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First Hobbit Movie Reviews Lukewarm

In my excitement and the highest anticipation for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I couldn't contain myself so I stopped by Metacritic to check out what the critics are saying (yes, I still think it's important to find out what they are saying before I see a movie... any movie).

Well, the flick premiered New Zealand, New York and several locations across the globe (whose names don't begin with "New"), and already the first wave of reviews is in.

Surprisingly enough, The Hobbit didn't pick up rave reviews as Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

"Jackson and his team seem compelled to flesh out the world of their earlier trilogy in scenes that would be better left to extended-edition DVDs (or omitted entirely), all but failing to set up a compelling reason for fans to return for the second installment," writes Variety.

While Total Film offered a more affirmative view: "As epic, grandiose, and emotionally appealing as the previous pictures, The Hobbit doesn't stray far from the mold, but it's a thrilling ride that's one of the most enjoyable, exciting and engaging tentpoles of the year."

Oh I'll definitely be watching this, make no mistake about that. Too much of a fan, I'm afraid. Still, I dunno. Maybe we need to give it a bit more time. After all, there are still two movies in the making.

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Vader [STAFF] Dec 07 2012, 03:05 pm EST
Of course, more reviews are still to come, so I guess we should wait a bit more and see how others will rate it.
Hamsterkill Dec 07 2012, 03:34 pm EST
I kind of expected that criticism of "unnecessary scenes". He's splitting one book into three movies this time, so there's going to be a much more complete telling of the story here, and that means there will be scenes that aren't necessarily essential to the plot.
  DungeonRaider: Yeah, when I heard 3 movies I was surprised - I'd pre…
jungi Dec 07 2012, 03:54 pm EST
it's one of those rare movies where i don't care about reviews, just want to see it very badly.
Whisky Dec 07 2012, 05:54 pm EST
Phranx Dec 07 2012, 07:41 pm EST
"Jackson and his team seem compelled to flesh out the world of their earlier trilogy in scenes that would be better left to extended-edition DVDs (or omitted entirely)"

They split the book into 3 movies, did this actually shock anyone?
  run_like_snot: Flabbergasted, really
Cheddar Dec 07 2012, 07:51 pm EST
I prefer for movie reviews. Already 29 published reviews counted, so the consensus is close to established at this point. The RT consensus is a little more favorable than Metacritic's, but not by much.

The overwhelmingly prominent criticism across all reviews is that the pace is terrible, and the running-time is far too long as a result. It takes a long time for the movie to arrive at the actual 'journey' portion of story, and until it does the movie is purportedly very tedious.

Now we know how Jackson has managed to turn this relatively short novel into three movies; he simply decided to take a steaming dump on normal movie pacing and throw in a fuck-ton of page-filler that's better left in literature and better left off the silver screen.
  Neil: He's turned the book into TWO films, not THREE.
LostPcGamer Dec 07 2012, 09:13 pm EST
Sadly not a fan of the movies or books but every movie Jackson makes can't be an instant hit. Some people want him to direct the next Star Wars saga.
Duffey Dec 08 2012, 03:06 am EST
Is it going to live up to the hype? of course not nothing could live up to so much hype. Look at some games released this year that failed cause of to much hype "saints row the third springs to mind.

Is it going to be an enjoyable movie? most likely yes.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 08 2012, 03:49 am EST
I just want more of Middle Earth and I'd see this movie even if there wasn't a shred of violence in it.
  Cheddar: Then read the books, including all the posthumous pub…
BmmB Dec 08 2012, 10:02 am EST
Hobbits are gay and this movie is too.
Terminator Dec 08 2012, 03:26 pm EST
I'm not surprised at this. They should have NEVER split The Hobbit into 3 movies. Damn those greedy bastards!
  Neil: They haven't! They've split The Hobbit into TWO.


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