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Diablo III 'Can Be Done' for Consoles
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As I've said in the previous news post, the Gamescom 2010 media keeps coming in and there are quite a few games at the show. Blizzard Entertainment is present at this year's show and has showcased some of the features they are working on for their forthcoming action RPG, Diablo III

Speaking during the Gamescom event, Blizzard's Jay Wilson explained that the development studio is currently "focused on the PC game first and foremost."

He added: "I'd be lying if I said we never talk about it, but it's not something we're pursuing right now. I do agree that of all our titles, Diablo would be the easiest to bring over - mainly because of the controls."

It's safe to assume that hardcore PC gamers and die-hard Diablo devotees won't appreciate Blizzard giving off even the slightest hint of a potential console game of any kind. Still, there's no doubt that it would be a wise business move that would bring the franchise closer to console gaming crows.

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soverign Aug 19 2010, 02:25 pm EDT
"It's safe to assume that hardcore PC gamers and die-hard Diablo devotees won't appreciate Blizzard giving off even the slightest hint of a potential console game of any kind. "

You said it, m8.

Remember Starcraft Ghost?

Yea. Lol.
Lazaroth Aug 19 2010, 03:14 pm EDT
You go to hell and you die!
PainZero Aug 19 2010, 03:58 pm EDT
It always starts like this, and before you know it they'll be making console exclusive games.
Terminator Aug 19 2010, 04:09 pm EDT
Time to face the truth: Diablo 3 will be on consoles. Guaran-Fucking-Teed!
GrgoljBlaster Aug 19 2010, 04:23 pm EDT
Blizzard is not a stranger to consoles - almost every one of their old games had a console version. I wouldn't care if they port their games to consoles, what would be troublesome is if their PC counterparts suffer from "consolitis"
cybergod Aug 19 2010, 07:19 pm EDT
paradoxjast Aug 19 2010, 07:23 pm EDT
No, they'll port it to consoles. But to wait for a simultaneous release we'll have to, y'know... wait another 3 years. Because it's Blizz.
vikasreddyd Aug 19 2010, 08:44 pm EDT
Nah they won't do it. They tried that with Starcraft 64 and look at how that turned out. The problem is Diablo III and other games like these are just naturally made for the PC and mouse. You just can't put it on consoles without changing the way the game is played.

On consoles a Diablo-like game would be lackluster. Just wouldn't be the same. Blizzard is traditionally PC (not even mentioning the greedy fools that are Activision) and I trust in Blizz to do what's right. The devs atleast. Can't say the same for the PR and marketing guys in the company.
  the_louce: I have to disagree with you there, because I loved Di…
KeepSmilin Aug 20 2010, 12:05 am EDT
Kotick is blizz-acti ceo now so i wouldn't be too sure of not seeing console d3
Terminator Aug 20 2010, 03:17 am EDT
You bet Kotick will push for D3 on consoles.
finaleve Aug 20 2010, 09:12 am EDT
I remember seeing a Diablo on the PS1 or something...many moons ago when I used to travel through the game sections of Toys R Us after a Pokemon thing (IE when I was like 13)

If consoles are still able to function without a keyboard and mouse, then the transition between PC-Console games is still rather awful. Sure, there are some games worth the time on consoles as much as there are on PC, but to have USB cables and to not allow such things to actually function as they should is also rather annoying. I believe the PS3 can (I know the PS2 could as I remember trying to play Half-Life on it), which is at least a sign that there are still some hope for consoles to break that barrier.
uk_john Aug 22 2010, 04:49 am EDT
Oh, c'mon! Most PC games are console conversions nowadays anyway! What major publishers releasing on PC only any more? A few small European developers, that's it! And what PC game is not now affected by the console market? There is a reason we have gone from Baldur's Gate to Dragon Age and X-com 1996 strategy style to X-Com FPS style, etc.!


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