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Ghost Recon Tops UK Chart, Diablo 3 Plummets

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Ubisoft's latest tactical shooter, has conquered hearts of gamers in the United Kingdom. Max Payne 3 and Dragon's Dogma are also the current favorites in that region.

Hm, it appears that Brits weren't too taken by Blizzard's latest ARPG sensation that is Diablo 3. Whether this is just because there are more shooter fans out there than RPG fans or simply because of Diablo 3's technical issues at launch we don't know. Maybe a little of both. What's perfectly clear is that both Max Payne 3 and Ghost Recon: FS are kicking D3's butt:

  1. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Ubisoft)
  2. Max Payne 3 (Rockstar)
  3. Dragon's Dogma (Capcom)
  4. Dirt Showdown (Codemasters)
  5. FIFA 12 (EA)
  6. Sniper Elite V2 (505 Games)
  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Activision)
  8. Prototype 2 (Activision)
  9. Diablo 3 (Blizzard)
  10. FIFA Street (EA)

Meanwhile the zombie-slashing action game Dead Island is now the top-seller on Steam.

  1. Dead Island
  2. Arma II
  3. Civilization V GotY Edition
  4. Torchlight II
  5. Max Payne 3
  6. Anno 2070
  7. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  8. Iron Front: Liberation 1944
  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  10. Thief Collection

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Reader Comments
GrgoljBlaster May 28 2012, 06:10 am EDT
If I'm not mistaken, Diablo is soldout throughout Europe, most retailers say they're expecting restock in mid june. Brits maybe don't like it too much, but everywhere else people are going berzerk when the game gets sold out.
Vader [STAFF] May 28 2012, 06:15 am EDT
Yeah, that was precisely my point.
RudeDog May 28 2012, 08:23 am EDT
Its the same in UK, box version of D3 is sold out hence those numbers are probably incorrect, anyway pretty sure most peeps bought it online anyway after the initial frenzy.
jungi May 28 2012, 09:08 am EDT
most ppl just buy thru blizzard store online, its only like 8gig download.
LostPcGamer May 28 2012, 12:47 pm EDT
Don't really care. Never going to buy it or play it. News made my day. Now let me get back to Max Payne 3 and a real action rpg Dragon's Dogma.
  Roland19: Don't really care....News made my day. Ehh, what?
FesterSilently May 28 2012, 01:47 pm EDT
Regarding GR:FS:

(Yup, I totally copy/pasted this) Honestly, would it kill them to simply put the original game (​con-island-thunder/reviews/tom-clancys-ghost-​recon-island-thunder-review-2882086/), with the original maps, original weapons, original voice-overs, and just plop it into a current engine capable of rendering huge, expansive maps (Cryengine, Frostbite, Unreal 3)?

Honestly, I would pay ALL over again for the same fucking game, with updated visuals, perhaps slightly better AI and weapon ballistics, but that would be icing on the cake.

Seriously, maybe I can throw $100 at a Kickstarter thingie and get this going, because EVERY game with the GR name that has come out since the original...has been anything BUT the same type of first-person tactical shooter game.

Because none of the games since (and, please, correct me if I'm ranting incorrectly) have had: a) an overhead, tactical map wherein you could issue commands to your squads, or b) the ability to jump into/take control of any/all your individual soldiers at any time.

Those two things, if nothing else, put the original game head and shoulders above any of its subsequent namesakes, strategically and tactically.

YES, the AI was unbelievably accurate with their weapons, once they discovered you; YES, the maps suffered unbelievably from "invisible wall" syndrome, and I still don't know why they eschewed the normal weapon models in your (virtual) hands, but NONE of these issues overshadowed the greatness, the tenseness, the adrenaline rush of the rest of the game - it was THAT good.
im_stardust May 28 2012, 03:01 pm EDT
I DO NOT understand WHY people WANT to play and old game on a NEW ENGINE. IT would RUIN the whole fucking FEELING.


It's like moving from making barbeque in nature at a campfire to inside on an electric stove. FUUUUUUUCK.

P.S. FUCK you Fester. Fuck you until you bleed out.
  KraGeRzR: I disagree with you there. Game sequels generally bri…
im_stardust: It can't because it depends on setting, the colors, t…
FesterSilently: Well, since you asked, my thinking is thus: Becaus…
im_stardust May 28 2012, 03:11 pm EDT
Ghost Recon 1 remains the best in the series. And I consider it the only good one. The gameplay, including the tactical map in which you assign orders were taken from Rrainbow Six. It was practically Rainbow Six in an open world.

Haven't played a tactical shooter Raven Shield and SWAT 4. I have to endure this overly- OVERLY DONE cover system and this mother fucking shitty futuristic advanced super soldier bull crap.
im_stardust May 28 2012, 03:18 pm EDT
Besides, THERE ARE NO SOLDIERS ANYMORE. Just hired guns, mercenaries, killers, people doing rich man's biding.

There is no honor in the wars the are waged now. Stop it with this over glorified so called "freedom fighters"and this masked propaganda.

This grotesque, putrid american way of life and it's "values" have taken over the world. It ain't good for anybody. it's making me sick to my stomach.
  KraGeRzR: I actually agree with you there. Whenever soldiers…
im_stardust: This a pretty complex subject. There was a differ…
KraGeRzR: I actually have an article that details that exact th…
FesterSilently: "Mercantilist...Goon Squads"? You mean, unruly squ…
KraGeRzR: Good job not reading past the intro, Fester. Merc…
Reikhardt May 28 2012, 03:40 pm EDT
Why do you keep bothering, no one feeds you anymore.
  Cheddar: I think he's mellowed a bit lately. Well, somewh…
im_stardust May 28 2012, 05:01 pm EDT
You just did. But it's not about that. And I was like this before the word "trolling" came along.

Why do I keep bothering? Why do you keep bothering?!

It's actually interesting that you manage to wrote something, wanted to say average, but it's just utterly stupid as well, then all my posts above combined.
touretul May 28 2012, 11:45 pm EDT
What's this Ghost Racoon?


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