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Diablo 3 1.0.7 Patch Detailed
Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that the patch 1.0.7 for their action RPG, Diablo 3, is development. Here's a peek at what's new:

  • Dueling
  • Class Updates
  • Crafting Additions
  • Monster Power Changes
  • Monster Affix Changes
  • Quality of Life Improvements

You can learn more on the Diablo 3 official web site.

Hm, anybody still playing this? At all?

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PigMaster Jan 12 2013, 03:29 pm EST
every now and again , when the girlfriend is around...
Terminator Jan 12 2013, 04:09 pm EST
I gave up on Diablo 3 long ago. That 'always online' DRM is a nightmare. I would get into a big battle and the connection dropped without warning.

Fuck it. Until Blizzard creates an offline mode I'm not touching D3 again!
  Vodoo: see you in 50 years.
Doomsday. Jan 12 2013, 04:56 pm EST
Want more content! Not the same rinse and repeat bullshit! Already have some of that in TOR!
Chunder Jan 12 2013, 05:02 pm EST
I was originally going to buy Diablo 3 on release but decided against it at the last minute. Friends bought it on release and were saying how great it was and how I should get it, a week later they were saying how bad it was and regretted wasting money on it. Not buying Diablo 3 was one of the best choices I made in my entire life... and it still seems like I made the right decision! XD
  Cheddar: Your entire life, huh.
Vodoo: *snicker*
Reikhardt Jan 12 2013, 05:24 pm EST
The beta put me off buying D3 and having played my friends copy, I made the right decision. Not neccesarily a fault of the game, but rather the genre, it's barely moved on since D1, the game I upgraded to my first Pentium for.
They have tried to change things, but ultimately it's not made for a fun game for me.
mallet Jan 12 2013, 08:42 pm EST
I hope after a bit more time I will have forgotten this garbage of a game, and will go back to having Diablo 2: LoD as the ending of the Diablo-franchise in my memory-banks.
Whisky Jan 12 2013, 08:53 pm EST
Have not touched it in 6 months. Have not uninstalled it, but I don't see me going back to it.
Shpongle Jan 12 2013, 09:09 pm EST
i played it for 2 weeks
Cheddar Jan 12 2013, 10:01 pm EST
I just started playing it a few days ago, actually. It's alright. I got it on sale, so. No big investment.

Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor are neat; if you want the freshest experience as compared to D1/2, play one of them.

It's effectively an above-average action game that's worth exactly one playthrough, in my mind.

Mind you, that isn't what Blizzard envisions for people with D3; they seem to expect a bare minimum of three playthroughs and hundreds of hours of voluntary item-farming in the end-game... which, frankly, baffles me. Seems to me a person has to be completely soulless and miserable to actually 'enjoy' turning a video-game experience into a de facto chore. At least something like WoW includes a social element as you grind and farm... no such element with D3, however.
  Bubu: "soulless and miserable " well that describes perfect…
SpaceMonkey: You are right on the money, one play through was ok, …
moriwenne Jan 13 2013, 09:11 am EST
I don't get it. The game is fine as a single player game. It's actually pretty great.
But this idea that you have to play it again, after you've finished it once, just because they throw in more and stronger monsters? Are people insane? That is beyond ridiculous.
New content would be fine, new areas, new story, net classes, but repetition? Really?
  finaleve: It's not the idea that you have to play it again beca…


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