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'Escape from City 17' - Live-action Short Film
Certainly worth a watch, if you haven't seen it already:

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Funreaper Feb 16 2009, 06:44 am EST
I hate walking! Grrrrr! ....xD Kinda lame don't you think ?
  requite: It kinda is, yeah. But it's showing a point of view f…
requite Feb 16 2009, 06:44 am EST
I dont know who 'The Purchase Brothers' are, but seriously. Thats fuckin' cool.

The special effects are pretty stellar, and the acting isn't half bad. Even the story seems like it can hold it's own. Can't wait for the next one.
Mr. Furious Feb 16 2009, 06:46 am EST
THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! How the hell did they make that? I found one thing wrong though: the Striders looked a little small.
  requite: I noticed that too. It wasnt too bad though. The sens…
Vader [STAFF] Feb 16 2009, 06:50 am EST
Yeah, as far as amateur short films go, this one seems to have been skillfully directed and edited. Also, I have to agree with Mr. Furious that the Striders are a bit on the smallish side. They were monumental in the game.
Maginko Feb 16 2009, 06:55 am EST
Vodoo Feb 16 2009, 06:58 am EST
Impressive to say the least though the acting was a bit sluggish especially on the part of the combine.

Considering this is an independent project, it beats the crap out of the "prestigious" million dollar studios. A few combat lessons and some less "teen" acting and this could be a cinematic hit.
  Mr. Furious: Valve should get together with Universal Studios to m…
Fuckd__4_Life: No, please. No movie-to-game bullshit for Half Life. …
Vodoo: lots of usually works with anything
Fatty: valve already said they have no plans on making any m…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Feb 16 2009, 07:45 am EST
Well, I guess it's probably cute-ish, in a way...
  Vodoo: some internet anal leakage said the next episode will…
SpaceMonkey Feb 16 2009, 09:02 am EST
I wish the explosions in the game look half as good, and all they had to do was add more dust(particle effects) and debris.
  Vader: CoD-style you mean? Sure that would be awesome. Altho…
SpaceMonkey: I was thinking more like FEAR style or max payne styl…
Fuckd__4_Life: For Half Life 3, Valve has to up the graphics. It is …
Fatty: 1 year since they released ep 2...oh wait
psydude20 Feb 16 2009, 10:52 am EST
Very well done for an independent project.
not_today_or_tomorrow Feb 16 2009, 12:34 pm EST
nice, that's pretty cool. i want that half life get up the white dude who doesn't like to walk has on. props to the purchasebrothers for a great project, lol @ hollywood you fail at life.
Devoc Feb 16 2009, 06:22 am EST
pretty cool
Amok Feb 16 2009, 06:36 am EST
I like this. Anxiously awaiting the continuation.
finaleve Feb 16 2009, 10:15 am EST
I think I came...

Honestly, I was kinda hoping the modding community would come up with a game like this. Not so much the drama, but there was an ENTIRE city of people, most of which resistance and the rest...dead. Hell, I think with a little work they could turn this into a co-op game and pretty much make Left 4 Dead into Left 4 White Forest.

...ANYWAYS, the film was rather short, or at least cut off at the worst time. Not exactly the time to stop when the chopper behind them is still shooting, but maybe i missed soemthing.
Everything was pretty cool, except for the story. I understand that yeah, they need to get out, but cut the bull teen drama shit and make shit get real. You're gonna die, ACT IT!


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