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Describing 2009
We invite all of you to take part in ActionTrip's new voting poll:

Gaming wise, 2009 was:

  • Kick-ass!
  • Ok.
  • Annoyingly mehish.
  • Unbelievably crappy.

Minutes before we post our GotY feature, I'd like to show you the results of our previous voting poll - i.e. Game of the Year 2009 - People's Choice!:

  • Dragon Age: Origins - 2174 votes
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - 1841 votes
  • Assassin's Creed II - 797 votes
  • Left 4 Dead 2 - 551 votes
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum - 452 votes
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - 359 votes
  • Resident Evil 5 - 306 votes
  • Borderlands - 229 votes
  • Empire: Total War - 183 votes
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 132 votes
  • DiRT 2 - 124 votes
  • Forza Motorsport 3 - 99 votes
  • Guitar Hero 5 - 95 votes
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 - 94 votes
  • DJ Hero - 89 votes
  • Killzone 2 - 83 votes
  • Risen - 72 votes
  • Brutal Legend - 69 votes
  • Infamous - 57 votes
  • Demon's Souls - 43 votes
  • The Conduit - 11 votes

19 post(s)
Reader Comments
Doomsday. Dec 24 2009, 05:38 am EST
I vote Ok.

Dragon Age Babyy!!

Blesseth be those whence voted for thy Dragon Age!
Vader [STAFF] Dec 24 2009, 05:45 am EST
Indeed. "Ok" seems a fair vote for this year.
Lurking_Penis Dec 24 2009, 06:00 am EST
What I want to know is, who is the retard that voted for the Conduit eleven times?
Cheddar Dec 24 2009, 06:19 am EST
I haven't tried the game yet, but apparently Bayonetta is receiving rave reviews.

Too bad it's not even being represented here on this poll, or likely AT's GotY feature.

Anyway, I voted "OK". This year needed a few more blockbuster, industry progressive and/or genre defining titles to be rated any higher. A bit of a step down from 2007 and 2008, imo.

2010 is looking promising, though. There's a lot of heavy-hitters on the horizon.
Misty Dec 24 2009, 06:22 am EST
What, no vote for "Unbelievably crappy."? I guess un om bun hasn't been here today yet. :P
Alchi Dec 24 2009, 06:29 am EST
Vader. Okay at least acknowledge that it is weird that DA voting count began steadily rising few days before the end of the poll.

Someone cheated. This or Santa and his helpers really like dragon age.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 24 2009, 06:32 am EST
It wasn't Santa. It was Satan and all of his little wizards!
Vodoo Dec 24 2009, 07:06 am EST
amazingly astonishingly bewilderingly staggeringly unfathomably crappy year.

it was such a disappointment greater than when my last cup of ice cream touched the beard of that make-believe santa claus in the supermarket and the chill of dismay that stroke my tiny little spine like a lightning bolt of pure anguish as i talked to the motherfucker in english and he did not understand a damn thing.

i shall rule this world, my childhood will be avenged !
__nox__ Dec 24 2009, 07:16 am EST
Yeaaaaaaah!!!!! Go for it Vodoo!!!!
Terminator Dec 24 2009, 07:22 am EST
I gotta give Dragon Age a try, right after Mass Effect 2.
mmacarthur Dec 24 2009, 07:23 am EST
Dirt 2 deservered to be a little higher up me thinks thou stiff competition in the top ten for sure but as racing games go its bloody good fun.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 24 2009, 07:25 am EST
Fuck, that's a lot of votes for the previous poll ! There seem to be thousands of lurkers on this website.
Doomsday. Dec 24 2009, 08:13 am EST
optimus slime Dec 24 2009, 08:13 am EST
I would have voted for crap if it wasn't for Braid and Batman.
So its either Annoyingly mehish or Ok. The first one sounds cooler.
PanteraFan666 Dec 24 2009, 08:59 am EST
I dont think I voted?
PainZero Dec 24 2009, 09:57 am EST
I want an option that's between OK and Annoyingly mehish, now I can't vote... Oh sorry I can, I'll just vote for Unbelievably crappy.
  Vader: Figures.
Foo Dec 24 2009, 11:08 pm EST
mw2 #2... Bah!
coldhearts Dec 26 2009, 09:42 pm EST
Dragon Age is tiring me out. Damn its looooong. I wish the spiders were more interesting, i seem to have been killing them for 2 hours now. Why can't there be more interesting enemies.
Stick! Dec 29 2009, 03:03 am EST
The Conduit got 11 votes. God, the wii is such a side show.


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