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Diablo 3 Rumor Sprouts Again
The teaser countdown featured on the web site turned out to be a hoax and eager fans were left without a Diablo 3 announcement. Talks of a possible D3 announcement have sprung up yet again. Now, they are saying that Blizzard Entertainment may actually unveil a new installment in the widely acclaimed RPG series, Diablo. This could happened next month.

The story originates from the next issue of PC Gamer, which is due out around June 30. The time frame, of course, suggest that the announcement could be made during Blizzard's 2008 Worldwide Invitational - June 28-29.

Yes, it appears that the crew at PC Gamer have nabbed a juicy bit of info, but are not allowed to share it with anyone:

"Have you ever had a secret that you're just dying to blurt out, but you can't for another month, and the stress of holding it in makes you want to do the pee-pee dance? That's what the PC Gamer staff is doing right now, because the August issue will be chock-full of exclusives, including a top-secret cover story so huge we had to go to [CENSORED] to get it. Just 30 days more," says a segment from the PCG story.

Ah, if only.

Thanks BlizzPlanet for the heads-up.

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Reader Comments
maga999 May 21 2008, 02:17 am EDT
doomervoyager May 21 2008, 02:43 am EDT
its probably nothing
MrBored May 21 2008, 02:53 am EDT
Who the fuck cares. Diablo was for retarded mouse button durability testers. Every person I've met who enjoyed it has had a sub par intelligence.
  future man: I've never loved you more than I do right now. Be in …
RacerX: Kiss-my-tarded-ass.
fatBastard();: Stop hanging around Parker so much! You're starting t…
Vodoo: (^_^)
MrBored: *be's in him* Who the fuck is Parker?
CJ_Parker: Parker here. STFU, fatty. MrBored is 100% correct on …
fatBastard();: That's Parker ... although he's a lot more polite tha…
Paul May 21 2008, 03:54 am EDT
I liked Diablo, fuck haters.
But I am first to admit that it was stupid fucking clickfest - but multiplayer was so addicting I just could not resist.But I would still rather see some new IP from Blizzard, than SC2,WC4 or D3.

Fuck those franchises already.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] May 21 2008, 04:07 am EDT
Gamers are so pathetic. Fuck Diablo 3, Blizzard and all their fanboys.
This is what happens to people when the quality of their life is too high. Their brain atrophies. They get comfortable, bored and every useless shit starts to excite them. They revert to childhood and drool over sparkly pixels that run around the computer screen, like that's the most important thing in life.

This is why we have natural disasters and illnesses. They force us to think and act, and not waste our lives as pussies. Yep, that's basically it in a nutshell :P
  Vodoo: nature is the shy cute brunette with sexy glasses who…
Fuckd__4_Life May 21 2008, 04:07 am EDT
Meh. Diablo was okay-ish. Maybe i am not into those type of games. D3 would be cool anyways.
bluesoul May 21 2008, 04:15 am EDT
Well, if you read that PC gamer thingie you'll see it doesn't imply anything about Diablo 3. Hell, it can be about Half-life 3 or gods forbid another pokemon game.
RacerX May 21 2008, 04:16 am EDT
Diablo was a fun game. Click fest - YES. But great ambiance and fun multiplayer.

Diablo2 - ehh - I had fun with my friends playing it.

But I don't get the attitude "Well, I'm a sophisticated gamer and I mock this game because I am smarter than the people that play it." I say to you, fuck off.
  fatBastard();: Hear Hear
Vader [STAFF] May 21 2008, 04:45 am EDT
Diablo wasn't just a click fest. It was one of the coolest click-fests ever made... Period.

Diablo was the reason why I bought a PC in the first place. And look at me now, I'm a rotten MS 360 whore.
  MrBored: I got my first PC when men were men and the click-fes…
Doomsday. May 21 2008, 05:06 am EDT
100% agree with Vader!! DIABLO ROCKED!! i still play it! hehe!
  MrBored: Aah, thank you.
Hei: That's a bit unfair, MrBored :P No matter what game …
fieldcar May 21 2008, 05:28 am EDT
Never gave Diablo a shot, it came and went on the retail shelves without any interest in my part.
Doomsday. May 21 2008, 06:12 am EDT
wots with all the click fest ppl!?!? come ON!!! i thought all u PC gamers Loved Diablo !! ah well, i think i was wrongeth at this!! hmmmm.....
Ankh May 21 2008, 06:18 am EDT
Doomsday seems to be confirming MrBored's theory. That and he seems to be shooting for record use of exclamation marks or something. I think you can relate the amount of exclamation marks a person uses directly to his age.

The Diablo series had it's moments though. There's even a tribute to Marky Mark's persona in Boogie Nights, a unique Dirk named Diggler.

  Doomsday.: HAHAAAaa!!! take some more o these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Hurion May 21 2008, 07:04 am EDT
I was pretty young when Diablo 1 came out, and I had a ton of fun playing it. Then I played Diablo 2 with a bunch of guys in Highschool... Lot of good memories.
teknohead May 21 2008, 09:34 am EDT
So Mr Bored, I bet your kinda game was more like Lesuire Suit Larry back in the day eh? Havin a wank over pixel tits was more your kinda thing.
archangel5 May 21 2008, 11:35 am EDT
The only point-and-click rpg I realy liked was Neverwinter Nights. I'd rather play something like an Elder Scrolls game. There's an idea, Diablo in first person!
Ren3d May 22 2008, 03:31 am EDT
Don't know how Blizz will pull out a Diablo 3 seeing that the champs of Diablo 2 dev have gone onto GW and Hellgate. Would love to see a D3 that was as addictive as D2.
  CJ_Parker: "Champs"? Hellgate? Same sentence? Are you retarded, …
lej: agreed! hack and slash w/o lan support sucks ass


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