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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition to PC

Remember how From Software encouraged people to like their Dark Souls PC Facebook Page? Well, they still haven't made any official announcements regarding a PC edition of the excellent console RPG.

However, German magazine PC Action uncovered that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is indeed coming for the PC. The game is going to feature new bosses and, according to the report, the game is set to launch in August 2012.

Awesome! Trust me, you're gonna like this game.

News via NeoGAF.

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crazyhermit Apr 07 2012, 06:05 am EDT
Will it sound too bitchy if I ask we be given the first one as well, you know in numerical order, 2 comes after 1 and stuff like that, whatever one is better than none(or in this case 2 is better than none).But why am I not surprised, that after the sequel went on the 360, besides the ps3 it'll also come to pc.

Nobody ever gets ps3 exclusives...ever and to my knowledge the first one will remain so, just like God of War,Yakuza,Uncharted,Killzone,Resistance,Infa​mous,MGS and in the future The last of us and The last guardian.
GrgoljBlaster Apr 07 2012, 06:08 am EDT
Hoping for better optimisation and more stable framerate. Also a manual or at least control list (customization preferred)
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Vodoo Apr 07 2012, 06:59 am EDT
i have a very strange kind of respect towards the japanese, mainly because i see them as mentally disturbed savants. they will eat their own sperm in the form of ice cream cones all the while contemplating on how to improve the comforts of a sofa.

Dark Souls has made me curious because ive read 2 types of reviews: pages full of drooling praise and suicide notes.

2012, developers around the world are digging into the potential of games to prove their worth as art....Japan in 2012 are hard at work to transmute the cyanide pill into virtual form for PC users.

penny arcade games did the whole frustration thing over 20 years ago. if you sweat for 5 hours trying to reach the second checkpoint, date conversations in the near future are limited for the person playing Dark Souls methinks.
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Bubu Apr 07 2012, 09:54 am EDT
I don't like challenge, cus' I'm mentally challenge HA!!!!!
optimus slime Apr 07 2012, 10:04 am EDT
Gave up on this game after a while, because I play about 1 game per year on Xbox, so I'm not as savvy on the controller as with keyboard&mouse combo. And this game doesn't really let you get comfortable with the controls. Instead, it sits on your face straight away like an angry fat sumo on a 70 year old pedophile.
Anyway I've been wanting to get back at it, so this is good news.
finaleve Apr 07 2012, 07:02 pm EDT
I'm kinda excited. As someone who actually beat this monster, I'd love to get back into the game with something new or refreshing. PC version would be neat, although I might succumb to playing it via a controller. From what I've read, From Software isn't that great with PC controls.

I guess I should brush up on that game again soon, depending on the official news.


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