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Free Game Friday: Divinity: Original Sin

While Vader takes his sweet, sweet time reviewing Divinity: Original Sin, one lucky reader can play it immediately!

I happen to have an extra Steam code for this game from Larian Studios, and I'm going to give it to one of you endearing souls. Just comment here why you deserve this free code, and I'll pick someone at random by noon CST on Friday, July 4th. You realize what that means, right? It means I'm going to take time away from my holiday to run a contest. THAT'S how much I love all of you, and don't you forget it!

Ready, set, go!

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Reader Comments
Towndrunk Jul 02 2014, 08:50 am EDT
Because I'm the bloody captain of the pessimism boat!
Reikhardt Jul 02 2014, 08:55 am EDT
I deserve a copy of Divinity: Original Sin as not only do I have similar gaming tastes to Un Om Bun, I also have comparable manly facial hair and civic minded head gear. It is therefore necessary for me to own this game to maintain this parity.
  Vader: Forget it... oh okay. No forget it. Ah fuck, I'm torn…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jul 02 2014, 09:08 am EDT
Am I even eligible for this ?
Ravenitrius Jul 02 2014, 09:16 am EDT
I definite deserve the game because I am a rpg-a-holic. Definitely. Maybe. I don't really know. I tried.
  Vader: Keep trying.
Dean_Demon Jul 02 2014, 09:23 am EDT
I burn't myself during the steam sales and haven't had a press copy yet and probably won't but great offer either way, man this game just oozes quality.
Dire Jul 02 2014, 09:34 am EDT
Beacuse I am one of only 2 or 3 individuals who actually follows ActionTrip on Facebook and regularly comments on your posts. That's why and there is no better reason.
Show some appreciation here! :)
  araczynski: #2 here :)
barasawa Jul 02 2014, 09:44 am EDT
I could use some divinity to go with some new sins. ;)
  Vader: Oh.. nice one, sir.
RenScotson Jul 02 2014, 09:54 am EDT
I probably don't deserve it as I'm nothing but a long time lurker who likes your reviews better than other sites. But if that's enough for you, then I'd love to play some Divinity.
Kominar Jul 02 2014, 09:56 am EDT
I got married 2 weeks ago and I need a reminder (excuse) for my wife to get some me time again...
  araczynski: when married, 'me time' is between 10pm and 1am...
WeAreAllGonnaDie Jul 02 2014, 09:59 am EDT
I want! I will pray to the goddess Fortuna! Or to Keri.
  Vader: Pray to both.
WeAreAllGonnaDie: And it worked too! Hahaha
Peter_Pants Jul 02 2014, 10:04 am EDT
cause I've finished beyond divinity without permanent mental scars...
  Vader: That is a brave undertaking.
RenegadeCZ Jul 02 2014, 10:13 am EDT
I don't deserve it. I don't even want it. But should I win, I'd like to play god and give it to a peasant of my choosing.
Reaper Jul 02 2014, 10:20 am EDT
... No... !
  Vader: What do you mean, NO?
Reaper: Exactly!
Vader: Exactly what do you mean no, exactly?
Reaper: She said go! and I said No!
araczynski Jul 02 2014, 10:27 am EDT
because like KORN says: " My dick is bigger than yours Ooh"
optimus slime Jul 02 2014, 10:27 am EDT
I'll trade you 2 hours at a steam spa for that steam code. Just end the contest, say some random guy (fake account) happened to register today and won. After the dust settles a few days later and everyone forgets about all of this, I'll send my butler to meet you or your representative to make the exchange. He'll wear some sort of hat. Give him the code on a piece of paper or something flammable so it can be destroyed after it's successfully redeemed. You'll then return to AT to congratulate the lucky winner (the fake one). I'll make a snarky remark about it and we'll resume regular posting as if nothing ever happened. I hope you'll enjoy your spa.

Sincerely, optimus slime.
mendobendo Jul 02 2014, 11:02 am EDT
I deserve it cause for all the years that I have visited this page, and that's every day for the past six or so years, I have never once posted something to annoy anyone. Till now that is... Oh the Irony...
cca218 Jul 02 2014, 11:08 am EDT
Not sure if I deserve to win it but id certainly enjoy being able to kill a lot of time with a new RPG.
  Reikhardt: Nice avatar!
Vader: Yes, very RPG-ish avatar.
cca218: love my rpg games :p lived inside Arcanum for a while…
Azmodan Jul 02 2014, 12:19 pm EDT
i loved the original DivDiv. Would like to try its true succesor
Hamsterkill Jul 02 2014, 12:30 pm EDT
My hovercraft is full of eels.
  Vodoo: you my good man deserve all the cakes in the baker's …
Vader: Screw the cakes. How about some Venezuelan Beaver Che…
Rick_Hunter Jul 02 2014, 12:34 pm EDT
Hello, is this the beg line? I deserve it because I like charity. C'mon randomizer pick meeee
  Vader: Cmon randomizer cmooon... cmoon... Sorry, just th…
RenegadeCZ: Shit, I'd put those spiked plates where you sleep!
Vader: I've always slept on spike plates.
Sujet Jul 02 2014, 12:37 pm EDT
I played the other one, give me more story!
BmmB Jul 02 2014, 12:56 pm EDT
I don't want it, just testing my luck with random number generator.

