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'Diablo 3 Killer' Here Next Month

As revealed on the official Runic Games Fourms the highly anticipated action RPG Torchlight II (regarded by many as the potential "Diablo 3 killer") is gonna be ready for launch on September 20. The news was brought moderator Travis Baldree.

It will be interesting to see how D3 is gonna do with some serious competition.

Thanks Blue for the heads-up.

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Vodoo Aug 31 2012, 08:25 am EDT
i never viewed Torchlight 1 as a serious game in the genre, it was a simplistic take on the recipe of kill, pick up loot then kill again.
the story was barely there, characters so unimportant they could have been left out and replaced with thought bubbles and the atmosphere....well it was never immersive enough, be it by use of nostalgia or some innovative concept.

it was ok for what it was and debating it is pointless in my opinion: a fun imitation.
Moesha [STAFF] Aug 31 2012, 08:55 am EDT
The mod support the original has goes a long LONG way to moving it beyond calling it an imitation. I am hopeful the second one delivers a better Diablo 3 experience than Diablo 3 did.
Lazaroth Aug 31 2012, 09:37 am EDT
It will be hard to deliver a worse experience than the forgettable Diablo 3.
I've thought about it and for me I think it was the biggest let down since Deus Ex: Invisible War, i.e. since 2004. And no I haven't forgotten about DNF, it's up there too.
Terminator Aug 31 2012, 10:12 am EDT
Yeah, Diablo 3 sucked balls. Especially considering how long we waited for it. Blizzard screwed us over!
im_stardust Aug 31 2012, 10:18 am EDT
Diablo 3 killer? Get fucking real.

For the hack and slash genre, which are very few by the way, Diablo 3 is the best since Titan Quest and maybe even better. A very well made game on all accounts.

Most people are bitching because they can't play it entirely, for free.
  Lazaroth: I think you are deluding yourself. The story was h…
Terminator: Wrong Stardust. The storyline was bad, but I'm really…
im_stardust: Whoooah there Lazaroth, for someones who hates Diablo…
KraGeRzR: fucking…
Breedy_Mcfluff: "I understand how you feel but your opinion is nothin…
im_stardust: Breedy_Mcfluff, you are a fucking idiot.
daver18qc Aug 31 2012, 12:48 pm EDT
Can't wait, first game i'll buy since 1997, and even better, it's only 20$ !!
The mod support was so good in T1 that i'm sure T2 will have an incredible mod community from day 1 of release !
  Whisky: If you pre-order from Steam for $20 they give you the…
jungi Aug 31 2012, 03:23 pm EDT
there's probably more of the original diablo creative direction in torchlight 2 than in diablo 3. they have some of the blizzard north leads and the original music composer.
run_like_snot Aug 31 2012, 05:11 pm EDT
Path of Exile mate
Breedy_Mcfluff Aug 31 2012, 05:15 pm EDT
It probably won't kill Diablo 3, but people will probably like it more, thanks to it being for both the hermit and the outgoing gamer.

No leash up the ass = good time.
Shpongle Sep 01 2012, 01:30 pm EDT
As soon as Guild Wars 2 was released, D3 public rooms went down by 60% in numbers....
izihbo Sep 01 2012, 03:52 pm EDT
Guild Wars 2 is boring me to death. I remember watching gameplay vids on youtube before the game came out, and I always thought the same thing; How utterly generic and asian.

Turns out it was exactly that. It's like a mix of Aion and Perfect World and Warhammer Online. Playing GW2 makes me wanna play World of Warcraft again. Sure WoW is dumbed and childish or whatever "elitist" people claim it to be. It's still the best MMO out there. Hate to admit it.
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