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Drowning With Pathetic Leaders
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Floods in Serbia and some parts of Bosnia have reached cataclysmic proportions (#SerbiaFloods, #BosniaFloods). All I can say is that it's fascinating to witness how people manage to fight and survive against all odds with little or no help from a generally retarded government, lead by a prime minister who's unable to cope with his own insanity and is blatantly annoyed and upset. His behavior borders on suicidal and his speeches include some of the most depressing statements I've heard from any politician or government official.

I've visited a local aid center for those affected by the floods and have donated some basics, like fresh drinking water, canned food, various items for personal hygiene and other useful items, and I was amazed how many people showed up on their own just to provide support. In short, our people have gone through some pretty heavy shit and are still very much in a tough situation. We face the flood aftermath and a massive heat wave, which increases the risk of various diseases. But we are coping and helping each other.

The government is a bunch of greedy pussies, yearning to get some attention from the media. They're ability to handle a major crisis situation is practically nonexistent.

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Reikhardt May 19 2014, 05:15 am EDT

The floods in Serbia have made the national news here in the UK, a land no stranger to flooding also.
It's good to see that the ordinary people are pulling together to help out those affected.
I can't speak for your politicians (and I'm only too aware that most of them, anywhere in the world, are as self-serving bunch as you will ever find), but to play devil's advocate, in such an extreme situation it's hard to see what they can do. There is just not enough capacity in the govt system to cope with a disaster of this scale.
  Cheddar: There's especially not enough 'capacity' for a partic…
Vader: Nah, man, there's really not need. People will endure…
Un Om Bun: Don't expect anything from anybody, especially your g…
Reikhardt: You're right with you first statement Un, but I'd dis…
Un Om Bun: Perhaps I should have used more moderate wording, but…
Un Om Bun: Anyway, it's the big picture that terrifies me, not j…
RenegadeCZ: UK has been an "early adopter" of many things, includ…
Cheddar May 19 2014, 05:53 am EDT
I feel for you, Vader.
PigMaster May 19 2014, 05:58 am EDT
First, admit you only donated useless loot.
I bet you kept those legendary items to yourself.

Second, there's much the government can do,
Hellp evacuation, buy stock of basics from other countries, build immediate relief zones, declare national disaster and help those who lost too much to rebuild.
They can also talk to God ans persuade him, as politicians do, to stop pissing on everyone
  Vader: Nah. I didn't donate loot. Only common items. And a f…
Vader [STAFF] May 19 2014, 05:59 am EDT
Like I said. People manage to help each other. Right now, the government is about as useful as a barber shop on the steps of guillotine (that was a Blackadder quote). :)
Doomsday. May 19 2014, 06:55 am EDT

Same happened here a few years back. Fucked up government and only the people actually doing something about it.

Oh and my wife's menstrual cycle is late.. Wtf does that mean!! OMG!!!!
  Vader: Only one thing. There will be more little Doomsdays r…
Reikhardt: Maybe means your nut sacks are packing some mean juic…
PigMaster: can I come to the circumcision?
Vader: Look, nobody's coming during the circumcision.
Whisky: Well that was fast. Knocked her up in the first mont…
CJ_Parker: Awsum, Doomz. Veni. Vidi. Vici. You CAME you SCORED a…
RenegadeCZ: Bad Luck Doomsday. Waits for years to get down with a…
RenegadeCZ May 19 2014, 11:05 am EDT

A large-scale flooding in Serbia, yet the only thing you're going to be drowning in is pussy. I hear generosity is big with the ladies.

You know what's stupid? There's not a thing about your flooding in the local media, yet we still keep hearing about some celebrity cunt who jumped under a train like a month ago. Anyway, I assume you're alright, in some area not hit by the flood?
  Vader: Yes... I am alright and so's my family. For now. …
BmmB May 21 2014, 09:42 am EDT
Man, don't go political ways, just don't! I'm not coming here for that shit!


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