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Dragon Age: Origins Pre-Load @ Direct2Drive
"On November 3rd at 10am PST RPG fans will be able to start playing the highly-anticipated new game from BioWare, Dragon Age: Origins. Those that pre-order the game from Direct2Drive, however, will be able to start pre-loading the game file on Sunday, 11/1 at 10am PST. By pre-ordering and pre-loading Dragon Age, players will be able to skip the download process on launch day and leap into game play," announces Direct2Drive.

They've also added that "The Direct2Drive pre-order of Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age: Origins Digital Deluxe Edition also includes an exclusive in-game bonus item - the Dalish Promise Ring - as well as other great items!"

Okay, this would be great news but for one "minor" hindrance. The Dragon Age digital download is just over 20GB.

Holy shite!

Multiply that with at 3 at least, taking into account the necessary space for extracting the files and for the installation itself (that amounts to a total of 60GB of space required for the pre-load).

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Superastic Oct 29 2009, 06:52 am EDT
They promised a lot of content. 20gb sounds about right.
CJ_Parker Oct 29 2009, 08:03 am EDT
20GB actually sounds like they SUCK at optimizing and using proper compression algorithms to reduce the game's footprint. But BioWare sucking? Well, what else is new?
  Alchi: Yeah they do suck at technical things. I'm sure if th…
danishpussy Oct 29 2009, 08:36 am EDT
Empire Total War and GTA4 were 15GB. 20 doesn't surprise me.
Alchi Oct 29 2009, 01:03 pm EDT
Well I remmember when me and pal was talking that someday 15 GB games will be normal thing. I said 'someday'. God, time is such a bitch sometimes. You start doing what you enjoy and it goes fast.

Though thinking again it's a good ant-piracy measure. People with slow connections and low motivation will not bother with a 20 GB torrent that might not work. :) Damn I sure wouldn't. Either way I'm thinking What the hell added so much fat to DA?.. Poor optimization? Or is mod-friendly environment that added so much. Anybody cares to discuss? Or maybe, just maybe, many years in development added shit loads of content to it. Since when it was in development? 2005?
shadowwolf Oct 29 2009, 01:48 pm EDT
A lot of it is probably voice acting for one, since its such a long game, like 2-3 times longer than Mass Effect, that's a lot of dialogue. Also from the screenshots it looks like there is a decent variety to the tilesets used in the game, which means less reusing art assets in different levels, thus more art pieces needed. Honestly 20 gigs is not a lot in this day in age, so I'm not that surprised.

Although this makes me wonder, how the hell are they going to fit this on a dvd for the 360? Are 360 users going to have to install to a hard drive off one disk and play with another?
InsanePotato Oct 30 2009, 09:38 am EDT
360 will be a lower res version of course. Probably compressed sound for it too.

These online distribution services are about to be raped for bandwidth come november lol.


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