If I get it though, I will give it away as a present to someone who likes this stuff.
xXSheperdXx Jul 02 2014, 02:30 pm EDT
I deserve it because I've been with this site since it was green-ish, good old days
Also i fucking love RPGs
kreep69 Jul 02 2014, 02:42 pm EDT
Baaaaaaaa! :)
  Vader: Bwaaaaaaaah!
kreep69: Thank you for correcting my sheep speak ... or in she…
eugaet Jul 02 2014, 02:53 pm EDT
Because my wife and I just celebrated our 17th anniversary? Nothing says love like ignoring your spouse in order to play games.
  Vader: That's worthy application, says I.
Ravenpt Jul 02 2014, 03:20 pm EDT
Because everytime I boot a Larian game I standup and shout LLLLLLLAAARIAAAN
DRAVNT Jul 02 2014, 03:55 pm EDT
So here's my story:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away on a distant, dusty planet, I lived in the desert eking out a living collecting water on a moisture farm. I was raised by my aunt and uncle because both of my parents were killed by a villain...sort of like what happened to Batman but not.

Then one day a man came along offering me two different kind of pills: a blue pill would make me forget my past life, the other red pill would make me see things as they really are. After popping the life-altering drugs, I realized we were living in an environmental bubble and winter would be coming.

Apparently we were separated from another group of wild people by a giant wall of ice. There were a bunch of arguments which broke out into fights of succession for a horribly uncomfortable throne.

I fought VERY hard for my kingship rights but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Obviously, if you take an arrow in the knee attempting to fight for your rights, you deserve a free game.

So, please, "give me some sugar, baby."
  Vader: Incidentally, we have plenty of sugar to give and tha…
DRAVNT: Good! Sugar should be given to those who can handle …
Vodoo Jul 02 2014, 04:19 pm EDT
i deserve the game because i've memorized a fucking philosophical debate between 2 virtual skeletons for the past 12 YEARS.

is that a good enough reason....Mr Cleeever ?
Hindermind Jul 02 2014, 05:04 pm EDT
This is a comment. Please ignore this comment for any purposes other than sweepstakes entry. Any reply to this comment will not be commented on by this commenter.
Snowy007 Jul 02 2014, 05:13 pm EDT
We deserve this game because we're helping you to create a news post with a record amount of replies since the start of AT.

Luring more people towards AT with a free game, and not letting them leave anymore when they see the daily babes. Clever little trap you are setting up here Vader. :)
  Vader: This is not "a record amount of replies since the sta…
Snowy007: Not 'yet'. But i wouldn't know. I wasn't here from …
Puppies_On_Acid Jul 02 2014, 06:25 pm EDT
I deserve this because after Arcanum, Baldur's Gate, and Neverwinter Nights, there have hardly been any old school style RPG's that live up to my standards. Here's hoping this will...
godevac Jul 02 2014, 06:40 pm EDT
Cause I need a new epic rpg
areszues92 Jul 02 2014, 07:31 pm EDT
I've been a fan of the Divinity series since Divinity 2, was hooked to those games. I would love to continue playing this series with Original Sin.
Baulderan Jul 02 2014, 08:21 pm EDT
Because I've been a member of ActionTrip for years, I've always been a huge fan of RPGs, and because pleeeeeease?
  Vader: Ah I know you, sir. I know that name :)
drakevonlee Jul 02 2014, 09:11 pm EDT
cause im batman
  Vader: Prove it.
rogannn Jul 03 2014, 01:13 am EDT
I love playing RPGs with CO-OP elements like DIablo 2 and Torchlight 1/2, and this looks right up my alley! Thanks for the giveaway!
  Vader: Yeah, it's surprisingly good so far. The game I mean.
AlertTheClutch Jul 03 2014, 02:35 am EDT
Classic RPGs are great.
Atlaas Jul 03 2014, 02:54 am EDT
Cuz I wants to play!
  Vader: Honesty. Me likes.
PigMaster Jul 03 2014, 04:25 am EDT
Is AT selling out?

Actually, can a gaming site sell out?
Vader [STAFF] Jul 03 2014, 04:48 am EDT
This game will be given out for free to one of you lucky, folks. Everyone has a fair shot. Everyone except PigMaster.
  PigMaster: Ha! I fart in your general direction!
Vader: Well, your mother was a hamster!
PigMaster: Well, your father smelt of elderberries ...Is ther…
Nitra Jul 03 2014, 05:13 am EDT
Pick me! :)
  Vader: pick pick
listener Jul 03 2014, 05:47 am EDT
I have finally upgraded my status from lurker to registered. I came for the games several years ago, stayed for the random banter from the usual bratt pack. _n is a nice incentive. I tried to register for the witcher game but was stymied by my own ignorance.
Rorrak Jul 03 2014, 06:38 am EDT
Just gone from Lurker to registered also.
ksaplostra Jul 03 2014, 06:46 am EDT
i deserve it,just that,why justify it to you?
daver18qc Jul 03 2014, 09:08 am EDT
Don't have Steam and don't want to install it, so giving it to me would be so funny, right ?! :)
Jonathan_Leack [STAFF] Jul 03 2014, 09:20 am EDT
I would sacrifice 100 hours of my life,
to brave this young adventure.
Its allure is unquestionably beckoning,
consuming my mind before I enter.

When I lay my head upon my pillow at night,
I tirelessly romanticize Divinity: Original Sin.
Liberate me from being spellbound,
and give me a chance to win.
  Vader: That's how you fight for your right to Sin!
alvarezj11 Jul 03 2014, 11:06 am EDT
I think i deserve it because i come and check out your site every single day
Duffey Jul 03 2014, 11:45 am EDT
I am commenting for the sake of commenting and not just as a shameless pick me I love you long time real good comment in the hopes of persuading a kind gesture of gief giving.
lej Jul 03 2014, 11:53 am EDT
this might be the only thing that can get my mind away from the higgs boson on the 4th of july :P
mrjingo Jul 03 2014, 01:15 pm EDT
It is God's divine will that game the should pass to me.


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