though. The other 40% of what Yerli doesn't explain is the gameplay, and for most games that number is far more significant. Who would want to play a game like StarCraft II, Dota 2, or World of Warcraft if it were a clunky mess? Honestly, a game with great gameplay can overcome its poor graphics, but the opposite rarely holds true. In other words, if you're going to develop a game make absolutely sure the gameplay is polished before anything else.

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Breedy_Mcfluff Apr 13 2013, 11:33 am EDT
Minecraft. FTL Hotline Miami. Mark of the Ninja.

All those games are superior to anything Crytek has made, in my opinion, and were made on budgets miniscule to Crytek. Crysis needs those graphics because if they didn't, the game would be as memorable as Homefront. Hell, looks like Crysis 2/3 ARE as memorable as Homefront. Nice graphics though.

"In other words, if you're going to develop a game make absolutely sure the gameplay is polished before anything else." I agree with that, good sir.
  Jonathan_Leack: Agreed 100%. I learned about how important gamepla…
BmmB: First, you need a story, second, gameplay, third, gra…
KraGeRzR: I don't think so. First you need gameplay, and then y…
BmmB: Well, I was talking from my point of view. No story n…
Breedy_Mcfluff: Minecraft didn't exactly have a story. It was complet…
BmmB: I hear you. Got a hold of Mark of the Ninja some time…
RenegadeCZ: No story no game? That's a bold statement. So, you're…
BmmB: That may be overstatement right there on my side, but…
Terminator Apr 13 2013, 12:03 pm EDT
I will take gameplay and storyline over graphics anytime.
im_stardust Apr 13 2013, 12:26 pm EDT
You? Get the fuck outta here...
Dean_Demon Apr 13 2013, 03:32 pm EDT
Playability and gameplay is what makes a game and not graphics, man some people are so backward.
  Reikhardt: But artistic direction can have a huge influence on t…
Dean_Demon: Yes it can but graphics do not make the game but mere…
TrevorOreius Apr 13 2013, 05:39 pm EDT
Grass and vegetation my ass... You fucked up everything you piece-of-shit!
Doomsday. Apr 13 2013, 05:56 pm EDT
Crysis 1 and Warhead are the ONLY Crysis worthy games! What followed were Call of Duty: Nanosuit 2!
  TrevorOreius: Your comment is a winner.
Dean_Demon: And so completely true
LostPcGamer: Spot on actually after playing the first two original…
Chunder Apr 13 2013, 09:32 pm EDT
Everything needs to be balanced. Otherwise if people only care about "gameplay" over everything else, we'll all be playing the original Mario or perhaps Pong.
  izihbo: I don't get it... You say it like it's a bad thing...
GrgoljBlaster Apr 14 2013, 04:00 am EDT
Having problems selling the Cryengine licenses, eh Crytek?
  izihbo: That's EXACTLY what's going on.
stfun00b Apr 14 2013, 08:30 am EDT
Action trip, I've been with you from the beginning but the fact that you took the bait and made quite a few other gaffs since I've been reading your blog, have caused you to fall off my daily read. A misleading article title... leading to misleading web-zine hack write ups; honest mistake or not, is inexcusable. What Yarli said is this - graphics, physics, sound, technical assets, production values, and art direction make up 60% of the game. I and anyone with a rational view on creating videogames tend to agree. You journalistic hacks need to get your shit together or this blog has lost it's legs.
  Jonathan_Leack: There's no way I could have fit the entire quote into…
LostPcGamer: Don't bother Leack they won't understand. I happen to…
Cheddar: Leack is new.
stfun00b: Oh bullshit, as a PC gamer with PC centric views I've…
RenegadeCZ: I thought we managed to root out trolls or hard asses…
Doomsday.: ^ what renegade said! we r here to fuck up and shit a…
Reikhardt: Correct Renegade. Now what was the old strapline?
Cheddar: "I thought we managed to root out trolls or hard asse…
TitaniumFist Apr 14 2013, 09:20 am EDT
soooo if crysis games were 8-bit graphics and the gameplay was solid people would buy more? Ok, Crysis-doom style it is then.
  Jonathan_Leack: Dannngg you took that to one extreme.
Dean_Demon: Nothing wrong with 8 bit graphics, in fact some 8 bit…
TitaniumFist: For me im easily entertained compared to many peeps w…
Cheddar Apr 14 2013, 10:31 am EDT
Crytek just isn't motivated to try and make anything other than tech-demo first-person-shooters. Tech is what they know, tech is what is EASY for them. It's their comfort-zone.

Btw, I wouldn't cite BioShock Infinite as another example in the vein of Crysis 3. Infinite doesn't remotely push the tech envelope. That game hugely relies on more subtle narrative and artistic elements to make its experience memorable, elements which are basically alien to Crytek's ken.
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Cheddar: Not sure how you equate the half a hundred or so invo…
Rafal: SPOILERS BELOW: Find the girl to pay off your deb…
Rafal: Seeing your edit, ya there's some good stuff with Eli…
RenegadeCZ Apr 14 2013, 12:37 pm EDT
I must say that I enjoy Crysis for what it is. I absolutely loved C2 (story, atmosphere), but that aside, isn't it nice to play a game that looks the best it can and plays nice, but isn't necessarily deep or too enjoyable? I'm gonna remember C3 fondly for its graphics and environments, it's not like the game collapses on the generic gameplay or bad story.
Neil Apr 15 2013, 03:13 am EDT
No! Graphics are actually 59% of the game! We all know that for a fact!
  Dean_Demon: It may be different nowadays but from experience grap…
Neil: ...sure it's not 26.3%?
Vader [STAFF] Apr 15 2013, 03:56 am EDT
I concur with Neil. 59% is spot on. I know for a fact because 41% of the game is bullcrap we've played in C1 and C2. Yes, 41% no more, no less. I have no idea why Neil stole 1% off of Cevat's damn-near accurate estimate, but I do know that I concur.

Okay, okay. Crysis 3 isn't a bad game. It's an overblown heap of modern-day technology that centers on visual masturbation. Something a lot of people are still keen on. And on that bombshell, it's bathroom time.


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