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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie Announced

Looks like it's the season to announce movies based on video games. Following the recent scoop about Fassbender starring in the Assassin's Creed movie, we've learned that Square Enix and CBS Films intend to release a movie adaptation of Eidos Montreal's excellent game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Terry Press, co-president of CBS Films, said: "As is clear from the wild success of the game, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal know how to exceed their audience's expectations by engineering incredible worlds. No one knows Human Revolution like the team that created it, and we look forward to working with them from day one to make a film adaptation worthy of the 'Deus Ex' name."

"As the millions of fans who have played the 'Deus Ex' games for more than a decade will tell you, these games catapult you into a universe that is stimulating, engaging and relevant. We're firm believers in building strong partnerships, and so we're thrilled to be working with CBS Films on bringing the unique 'Deus Ex' experience to the big screen," adds Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers.

Now, I can't honestly think that this is a particularly cool idea. The game is just fine on its own. If they're going to bring in some Colin Farrell type to play Adam Jensen in a poorly written piece of modern sci-fi bullcrap, then I'm not really happy about that. Human Revolution is about choices and that in itself is a specific type of entertainment and is the reason why the whole thing works brilliantly. Hey, I'm not saying there's no chance in hell that this is going to be a good movie, but... something tells me it's going to be average at best.

CVG via Variety.

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im_stardust Jul 10 2012, 08:09 am EDT
More movies after video games. Jesus fucking Christ ! It wasn't enough that the game sucked, now they will make a movie after it.

There are dozens of movies after video games and they are all junk. It doesn't work, stop doing it!
  KraGeRzR: And that's where corporate greed comes into play. Whe…
Ftmch Jul 10 2012, 09:03 am EDT
It would probably be possible to make a great movie based on the Deus Ex-universe, a bit of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell and such.

..It won't be any good. Obviously.
(not to be cynical, but they're most likely just looking to cash in on the name, I just think it'll end up like Max Payne, bastards)
Vodoo Jul 10 2012, 10:26 am EDT
can't wait til december when they release 'T was the night before Diablo 3.
Duffey Jul 10 2012, 11:42 am EDT
Im causly optomistic about this
RenegadeCZ Jul 10 2012, 01:46 pm EDT
There are only two directors that could pull this off. Christopher Nolan and...

You guessed it. Uwe Boll.
Sword Fight Jul 10 2012, 03:04 pm EDT
I really loved the original Deus Ex. But I was a very young man back then and I had no taste.

I played HR a few weeks ago; I had to slog through to the ending. Man, what a moronic, tedious, nonsensical, pointless story. Terrible, shallow characters and a lame ass plot. 'Engrossing' my ass. Anybody who finds it 'engrossing' hasn't picked up a book or watched a proper movie. Ever.
  Cheddar: I don't know about "engrossing", but I felt the plot …
Alchi: Pfff 500 pages less than a week... Slow reader. …
BmmB: Like with everything else, here's the same: to each h…
Cheddar: I finished a 1,000 page book in 3 days not too long a…
septictooth Jul 10 2012, 03:32 pm EDT
Cant wait for the video where the guys making it are excited about how you can push the play button to watch the movie.
MajFauxPas Jul 10 2012, 06:41 pm EDT
And then the Mass Effect film will come out with a similar ending to Deus Ex....
  finaleve: It'll come out with similar endings to Clue.
Cheddar Jul 11 2012, 03:45 am EDT
You know, I get the superhero movie hard-on Hollywood has lately, because those types of movies are proven goldmines at this point.

But I don't get this game-to-movie adaption fad. They're never good, and they never make all that much money. So why the fuck is Hollywood so stubbornly obsessed with them?

They're taking an item of INTERACTIVE media and essentially reducing it to passive media. So of course it suffers in the translation. Games -- and the plots within games -- are meant to be played as much as seen, and that's what makes them compelling.

Movie adaptions of games are like sugar-free ice cream: of course it tastes like ass and no one buys it, what the hell were you expecting?
KraGeRzR Jul 11 2012, 04:26 am EDT
"They're taking an item of INTERACTIVE media and essentially reducing it to passive media."

Yup. A common idea among the luddites is that gaming is just an interactive movie, and so it's easy as pie to transpose between the two and maintain coherence.

Bad news is that's a long way from the truth. Gaming couldn't be more different as an art form than movies. Gaming is actually far more about the abstract underpinnings than the audio-visuals.

What you see on the screen is vastly removed from the identity of a game, and it only serves to communicate the game mechanics in an understandable way.
When you think of the "pure game" do you think of a cutscene? Nope. You think of a game like Tetris or Pacman or Ping Pong.

These are mere concepts distilled, and the visual elements are necessarily meaningless, or in other words, context-less. The audio-visuals merely serve the gameplay, not the other way round.

Think about the gameplay mechanics of Tetris. You are fitting blocks to reduce the size of your stack. You aren't saving the world from a megalomaniacal dictator in memorandum of your dead squeeze. You aren't parachuting behind enemy lines in order to capture an airfield. Because this is not the legacy of the art form, this is the legacy of other art forms.

These things have a place in gaming, but they do not and should not define gaming. This is why the continued release of CoD titles is a bad omen for the gaming industry. It's ok to experiment, even to form a genre in which 2 artistic mediums are meshed, it's not ok to lock the game industry into a single destructive path.

The first person shooter is obsolete. It should never die, but it should become irrelevant. The evolution of our medium depends on this.

I'm not saying, as I hope you've picked up on, that gaming should be purified and distilled. Partly I'm saying that the outsiders, the non-gamers don't understand the lack of relevance the audio-visuals hold for the game itself.

Grand Theft Auto is a perfect example here. On the surface it is exactly as it appears: a murder simulator. That's not the gameplay, though. That's not the experience. That's not the focus or the intent, even putting aside story motivations. The virtual world only contexualizes and broadens the scope of your actions. The only reason we run pedestrians over is because we have that option, not because we're budding sociopaths. The pedestrians are merely the manifestation of a computer program that seeks to give us an avenue of expression.

That's what gaming is. Player expression. That is achieved through gameplay, not just the dialogue wheel. Everyone seeks some control over the game world. The modding community is one aspect, the player who spends hours in the character creator is another. It's why players balk at linearity, after they've been subjected to it for too long. They've run into the limit of what they can do. Action is another form of expression. The expression may not take a meaningful shape, just like mowing down yellow dots in Pacman does not, but it exists no less for it.

Expression is an interesting concept. I'm still figuring out how I feel about it.
  BmmB: Yup, I agree on everything you wrote. Someone finally…
KraGeRzR: :D It's been stewing as an idea in my mind, based …


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